“The age at which school starts can affect a child’s entire educational life,” said psychologist Dr. Kerim Begüm Özkaya says that even one age can affect a child’s entire educational life in determining school start age.

Psychologist Karim Ozkaya says that determining the age at which children start school can affect a child’s entire educational life, even at the age of one year.
Dr Karim Karim Ozkaya, a psychologist at Medicana Sivas Hospital, emphasized the importance of controlling children under the control of specialist doctors in determining school-age. Emphasizing that the period of 06 years is very important for children, Ozkaya said, “The period of 06 years is very important for children. It is important for the mental, cognitive, social and emotional development of the child. In this period, we can consider whether the child is ready for school from two perspectives. In terms of general health; Before the child starts school, a health check-up can be done in consultation with a doctor. In the second stage; It can be checked if the baby has developed fine and coarse motor. Buddha; The child needs to be examined to see if he can hold a pencil, what he can write, what he can draw, whether his muscles have developed, how his hands are adjusting. ”

The importance of school maturity
Ozkaya said that school maturity is important for a child’s adaptation and success in school, adding that “starting school is a very important turning point in a child’s life. The child may feel bad and excited for the first time, as he enters a multi-program learning, discipline, and a planned and programmed process. There are actually 2 stages in a child’s elementary school; Adaptation of a child to school, development of two literacy skills. While the development of literacy skills is more important for parents, it is more important for a child to adapt to school. It’s about whether the child has school maturity. The ability of a child to adapt to school and develop literacy skills is related to the maturity of the child’s school. School maturity is directly proportional to the child’s physical, social, mental and physical readiness for school.

Even one year is important
Ozkaya underlined that age is also a factor in a child’s characteristics at school start-up age, and said, “When we place a 5-year-old child in a 6-year-old’s class, we expect him to understand his lessons, listen to his lessons attentively and with discipline. Go to school, and the child cannot do it according to age. Thus, the child’s self-confidence in his own inner world is damaged and falls. She fails more in school than her other friends, her grades are low, she can’t adapt to the classroom and can’t communicate with the teacher. It negatively affects the child’s subsequent education, ”he said.

The risk of losing confidence
Ozkaya said the failure of children to start school early could damage their self-confidence, adding that “a child needs to have different abilities such as being able to listen to lessons in a first-class environment, impart school skills, and maintain concentration.” When the child does not have these abilities, he fails, becomes unhappy, falls behind his friends, has a negative relationship with his teacher and at the same time, he feels some negative problems and troubles with his parents at home. Less academic success. It damages the child’s self-confidence. The child on whom these depend depends to continue his life as a negative, unsuccessful student in his later education. ”

Pre-school education is required
Ozkaya said that the pre-school education that children receive before starting primary education is effective for their success. At the same time to enter discipline, he needs to maintain harmony in the school, adhere to discipline, listen to what the teacher says and maintain positive communication with his friends. Determining whether a child should go to school would be a more appropriate process, with the help of a psychologist if necessary, by taking various tests from the parents. Before a child can start school, they need to go to kindergarten and receive pre-school education. This is because acquiring skills in school, being able to hold a pencil, drawing, adapting to a teacher and communicating with friends all started during the pre-school period. In addition, parents need to talk and chat with their children about school during the day. The fun and educational aspects of school, the good time they spend with their friends, the good time they spend with their teachers, parents should explain in a way that students can understand.

Children should not be left alone in this process
Stating that children should not be left alone by parents during the school adaptation process, Ozkaya outlines what parents should do in the process:
“In addition, the child should be explained in appropriate language when entering and leaving the school. Because children are separated from their parents when they go to school, they may experience separation anxiety and separation crises. For this, they need to show that they will take the child back, if necessary, write down the time of entry and exit to school and tell their children with their finger. Children’s initiatives need their own support. Under parental supervision, children can draw, write and play alone for an hour or two. These should also be included in the baby. It is not advisable to give the child a television, tablet or computer and leave the child alone. In order for a child to become accustomed to school, a variety of activities need to be acquired. It is useful to do exercises and activities for school with the child. If you have doubts about the school, if you are uncomfortable with what to start or not, you can apply to a specialist and decide whether to go to school after passing various tests.

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