Coronavirus statement from the provincial health director of Diyarbakir

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With the highest level of experience during the epidemic process in Turkey, thousands of cases have been seen. In the epidemic, which has increased sharply in the process, the number of cases is decreasing day by day. Explaining that there have been about 262 thousand positive cases in Diyarbakir since the first day of the epidemic, the provincial health director Dr. Sihan Tekin noted that so far, the number of cases in the city has dropped below 10.

“We’ve been selected four times as Diarbaki.”

Dr. Ihlas News Agency (IHA) reporter explained the picture of Diyarbakir corona virus. Tekin reminded that the number of cases across Turkey is now in the thousands. Recalling that it has recently declined in the 900s, the provincial health director Dr. “When it comes down to a thousand, there will be complete freedom of health,” Tekin said. The obligation to wear a mask will be completely abolished. We are confident that we will achieve this goal in the near future. When we look at Diyarbakir, we have experienced four peaks in these two years. But thank God, in all these peaks we have experienced, we have not faced any problem in case of death or serious distress at home without getting health care of our citizens. I think we provide a serious health care service, especially with the dedication and dedication of our healthcare workers. With our 112, emergency health services take our citizens from their homes and to their hospitals, treating them at home; Health services are also provided in family medicine. Also, I think we’ve taken all the steps we need to take about the epidemic, from the filtration services provided by our district health department to the delivery of medicines at home, taking PCRs and providing information. “

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“We have a vaccine rate of 64.3 percent.”

Especially considering the size of the hospital, they have experienced a very dynamic process, said Dr. Tekin continued:
“During this time, especially Gazi Yargil Training and Research Hospital, University Hospital, Selahaddin Ayub, our big hospital in the center; In addition, our private hospitals have also made significant contributions to the private sector and we as a province continue our fight against Kovid-19. During this period, we had a total of about 262 thousand positive cases. This corresponds to about 14 percent of the population. We had a positive rate. Our vaccination rate is 64.3%. We have citizens who have accomplished and achieved. However, during the making of these vaccines, serious efforts were made in the field, not in the hills, rocks or coffee houses, and vaccines were provided to our citizens. Thanks to God, all the procedures we have done, the measures we have taken and the treatments we have applied, as Diyarbakir, today we have less than 10 cases. If it needs to be expressed as 100 thousand, as explained by the Minister, we have about 3.2 per 100 thousand. This is a very low, serious number. We are in the blue category. By the grace of God, when we look at our test positivity rate, it stays close to 1.5-2 percent. When we look at it from this perspective, I can easily say from here that we, as Diyarbakir, are slowly removing the epidemic from our agenda and are now leaning towards our normal health care and we are trying to expand our health care. Quality and diversity. “

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“We have 326 intensive care beds, we’ve withdrawn them.”

They looked at the hospitals and mentioned that there were a total of 6 positive cases. Tekin concludes:

“Currently, none of our patients are hospitalized in the intensive care unit, thank God. When we look at it in this sense, I can say that our hospitals are back to their normal health activities. Next time, I hope, as I mentioned, we don’t expect a very unusual epidemic. I truly think that our citizens will enter this summer in a much healthier way and we will live in a healthier way. Our citizens, again, do not heed their warnings, when we see it as a result, we are not just talking about the epidemic, what are we always saying?

Washing our hands and paying attention to our personal hygiene is not only related to Covid-19, in general, it is the biggest warning against infectious diseases. In this sense, I think we have overtaken Covid-19 by vaccinating our citizens, if they pay attention to the hygiene and distance of our citizens. We had a very serious intensive care service. We had 326 intensive care beds. We picked them all up. We have returned to normal healthcare. For a province of about 1 million 800 thousand, 2 cases, 3 cases we have almost non-existent stage.

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