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To love, to fall in love… is it a divine feeling or an addiction that fills the void of the human soul? Whatever the definition, mutual sacrifice is required to fall in love and be with someone. Especially when one party tries to bring himself forward, the other person’s burden increases. Moreover, if the circumstances that prevent love from moving in a healthy way are in the middle, then love becomes impossible. Well … knowing all this, why do people go after impossible love? Why does he set himself on fire?

At the moment, Shemes-i Tabrizi, who is making a huge difference in the world of Mevlana’s heart,‘This is the test … the heart of the fish has hit the desert’ It’s good to remember. Because impossible love, which puts people to the test, is just such a thing. Even if love gives people the ability to do many things that at first seem impossible, it is impossible to survive without any problems that may come from human character or their environment.

On the other hand, despite all these difficulties, impossible loves exist as one of the realities of life. In fact, impossible loves are often used to create conflicts in fiction or to shape content.

Although it is, we evaluate the love situation of couples in the current series and choose between them. ‘Most’ We wanted to deal with the impossible …

Real but impossible love of ‘Judicial’

The best production of the season so far ‘Justice’ That’s for sure. Its originality, the successful actor, the realistic character that engages the audience, the flow of the flow without monotony, the logic without twisting and the content is written throughout the text. ‘Justice’Because it stands out in the middle as the detail that makes it the best.

Without these ‘Justice’There is one more detail that adds a different color and enhances its appeal, which is the quality of love in the content! It is a love that has real romantic reflection in it and it is impossible.

Let’s talk about it … The scenario, which plunged us into the emotional depths and impossibilities of the Ilgaz-Celine relationship from the very first episode, thanks to the performances of Kan Urganciogolu and Pinar Deniz, presented a love scene where conflict was felt instead of happiness.

Murder is on the rise ‘Who is the killer?’ Mind games created by his interrogation and ‘Everyone is to blame’ The Ilgaz-Celine couple, who came close in the middle of their philosophy, found themselves in a marriage that developed out of necessity after much debate and stubbornness. In this union, which we may call the ‘opposite attraction’, a spontaneous love arose. The content, which depicts the relationship of two human beings with opposite characters on the edge of the abyss, examines the tolerance of such an impossible love as it moves forward in an environment of law, where justice works perfectly. In fact, the results of this test were very clear …

E.g. Celine, who had a habit of ignoring the rules and making her own reality and moving towards her goal to win, was an emotional and stubborn personality not only in her practice as a lawyer, but also in her decisions in her personal life. Was it possible for a woman with such a stable character to give up love and keep love at the forefront of her relationship with the opposite man at any cost? Of course not.

In fact, Celine, who came out of her sudden burst and did not hesitate to get into trouble by continuing the habit of acting without thinking about the future, chose to cut her love with Ilgaz, whom she married. Due to avoidance of legal sanction, for self interest and blind recklessness. What was the predominance of logic in this choice? By no means.

Because, after Inci’s murder, our powerful lawyer, who handled the case quite logically and proceeded to find the real culprit, stood in line with Ilgaz and proved Chanar’s innocence at the expense of facing his family. Thus, Celine, who developed her emotional connection with Ilgaz, unfortunately could not show this just understanding and reasoning of justice after the revelation of her father’s murder. He breaks down Ilgaz, annoyed by the irrational feeling. Despite the available evidence, he accused Chanar of wearing a blindfold and demanding that Ilgaz stay out of the investigation, preventing him from investigating the incident. This irrational mental attitude was the most important breaking point that made Celine-Ilgaz’s love affair impossible!

When we look in front of Ilgaz … Ilgaz, a prosecutor who never compromises with honesty and justice and who doesn’t even know his family for this reason, he met lawyer Celine and finally went to her backyard and sometimes she overreacted to her maturity. Swallowed In short, Ilgaz, who never broke his line, showed an attitude towards Celine, who enjoyed quarreling with him all the time. Moreover, he did not leave Sinar, who repeatedly repeated his innocence, acknowledging his father as his killer and ignoring the possibility of a third person, and Celine, when he was accused of being an engine murderer. She always believed him. He left the prosecutor’s office and became a lawyer to save the woman he loved. At the cost of displeasing her father and being accused by Yektar, she found the truth and saved Celine. In other words, Ilgaz never put himself and his principles in front of his love like Celine!

And yet, we can easily say that Celine is the one who made Celine-Ilgaz’s love impossible, because of her attitude and injustice. Moreover, after Kunit’s confession, we may think that Celine, who knows that the murderer is not Serdar, not Sinar, and his injustice to Ilgaz’s love-marriage becomes more clear, is not worthy of Ilgaz, who does not give up his warmth-patience.

Because like Celine ‘We’ Failed to be ‘I’ Those who say they are not wise and ‘He does not give up his good temper’ They conform to their logic and by refraining from repeatedly hitting those who love them, they make the beauties of love impossible by ridicule and arrogance. There is no point in upsetting them and crying when it is too late, because they will soon repeat their old behavior. For him ‘Let it go’ Good to say.

Finally, I would say that; Excluding Ilgaz, who looked after him with love after the divorce, and expressed his essence by acting away … Thanks to Celine, who reveals the weakness of his selfishness instead of love and warmth in every interaction with Ilgaz. ‘Justice’The state of love puts us in a real but impossible love environment. Therefore, the screen is ‘The Most Impossible Love’Me too ‘Justice’Is also developing.

We don’t know where the flow of the series will take the relationship between the two, but … Six months later, Celine’s painting, covered in blood, reveals that the wheel of justice will turn again to reveal the truth about Celine, who easily made her love impossible. Where will Ilgaz be in this process? Can he save their love from the impossible? We’ll wait and see.

Let the last word come from one of our famous poet Ozdemir Asaf … ‘When3You love me, then you truly love ‘.

Anibal Guleroglu

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