President Bুকyk Kিকlিকk brought the Turks of Europe together in Kayseri

Kaysari Metropolitan Municipality Mayor. Memduh Büyükkılıç, together with the Governor of Kayseri, attended a press conference on the “Europe Kayseri Meeting July 13-17” event.

At the historic Kayseri Castle Culture and Art Center at the Kayseri Meeting Press Conference in Turkey July 13-17 in Europe, President Bুকykkিকl ,k, Governor Gokmen চiেকek, Rector of Kayseri University, Prof. Dr. Dr. Kurtulus Karamustafa, Noah Nasi Yazgan University Rector Professor. Dr. Karim Guni, Sarij Mayor Baki Bayrak and European Union of Caesareans Chairman Muzaffar Polat, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Bayar Ojsay, Hamdi Elkuman, Serdar Ozturk, Ali Hasdal and department heads were present. Before the press conference, the mayor said. Memduh Büyükkılıç, together with Governor Gökmen Çiçek, examined the geographically identified products that were featured in the framework of “Culture and Art Events”, especially for Turkish food days. “We are working to promote our city, to share the beauty of our city, to embrace everyone, including those living in Caesarea, and those living outside our city. And our country,” said Mayor Bayukkilik, speaking at the meeting, which began with a procession of Janissary bands.

Noting that this demand came from foreign nationals, Büyükkılıç said:

“As you may recall, when we went abroad a month ago, we met our compatriots from Kayseri and the surrounding provinces who lived in the area. In the city, in short, we work with a system that embraces all the cities in our region. We need friends who will guide us in a healthy way when we come to Caesarea, a center of attraction. We need friends who will introduce us to the beauty of our city. It’s an open-air museum with vitality in trade, industry, economy. Being reliable, we’re happy if you do something to guide us. ” I believe. “

A “tourist counseling office” is being built under the clock tower

Emphasizing that they would build a tourist information office under the historic Clock Tower in Kumhuriyat Square, Mayor Bayukkilik said: Used both as a tourist information office and to provide information to our citizens coming from abroad. We will lead our Kayseri metropolitan municipality in our 16 district municipalities as well as guide our Kayseri in a way that embraces our 1.5 million population. , As well as a mechanism that embraces millions in Turkey and abroad. “

“I love the cities of Seluk”

They know the richness of Caesarea and they care about promoting this city, Büyükkılıç said, “A city that makes a name for itself will do better. We are talking about a city with 5 universities. We are talking to each other. We have to protect our family, we have to protect our Turkish flag, our homeland, our nation, we must protect our cities. I have fallen in love with the Seljuk cities. Like a hand. Under the leadership of our President, we will be everyone’s voice, everyone’s breath, a crescent under our Turkish flag and with them. ” When Kayseri is mentioned, the city of philanthropists comes to mind. Our social workers compete with each other. “

They salute the body of Mehmet Meral, a private infantry officer who was martyred in a close-lock operation at the airport with Gokmen Sisek, the governor of Kayseri, and his relatives and loved ones, and say they have sent him to him. Hometown Yozgat, Mayor Büyükkılıç said, “We welcome one of our martyrs. May God have mercy on our martyrs. We wish our elders a speedy recovery,” he said.

Praise from Governor Czech for the Metropolitan Attack

Kayseri Governor Gokmen Sisek, a week ago Kayseri metropolitan mayor. “Everywhere I look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. The city is in the throes of a catastrophe,” he said. For. “I want to thank you. Also, I would like to thank the president of our union for this organization, because it coincided with my arrival. I hope I will contribute to this walking caravan together with my mayor, union president and rector professors. I look forward to hearing from you. “

“I want to thank the president and management of our union, as well as the mayor of the metropolitan municipality, for their support. We want this to continue,” said Baki Bayrak, the mayor of Sarij.

Rector of Noah Nasi Yazgan University, Prof. Dr. Dr. Karim Guni, on the other hand, said that as Noah Nassi Yazgan University, their compatriots living abroad have promised that they will give their best support during the process where guests will have the opportunity to come to Kaisari and get acquainted with Kaisari.

Kaysari University Rector Professor. Dr. Kurtulus Karamustafa added that Kayseri is an important city with many elements like trade, industry, health, education, culture, tourism, sports, in the heart of Anatolia, at the foot of the mountain, which has brand value like Cappadocia. And there are winter hikes like the Ersius Mountain. He insisted that the people of Caesarea, even their neighbors, should come here to meet their roots and not to sever their ties.

On the other hand, Muzaffar Polat, President of the European Union of Caesarea, when we started to find our association in 2013, as the lover of Caesarea, we started the journey saying “we will be all over Europe”. Fortunately, we have found the goal 2023. We have opened and now we have opened branches in 8 European countries and 9 German cities, “he said.

Noting that there are about 3,500 and 4,000 members, Polat said the following about the event:

“I would like to say the following about the events that will take place between July 13-17. Our goal is to introduce our union. Every summer, we drive our fellow citizens to Caesarea to see how many Caesarians there are in all the cities and villages in Europe. We want to bring it to Caesarea. Let our children come to Caesarea, see the beauty of Caesarea and see the activities of Caesarea. “

European Union spokesman, researcher and author Ihsan Kilik explained to the residents of Kayseri that the project has an important consciousness and they want to create a memory.

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