Harassed father will be tried again


In the embarrassing case where a father, who is on the Turkish agenda, sexually abused his own daughter for years and was released despite having a child, the local court has decided to resist the decision to release the scandal. The failure of the local court to issue an arrest warrant for Baba MT for 30 years of interrogation provoked a reaction.

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Allegedly, MT, a 56-year-old man living in Marseille, sexually assaulted his daughter MT several times between 2014 and 2019, using force and threats. As a result of this forced relationship, the woman gave birth to a child in 2015 from her father MT.

Although the incident was disclosed by a person who applied to the light 183 line in 2019, action was taken within the scope of an open investigation by the public prosecutor. Following the completion of the preliminary investigation, a public lawsuit was filed in the Marcin 1st Criminal Court on 17 December 2019, alleging sexual harassment of MT’s daughter, with allegations prepared by the Marcin public prosecutor. M.T.

He continues to sexually assault her with threats and harassment

In lawsuits before Martel 1st Administrative Court, MT stated that her father had been with her every time by force and violence and that her lips had been broken during the incident and her marks were still not clear. “You will be insulted, you will be in the middle,” her father told her not to tell anyone about the relationship, MT said. In all, she has raped me 9 or 10 times. I didn’t go to the porch next to you. At first he raped me in Tisane. Later, as I stated in my law enforcement statement, he raped me on a website called Ayra 2 and Ozen. My co-workers also knew that Sun had raped me under duress. He once came to my office and threatened me.

In the ensuing process, MT’s father said, “You have no one to take care of you. He said he was using threats and physical pressure to continue the sexual assault,” you will be in the middle ” Didn’t say anything.

“I know I’ve been hospitalized.”

Explaining that she had not told anyone before the incident due to threats, MT said, “When I went to the hospital for irregular menstruation, I found out that I was pregnant. I thought you would not tell anyone about these incidents, you will. Threatened, I said the baby came from a friend. Three months after my daughter was born, I told my sister the truth for the first time. My sister told me, let’s go to the police station and complain. I silenced her because I was afraid, I did not go to the police. A friend of my sister told my uncle about the incident, my uncle also told the police about the incident and I told the truth about it

The MERSN 1st AIR Criminal Court sentenced him to 30 years in prison

At the end of the proceedings, Mersin 1st Criminal Court, which announced its decision on October 22, 2020, sentenced the accused MT to a total of 30 years imprisonment and ordered his detention.

Mersin 1st Criminal Court Decision Adana Regional Court Judgment has been given to 12th Criminal Chamber. On the other hand, the court here has decided by a majority vote to dismiss the appeals separately on the basis of merit and to continue the detention of the sanctuary. One member, on the other hand, disagreed with the majority opinion as there was no conclusive evidence that the incident took place without consent.

The judiciary developed second

Following the rejection of the Adana Regional Administrative Court, the decision was submitted to the Supreme Court on 23 February 2021. The 9th Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, which announced the decision on March 2, 2022, on the other hand, defended the nature of the incident, the time, the expression of the girl, the defense that she had a relationship with him. With her daughter on various dates, and the fact that candid photos of the parties were included in the minutes supporting it, the evidence in the file conflicted with the contents of the file. Not in place quoting fairness. Sun decided to move.

The court gave 30 years but did not arrest!

The accused father was retried after the Supreme Court overturned the verdict. Although MT did not appear in the case before the 1st Criminal Court trial, Victim MT and the parties’ lawyers were present.

Although requests from the Kindly Marsin Bar Association and the Gunebakan Women’s Association were not accepted, the intervention of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy was accepted.

The court has decided to quash the 30-year imprisonment sentence given to the accused MT. He also reinstated his 30-year sentence. However, no arrests were made due to the Supreme Court’s reversal decision.

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