Forgiveness of a Death – Summary, plot and review of the book Marguerite Yourcenar

Whose job is to forgive death? Who is the author of the book Forgiveness of a Death? What is the theme and theme of a death pardon? What about a death forgiveness book? Donate a Death PDF Download Link? Who is Marguerite Eursener, who forgives death? Here is an apology for the summary of a death book, lyrics, comments and reviews …


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Author: Marguerite Yourcenar

Translator: Hur Yummer

Publisher: Helicopter broadcasting

ISBN: 9786055819231

Number of pages: 96

What does it mean to forgive death? Subject, main idea, summary

Yet another Youcenar. This is a long story. What he said from the description. So this is a short novel. Stunning to death though. We are somewhere in the north, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, in Latvia. This is how he begins to recount his memories, a voice from Italy, the voice of Erich. The October Revolution has taken place, the Red Army is advancing, and the counter-revolution is organizing its supporters: the White Army. Weapons of arms, friendships between men also give rise to indescribable emotions; When this male world merges with an old aristocracy, arrogance turns into a flower of glass and even the slightest hint breaks them. Erich, who knows, I think he might have loved Sophie, had it not been for Sophie’s older brother. Maybe even like it. But as the poet says, everyone kills the one they love.

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Forgiveness of a death sentence – lyrics

  • That terrible loneliness of the man of love …
  • Friendship is, first of all, absolute faith; This is what makes it different from love. This is also respect; This is the complete acceptance of another being.
  • That terrible loneliness of people in love ..
  • And when it comes to love, I’m a perfectionist.
  • I have nothing to do with these people, this war, this country or the wonderful joy that people invent to get out of the misery of life.

Forgive a death review – personal comment

I read a short novel compiled during the First World War and the Russian Revolution. The ending of the book was impressive, though it was generally lazy. I was fascinated because it was based on a true story. What can a woman do to prove herself to a man, or how can a situation shape a love? This is a true fact presented to us. The book has 3 main characters, where the events are told within the framework of Bolsheviks and Antibalsheviks. 2 boyfriends and one sister. In an environment where there is a man and a woman, there must be love. But this is a different love story. It is a love where the woman is not accepted by the man, the man tries to suppress his desire towards the woman and draws her attention to various things. I keep asking ‘why?’ You ask and try to understand. Sad ending it offers you that you can’t easily forget … the sentences are long because there are so many similarities. Honestly, it makes me tired when I read it and sometimes it disconnects me from the subject. Best wishes in advance for those who are considering reading this book in the framework of war, friendship, love (Tugse)

I can say that Marguerite Yourcenar and Marguerite Duras are my two favorite authors. I think I like Marguerite. Memoirs of Hadrian was a priority on my reading list, but the size of the book was so small that this old lady had a hard time. Read it.️ So Donating took Death forward. The original title of the book was “Coupe de Grace”, which meant a fatal blow. Or a bullet in the head of a convicted felon. Even the title of the book itself shows how interesting the book is to formulate an environment or period, it has political document value. He said it was written for the value of a humanitarian document, not for China, and should be judged. The book is written by the protagonist, Eric, Conrad and Conrad’s sister Sophie, whose paths traversed a castle. During the civil war between the Bolsheviks and the Balticians who sided with the anti-Bolshevik white Russians. The relationship has been explained. “Why do women always fall for men who are not suitable for them, why not give them a choice but to hate or degrade themselves?” The exciting relationship between Sophie and Eric, Sophie’s unexpected passion by Eric, and Eric’s devotion to Conrad, though not given a full name, are the main themes of the book. The book was adapted into a 1976 film by Volker Schlondorf. “It’s like vast lands that have been conquered but not completely conquered for me.” Page 49 “But from that evening on, everything became as if one of us had died; the dead person was either me in his eyes, or the one whose presence pleased me. Believe me. It was a part of which he had no choice but to listen.” . ” p. 50 Women can’t feel lonely. While their purpose does not go beyond creating a garden there, they do destroy loneliness. “p. 57 (Ozlem Akbas)

It is a book that can be read in two hours but its density is much higher than the number of pages. I really like the author’s description and character analysis. But as I read, I found myself constantly asking “why”. (Alice)

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Who is the author of the book, Marguerite Eursener?

Marguerite Yourcenar, real name Marguerite de Crayencour (born 8 June 1903, Brussels, Belgium – 17 December 1987, Northeast Harbor, Maine, USA) is a novelist, essayist, short story writer and translator. She was the first female member (March 6, 1980) to be elected to the academy franchise, with a limited membership of 40. Because membership of the academy is only available to French citizens, Eurasian, an American citizen, was granted dual citizenship with the special permission of the French president.

Kryankor, who settled in the French part of Flanders next to his father and from a Walloon family next to his mother, who gave to many writers and politicians in Belgium, received personal education at his home in the French-speaking part. Flanders spent most of his childhood traveling with his father, whom he later described as “my best friend and free man.” He started writing at an early age. After the death of his father in 1927, the legacy gave Kreinker the freedom to write as he pleased and he traveled long distances around the world. He published his first novel, Alexis, in 1929. 2. He lived as a nomad until the outbreak of World War II. He became a U.S. citizen in 1947 without relinquishing his French citizenship. He started using the name Youcenar, which he changed to Crayencour.

His work

Yourcenar’s works are distinguished by their impeccable classical style, vast knowledge, and psychological sophistication. In his most important works, he reconstructed the past tense and personality and put forward ideas about the fate of humanity, morality and power. His masterpiece Memoirs d’Hadrian (1951; Memoirs of Hadrian, 1984) is a historical novel, rich in the story of a Roman emperor who reigned in the second century. Another historical novel, L’Œuvre au noir (1968; Zenon, 1985), is a fictional biography of a 16th century alchemist and scientist. Youcenar’s other works include the collection of short stories Nouvelles orientales (1938; Oriental Tales, 1985), the prose poem Feux (1936; Fires), and the short novel Le Coup de grace (1939; Donating a Death, 1988).

He also published essays (Sous bénéfice d’inventaire (1962)), family memoirs (Suvenirs pieux (1973)), (Archives du Nord (1977)) and translations expressing his interest in Hindu songs as well as ancient and modern Greece. Mysticism .. The theme of death (Mishima ou la Vision du vide (1981)) and the theme of instability of everything (Comme l’eau qui coule (1982), Le Temps, ce grand sculpteur (1984)) has become the basis of art and the game of loneliness.

Youcenar, who has written many essays, has translated into French the works of Black Spiritual and various British and American novelists.

Marguerite Yourcenar Books – Work

  • Alexis or The Book of the Futile Struggle
  • The story of the East
  • Forgive a death
  • Fire
  • Hadrian’s memoirs
  • Dream money
  • Misima or perception of space
  • Dreams and destiny
  • Zeno
  • Like flowing water
  • Blue fairy tale

Marguerite Yourcenar Quotes – Lyrics

  • Every day, wait for death, wait so that when the time comes you die in peace. (Misima or perception of space)
  • If I run to you, you will leave without seeing me, because we do not see our dreams. (Fire)
  • “Rosalia’s life was spent in anticipation of her return and departure.” (Dream money)
  • Habit is the reason why life does not seem as unreasonable to us as a dream. (Dreams and destiny)
  • “Every night we get rid of flesh and blood and rehearse our ghostly state.” (Dreams and destiny)
  • I’m in a room with my favorite man next to the bed. I’m lying in bed, caught in the trembling of a drug-addicted animal that women fall in love with. (Dreams and destiny)
  • And when it comes to love, I’m a perfectionist. (Forgive a death)
  • … Sometimes he thought that God had condemned him before he was born, and even a virtue that was a stubbornness that did not please God. (Zeno)
  • Her skin is so pale that if I cut my veins I can’t give her the color of life; It’s so cold that I can’t warm it if I’m lying in your heart. (Dreams and destiny)
  • The dead slept, but no one knew their dreams. (Dream money)
  • Maybe happiness is just an illness that is better to endure. (Alexis or The Book of the Futile Struggle)
  • “While awake, the human world is normal, but everyone sleeping has a different universe.” (Dreams and destiny)
  • Standing in the garden of death playing cello. (Dreams and destiny)
  • In a sense, the eyes were counterweight imbalances. (Zeno)
  • I’m not crazy enough to beg for approval; I don’t even claim acceptance: it’s a huge claim. I just want to understand. (Alexis or The Book of the Futile Struggle)
  • The physician, sitting in a corner, was so frightened by death that he had to keep quiet because the servants had asked him for a miraculous cure. (Like flowing water)
  • What is beautiful is the light of God. (Like flowing water)
  • To understand the humiliation of human death is to love a human being …Zeno)
  • I want and do not want; I am both enjoying and enjoying. I hate life, I fear death. (The story of the East)
  • In a world where everything comes and goes like a dream, it is not appropriate for a person to be upset or cursed. (The story of the East)

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