Start of remote health care: Details have been announced

In accordance with the regulations prepared by the Ministry of Health and published in the Official Gazette, the health facilities that provide or will provide remote health services must be complied with.

In a statement on Twitter, Health Minister Fahretin Koka said, “Our ministry has set rules for accessing healthcare using modern information technology without appearing as a patient in a health facility. The application will prevent wastage of time.” Says

Noting that only ministry-licensed health institutions with the necessary IT infrastructure can provide remote health services, Koka said, “It will now be possible to write e-prescriptions and report patients, if they meet the requirements. Remote health services. Good luck with USH!” Used phrases.

The details of the regulations will be as follows:

Health facilities that provide remote health care must obtain a “Remote Health Service Activity Permit” within the last 6 months.

The “Remote Health Information System” software will be used

In the provision of remote health services, secure “Remote Health Information System” software will be used which allows written, audio or video communication produced or approved by the Ministry of Health. The minimum value of the software will be determined by the Ministry.

The health facility will provide the necessary infrastructure and technical equipment for healthcare professionals to connect to the health information system remotely. The standard of infrastructure and technical equipment required for the provision of remote healthcare will be determined by the Ministry of Health.

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Services that can be provided 6

In this context, it is possible to test how much the service allows the person requesting remote health care.

Through medical observation the person can be assessed, follow-up and follow-up can be done, the diagnosed disease can be controlled and the person can be given medical advice.

Consultation or secondary opinion may be requested at the remote health service. If necessary, the person will be advised to physically apply to a health institution.

For remote management and follow-up of the disease, clinical parameters such as blood sugar and blood pressure will be assessed, treatment and drug administration will be provided.

Services will be provided to provide health protection and monitoring, support for a healthy life, and psychosocial support services.

Multiple assessments and increased health risks or people of advanced age will be able to follow.

In the event of a local or epidemic outbreak, the necessary medical procedures to protect human health will be carried out in accordance with national guidelines.

With wearable technology and other medical devices, the health data of the person requesting healthcare can be measured and tracked.

Activity areas and limits will specify activity permissions.

If the application made by the health facility for an operating permit is deemed appropriate after examination, a remote health service operating permit will be issued. The activity permit document specifies the area of ​​activity and its limits.

For health benefits affiliated with the Ministry, the Ministry will be able to authorize a remote health care activity.

Health facilities in areas that are not authorized to provide health services without the permission of the Ministry of Health will not be able to provide remote health services.

Personal information will be protected

Personal data obtained during the provision of remote health services may not be processed or transferred without the relevant law.

Also, health facilities that have received the certificate of international health tourism approval will be able to provide remote health services within the framework of relevant legislation within the scope of international health tourism and tourism health opportunities.

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