Poor pre-school education can affect children’s career choices

Classroom Teachers Association President Prof. Dr. Mehmet Turan told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that every child’s developmental psycho-motor skills or mental development is different, and that some students who start elementary school learn to read and write during the pre-school period.

Mentioning that they have encountered mild problems in some of these students and serious problems in others, said Prof. Dr. “The most important reason is that some kindergartens, kindergartens or private educational institutions or parents are wrong to teach the child basic information about literacy,” Turan said. Says

“Pre-school education does not necessarily teach reading and writing first.” Underlining that they did not say this, Turan said:

“We have some criteria here. First, the child’s psycho-motor, muscle and mental development must be appropriate for this. If the child is properly prepared, this learning process can be started, even during the pre-school period. The problem here is that some Pre-school teachers or parents do not know the method properly. “Because they do not know the method, it is a problem for them to try to teach what they have learned before with their own structure without research. When teaching words, children mix letters, misspell, and misspell. These also create serious problems. “

Professor Dr. Mehmet Turan underlines that if the child’s psycho-motor skills and mental development are suitable for pre-school teachers, who are well versed in first literacy and word-based sentence learning, and who are fully aware, there is no harm in teaching reading and writing. Word-based sentence system.

Noting that during the pre-school period children should be able to recognize, feel and distinguish words, Turan continued:

“For example, he learned the E sound, he learned the L sound. The E and L sounds together reached the syllable or the word EL. No problem, but it’s called the letter L ‘LE’, the letter B ‘BE’. You tell the child to write BEBE, it will write BEEBEE with two letters E. Problem. We demand that they improve their speaking skills, vocabulary and emotional vocabulary of the child. Because pre-school education is very important for children’s learning. New words. “

“Mistakes can even disrupt their careers”

Turan, who asked pre-school teachers to teach their students the initial 8 vowels (A, E, İ, I, U, Ü, O, Ö), emphasized the importance of focusing on children’s mental and cognitive development. Process

Turan, who did not want to see preschool children as “race horses”, wanted the process to be conducted at a level that every child could understand and comprehend. Emphasizing that otherwise, this process will “disrupt the academic self-process”, Professor. Dr. Turan says:

“A child’s basic education is very important in terms of academic self-concept. Courses are also interrelated. For example, poor literacy in Turkish and poor management of literacy can hamper a child’s comprehension, learning and success in maths and social life.” Study lessons. Because the first literacy lesson is the basis of all lessons. When a child has a problem-solving question, he cannot read and write incorrectly. Therefore, we say that it is a very sensitive process. It can hinder their development, career, habits and career choices. “

Professor Dr. Mehmet Turan also pointed out that some pre-school non-governmental organizations use literacy education as “advertising purposes”.

“Pre-school literacy is not in education law”

Sefa Ozdemir Ilmaz, president of the Pre-School Education Institutions and Educators Association (OKEVED), points out that there are no laws to teach literacy in pre-school educational institutions. Noting that they teach children only vocal output before school, Yılmaz said that the positive effect of this education is seen when children start primary school.

Sefa Ozdemir’s Ilmaz mentions that the reason behind literacy education in pre-school period is “parental demand”. Mentioning that parents, who want their children to have trouble learning to read and write when they start elementary school, make a request to preschools in this sense, Yılmaz said, “Mistakes are made by parents. Parents want their children to read and write kindergarten. Teach. Some of our schools also feel compelled. However, there is no such compulsion, there is no such provision in our curriculum. ” Says

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