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2022.05.26 06:30


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At Mersin Advanced Primary School While we were reading, our class teacher died Behriye Hairlioglu At the beginning of each month he would give us two envelopes. One is the Red Crescent and the other is a child protection envelope. Every time, “The money you put into it won’t hurt you or your family. It should be given with peace of mind, “he said, and warned,” No one will show their envelope to their friend. “The motive was clear. Most of their fathers were farmers, businessmen or government employees. Whenever my father gave me more than he had pocket money, he would add, “I will see what they have saved in you.” No matter how much I saved from my allowance, he Always repeating the same thing. “Good boy, you are making a significant contribution to the country and the people!” He will say that this is how we were trained …


The impetus for the establishment of a secular democratic republic Turkey, the goal of a prosperous developed country, the slogan of respect for the people and their rights has created a great culture of solidarity in society. Now this idea has disappeared. For the convenience of the supporters, the resources of the country have been left in the hands of a handful of aggressive politicians. After the Elazig earthquake, we face reality again! It is also a confession that the AKP government has not done what needs to be done against the earthquake! He revealed that he did not take the necessary measures! The AKP ministers personally announced that the collected earthquake tax was spent on roads, bridges and construction. While working on these irregularities, another scandal appeared. The news of another corruption came from the path of open indifference of the government. Başkentgaz has announced that it has made a conditional grant of মিল 7,925,000 to the Ansar Foundation, of which হাজার 75,000 remains in Kijila! This news spreads anger in the society!


The corruption that has come to light is a disgrace to the government! And is guarded by AKP Anser Foundation And angels to help the victims of the country and the world. Red Crescent ‘The relationship of money is a big scandal. After the revelation of the scandal, the general manager of Ensar Foundation Md Hossain Quader, Arrogantly arguing that the operation, carried out two years ago, was deliberately distorted after the Elazig earthquake, they used the grant to build a dormitory building against FETO in the United States. Anser and Turgev Co-founded in the United States in 2014 To the TÜRKEN Foundation Announced the transfer. This statement is a confession of taking money and irregularities! However, the claim that they have built a dormitory is still not clear.


This scandal seems so big! This is another example of how the country’s resources are being looted. Basentgaz, The donations he made to the Red Crescent were conditional, Breaking the law, Has harmed the state. E.g. “89 of the Income Tax Act. And Section 10 of the Corporate Tax Act By, To the Turkish Red Crescent Society And Near the Turkish Green Crescent Society Made on receipt Cash grants and All help Deducted from declared earnings. “

Again Trade tax By law; “Public Benefit Association and Foundation Grants and aid, the corporate tax base of that organization Not to exceed 5 percent Shown as expenses. If If it is more than five percent, the company pays extra tax. Said

It is a crime to smuggle money to government supporters illegally despite knowing the legal status! Which is clearly cheating with the state! Anser FoundationWhose name is involved in child abuse, many things are in doubt and unfortunately Public interest This is an approved basis. It is also known for its closeness to AKP. The transfer of this grant through Kızılay with a commission of হাজার 75,000 instead of a direct foundation, is an approximate amount that Başkentgaz will provide to the state. 7/8 million TLness To evade taxes Why it happened! In other words, the country’s money goes into the pockets of the supporters.! The Centennial Red Crescent’s involvement in such massive corruption, apart from scandal, has tarnished both its dignity and its effectiveness. In short, the AKP Red Crescent, the leader of the childhood zeal for our solidarity, has abandoned another important base of the Republic.


This message February 4, 2020‘Also One dayIt was published in my column. CHP USA Representative Yarter Ozkan ‘After the intense and determined determination of the “TÜRKEN Foundation”, events unfolded. Tuesday night after 27 months CHP leader KilisdarogluBringing the matter to the fore, he said,AKP’s escape planAn important step has been taken to inform the people!

Presidents of the TÜRKEN Foundation are US citizens of Turkish descent and close to the Erdogan family! Its founder, for example, is President Erdogan’s cousin. Halil Happy Done. Under U.S. law, associations and foundations have special benefits, such as hiring employees according to their needs, bringing in workers from abroad, and obtaining residence permits for foreigners! Gulenists live in the United States, taking advantage of this opportunity! Kılıçdarooglu, in his assessment that what has been done as a “preparation for escape” is correct, is evident in the example of the Gulenists.


It seems that after each scandal, the AKP government is falling further! Chest burial is near! As long as the opposition is forced to bring the ballot box in front of the people!

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