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Who is the city of dead children? Who is the author of City of the Dead Children? What is the theme and main idea of ​​the city of dead children? What does the book City of the Dead say about children? City of the Dead Kids PDF download link? Who is Aziz Ustel, author of the book City of the Dead Children? Here is a summary of the book City of the Dead Children, lyrics, reviews and reviews …


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Author: Aziz Ustel

Publisher: Page6 Publications

ISBN: 9789751033413

Number of pages: 192

What does the city of dead children say? Subject, main idea, summary

The fog came from the Golden Horn, rolled.

The girl seems to be approaching with one step. The girl slowly turned her head, giggling over her shoulders, swallowing the darkness.

He stared at the gray-and-white bogieman. He opened both hands at once. He fell to his knees and fell to the ground. He wet his chapped lips with his tongue,

Then a roar broke from the depths of his heart, the wailing mixed with the cries of the honest brother of the accuser broke the silence of the corpse.

Like scalpel shots … the brutal murder of a child and the murder of a former prosecutor …

Find money from street extortionists, from Istanbul’s Underground Casino to Rendezvous House.

Kamil Kakir, a former prosecutor whom no one disrespects his player, but is afraid to stand in front of. A righteous man or oppressor in the bowels of Istanbul?

60s Istanbul …

In the years when martial law existed, young men who did not sweat for the country or the revolution killed each other, combed the coffee house … the drug mafia stretched from the southeast to Istanbul … Aghas, Mama, Baba … and The little ones who were brutally murdered … Will Prosecutor Camille Chakir be able to find the killer of the murderer, as dark as the back street thanks to her relationship? From the pen of Aziz Ustel, the story of Bay, a prosecutor who enforces the law during the day in the triangle of state, law and mafia, and writes his own law at night …

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City of the Dead Boys Review – Personal Review

Each book leaves a new pain for its reader … a new life lesson, a new lesson. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Venus Akkaya)

City of the Dead Kids PDF download link?

Aziz Üstünel – One of the most popular searches on the Internet for the book City of the Dead Children is the City of the Dead child PDF link. Most of the paid books on the internet are in PDF format. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Aziz Ustel?

He was born in Ankara in 1946. He studied communication at the University of California. In 1970, he met with a television broadcaster as a translator for the TRT series. He also produced and hosted a program called “The Guests of the Night” on TRT. His own series ‘Kartal Keya’ was aired on a private television channel.

He participated in programs like ‘Boss Floor’, ‘Our Stadium’, ‘Sports Time’. He has received about thirty awards from various organizations. He is still a columnist for Star magazine.

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  • “They burn banana flags …” (The last eagle of the Ottoman Empire)
  • “Life does not allow one’s actions to overlap with one’s aspirations.”The last eagle of the Ottoman Empire)
  • “The truth is that he knows that he does not have the power to stop the horse racing of the state, that as a result of the ignorance of the cavalry he sees them rushing towards the horse, which has no reins.” (The last eagle of the Ottoman Empire)
  • “Ninety percent of the world’s political talent belongs to Abdul Hamid, five percent to me and the remaining five percent to other politicians.” Otto von Bismarck – German Chancellor (The last eagle of the Ottoman Empire)
  • “The whole story begins ‘in the past, in time’, the reality is lost, the door to the dream world widens, and at that moment a voice whispers in one’s ear: ‘Stop it, don’t say it won’t happen.’ Can happen. Maybe it’s not a dream, maybe it’s real this time. “It’s the voice that people call ‘hope.’ (The last eagle of the Ottoman Empire)

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