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Israel knows no bounds of violence, they kill women, men, children, the elderly, capture them, imprison them in camps. The allied rulers of the Islamic society bowed their heads and surrendered. Aggressive mentality, which is like a boil in the heart of our geography, draws strength from the silence of Muslims and gradually increases the level of violence. Global powers advance Israel’s security on almost every issue and, with the support of their local allies, widen this gap.

Zionist forces are perpetrating the greatest atrocities in the history of humanity, interrogating children, bombing schools and hospitals, occupying homes, and trampling on all international legal decisions, blocking activists and killing journalists. In fact, since the start of the second intifada in 2000, the occupying forces have killed 55 journalists, and they have never given up. Journalists were witnessing that the violence in the region was far more serious than the images on the screen, and they were trying to make it known to the world public, which Israel was deeply uncomfortable with.

The Palestinian people, whose homes were occupied and confined to camps, did not bow to the oppressors and resisted by becoming stronger in the area where they were. Indeed, after the second intifada, Jenin and the West Bank became the center of the struggle against Israel, much to the dismay of the oppressive rulers. The Palestinian people, whose lands were occupied, whose voices were tried to be silenced, and whose lands were occupied, determined the time of their victory and became effective forces by breaking the wrists of oppression. The assassins, conditioned by the world’s most advanced combat equipment, took Jenin into a siege and launched a major offensive in 2002. The aforementioned attacks killed thousands of Palestinians, destroyed the homes of prisoners in the camps, and attempted to intimidate the population by escalating the violence. But the Palestinian people made a promise that they would resist to the last drop of their blood and drive the invading forces out of their homeland and they never lost hope.

Why were they so afraid of children being evicted from their homes, exploited for wealth and confined to camps? The assailants knew that the children they had captured had a belief and courage in their chests that no force could influence. Which weapon and which fire can affect their faith, which has become a torch?

The invading forces were dropping bombs from the sky, starving people and slaughtering men and women without saying a word, but all of this does not affect the established heart for freedom, and Palestinian children continue to sing for their freedom, for Jenin, the West Bank and Gaza conquest. Contracted, they were.

Announced the message to the world

A 51-year-old Palestinian woman whose land has been seized is facing conditional killers with the most advanced weapons of the era to declare to the world her grievances. Shirin Abu Akile, the independent child of Palestine, who smells of martyred blood at every turn, and he knows that the drama of living in this region is far more serious than reflected on the screen. He once studied architecture, but when his conscience forced him to be the voice of oppressed people, he found himself in a different alley.

Shirin Abu Akil was known for his courage, perseverance and closeness to the people and as such he was a journalist who is seen as a reference in the Arab world. He was a close witness to the attack on the camp and was the target of bullets on the way to documenting the violence in Jenin.

Sirin, who has a special place in the hearts of all of us, tried to declare to the world the attacks on the camps and the persecution of the Palestinian people. When he took office to announce to the world public opinion the Zionist forces’ onslaught on the Jenin camp, he felt that he was near death and had been shot in the head.

Sirin Abu Akil, the voice of the oppressed Palestinian people, made his voice known to the world as he left, and thousands of people flocked to bid him farewell to his eternal journey. However, Zionist forces intervened at the funeral and sought to have the incident reduced to ashes. However, our Lord has raised the voice of a woman who is trying to be a voice for justice and the voice of the oppressed all over the world and has pushed the oppressive rulers with the most advanced weapons of the age into despair. And everyone who left all traces and stood by the victims, published a picture of Sirin Ibu Aqeel, praised his honorable efforts and prayed for him.

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