Diyarbakir’s first bureaucrat for whom a monument of thanksgiving was erected – Diyarbakir

Since there are many services in all the districts of Diyarbakir, so in each district. He tells Beaten that he is his compatriot. Dr., who did not reject the demands of universities to pass on his experience to the younger generation so that young people do not feel the mistakes they saw in their youth. Beaten is still a bureaucrat and holds private development conferences at universities called “Reading Life”.

Born in June 1982 in the Bismil district of Diyarbakir as the first child of a lawyer mother and an academic father, Dr. Beaten, his mother, Janure Haneem, comes from a beggar family in Eagle district, and his father, Nekadin Bay, is a resident of Gundiabadi village, one of the well-known families in Bismil district.

After finishing his primary school in Bismillah, he completed his secondary education at Ankara Central Imam Hatip High School, which at that time accepted students with an examination. Beaten lost his grandfather, Hockey Ali Beaten, whom he loved dearly when he was in high school.

Influenced by the philosophy of his grandfather

Dr. Beaten, known for his generosity and generosity, taking care of everyone’s problems with his open door, has made a tremendous impact on his life philosophy today. Beaten, who received his high school education from various high schools at a time when the number of students studying in vocational high schools was declining, finally graduated successfully from the Faculty of Medicine of Ankara University in 2008. During his university years he was a representative of student society and NGOs, some of his poems and essays were published in many journals during his university years.

5 He chose Diyarbakir but by common lot as the responsible physician of Kurtalapa district of Sivas

Beaten was hired as a responsible physician in the town of Kurtlapa, 50 km from Sivas, by a simple draw, although he wanted to serve his country in a doctor’s appointment by lottery, although he had 5 choices as a diary. Aware of the difficulty for patients to reach the city center, as the city is far from the center and roads are closed in winter, Beaten made it a condition to send a laboratory device for this health at his request. Center, at his request.

Kurtalapa Belde has won the love of the people

He personally manages the blood tests of his patients and the calibration settings of the device. It’s over. He then demanded that an ambulance be arranged in the town. Seeing their efforts and results, the administrators requested Dr. in charge of the ambulance. They have fulfilled it to reach Mr. Aziz. These works have been welcomed by the people of the city. He performed his duties with diligence and patience in this town which had been without a doctor for a long time before him.

Has attracted the attention of the Ministry of Health in 9 months

Based on the recommendation of the provincial department, he was appointed head of the health group in Ildizelli district. Some 9 months after the positive change and success story he has told in this district, it has caught the attention of the ministry. He was temporarily posted to the central agency of the Ministry of Health for 3 months and this responsibility will start his bureaucratic life. He has worked in the ministry with initiative, determination and self-sacrifice. He had only one policy, to benefit his country and people. He served as Coordinator in the General Directorate of Personnel, as Advisor to the Deputy Minister, as Head of Department for 7 years, as Advisor to the Minister and for more than 5 years as Deputy General Manager.

Contributes to many studies related to health worker governance

He has contributed to many studies on the governance of health workers. During this busy time, he first completed a master’s degree in health management at the Turkish Aeronautical Association University. Later, he completed his doctorate in medical microbiology at Abant Izzat Basal University. She has publications and articles in her case.

Fiction writer and director of the first medical documentary film

He was the novelist and director of the country’s first medical documentary film, “Diabetes”, which included medical and scientific treatment and development of “Diabetes” from its own budget to the present day. He has won the love of his superiors and employees with his principles of fair and honest work. Her doors were always open, especially to those who requested to see her, and she did not lack hospitality.

He did not neglect his homeland

But he did not neglect his city. He tried to help everyone as much as possible, especially health. In addition to his health, he has made serving his hometown, Diyarbakir, his motto. The family upbringing that he received and the Islamic culture that he inherited from his father and constantly tried to improve himself and his way of life were welcomed by the public. In November 2015, he became the deputy candidate of the Justice and Development Party Diyarbakir.

Thousands of young people give personal development conferences called ‘Reading Life’

He did not reject the demands of universities to pass on his experience to the younger generation so that the youth would not feel the mistakes they saw in their youth. In addition to his bureaucratic identity, he still gives private development conferences at universities called “Reading the Life”. The people in all the districts of Diyarbakir have witnessed his many services. Dr. from time to time in each county. Aziz Bay jokes that he is his countryman.

He became the first living bureaucrat to create the Thanksgiving Memorial

Indeed, citizens and businessmen built a monument of thanks to him for rushing to the aid of his countrymen outside the health sector of Bismil district. She is married and has 2 children.

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