The “Health Meeting Program” has created awareness

The “Health Meeting Program” created by the Sehan District Governor’s Office of Project and Coordination, and supported by the Adana Chamber of Pharmacists and the Adana Chamber of Dentists, has reached out to many visitors through awareness raising.

Launched in February with training in ‘rational use of drugs’, the program focuses on oral and dental health, communication, anger control, first aid, cancer, gynecological diseases, healthy nutrition, and more. Sehan district headmen, guide teachers, students and parents were trained in many subjects.

The last lesson of this period was discussed at the Kukurova Development Agency meeting hall with the title “Childhood Oral and Dental Health”.

Sehan District Health Manager Mehmet Ali Sevuk

Sehan District Health Director Mehmet Ali Sevuk, who delivered a keynote address for the counselors in a moment of silence and singing the national anthem, said, “Life really starts with nutrition. The first step (step) of nutrition is the teeth. Digestion is not possible without teeth. If it is not digested, it is not nourished. I will make a humble request from our guide teachers here. Tell your students’ parents not to intimidate their children, “I’ll take you to the doctor or dentist for an injection.” Should say, “I’ll take you to the doctor, to the dentist. You should have a good time and be encouraged. He thanked all the participants.

Adana Chamber of Pharmacy Pharma Chairman. He is Mursel Yalbuzdag

Adana Chamber of Pharmacists, firm. He said Mürsel Yalbuzdağ, “After 2 years of epidemic, we have been able to hold this meeting today without abandoning the path of logic and science and working for vaccination. We all need to protect our physical health. When you are sick, the best way is to go to the doctor. Use of medicine with care; Taking the right dose at the right time. Considering the health costs, medicines take up a lot of space, but most of the medicines taken are not used. We collect unused medicines from Sehan and 2-3 other district houses so that they can be disposed of in a healthy way. Tons and tons of waste medicine is coming. Medications that are unhealthy and not used regularly are detrimental to both our own health and the health system. Most drugs are chemical. The only thing that separates drugs from poison is the dose. Not all poisons are used in doses. When waste drugs are not properly disposed of, when they are mixed with soil and water, they become toxic and return to humans. In this sense, our teachers have many responsibilities. Students need to raise awareness about rational drug use and waste. Household waste medicine can be disposed of in our pharmacy. ”

Adana Chamber of Dentist Chairman D.T. Fatih Gular

Adana Chamber of Dentist President. Fatih Guler said, “Vocational chambers also perform their duties in the public interest. We have 65,000 people aged 5-9 in Sehan district. I think our students will get here through our teachers. While the average number of teeth per mouth in the population over the age of 65 in Germany is 17-18, in Turkey there is a total edentulism of 50 percent of the population over the age of 65. I mean, these people don’t have teeth in their mouths. The Germans received preventive dentistry at all ages by receiving private services with the help of the state This is the solution we have been calling the Ministry of Health for years as TDB and Dentist Chamber. People should live with their own teeth without using dentures, they should grow old with their own teeth.

Yasar Kochak, Provincial National Education Manager

Yasar Kokak, Adana’s provincial director of national education, said: Life begins with school in many subjects. In addition to our teachers, NGOs, professional organizations and other sectors have their role in this matter, we will reach a certain place. Our school-environment relations, school-civil society relations, school-public relations relations are moving forward strongly. Our mentors have an important role to play in reaching out to students, parents and other teachers. Adana has 515,000 students. When we add pre-school education, there are an average of 40,000 students at each grade level. I hope this study is helpful. “

Sehan Governor Mustafa Yavuz

Sehan District Governor Mustafa Yavuz said, “We launched the ‘Health Meeting Program’ in February by our Adana Sehan District Governance Project and Coordination Office. We aim to raise public health awareness through these activities, where we bring together our citizens with our healthcare professionals who specialize in their field, at a school in a training district each week. We talked about known mistakes. And we answered the curious question. We met with 1337 people in 17 weeks. Our motto is ‘Share Your Knowledge’. In the age we live in, it is very easy to get information, but it is very difficult to choose from this information what we need and useful. Because of this, accurate source, qualified, useful and need-based health information has become much more valuable. In this sense, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the program, supported and participated in the training. ” He said.

At the end of the speech Adana Chamber of Dentist board member. Nevin Kilesiolu, Adana Chamber of Dentist board member. Yunus Emre Kokasic, “Mixed Dentistry and Trauma”, CU Faculty of Dentistry Deputy Dean Head of the Department of Pedodontics Professor Dr. Dr. Cem Dogan trained the participating counselors by presenting a slide.

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