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Milan won the championship race with their arch-rivals Inter and Scudeto won 11 years later.

After hitting rock bottom with Milan owner Lee Younghong in 2018, the club ended its championship aspirations in 4 years.

If there is anyone like coaches and footballers in this success, then the legendary name of the club is Paolo Maldini.

He worked closely with the legendary Defender Club CEO Ivan Gazidis, Sports Director Frederick Masara and Geoffrey Moncada (Scout Chief).

When Maldini took over as head of the technical team in 2019, the championship was just a dream for Milan, as Juventus already had a Serie A ban at the time.

At the time, the club’s managers, Javanimir Boban and Maldini, appointed Marco Giampaolo as head coach.

However, the results did not live up to their expectations and this union lasted only 4 months.

Milan were looking for a name to lead the team till the end of the season and it was an opportunity for Pioli at that time.

But CEO Gazidis kept in mind the top-down change in the team and he wanted to do it with Ralph Rangnik.

The decision was not negotiated with Boban or Maldini, and Boban eventually resigned.

Maldini, on the other hand, stood behind Pioli instead of Rangnik and told him to continue the mission.

Good play and good results in the summer of 2020 were proof that Maldini made the right choice.

He changed his mind at Gazidis and continued with Pioli and that decision was a pivotal moment in this year’s championship.

There are 3 main themes in the club’s plan: financial consolidation, salary cap and market based on young players.

Milan did not spend millions of dollars winning the championship 11 years later.

Maldini made his first transfer by acquiring Theo Hernandez in 2019, and the player is currently considered one of the best left-backs in the world.

Theo Hernandez says of Maldini;

“I was very close to moving to Bayer Leverkusen but he turned everything upside down. We met in Ibiza, we talked about football and I knew then that Milan would be the right place. “

Rafael Leo, one of the stars of the season, also described the transfer process as follows;

“The club has acknowledged his interest in me. When you get a call from Paolo Maldini, you can’t refuse. And finally I took on this new challenge. “

In addition to Theo and Leo, Maldini also works for Tonali, Ismail Benassar, Selemikars and Brahim Diaz of Brescia.

The target team was to mix young and ambitious players with experienced players.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Olivier Giroud and Simon Kezer have been named in the squad.

Zlatan, in particular, led the team on and off the field and led the way in their long series.

Milan is also very careful about renewing the contract.

At the end of last season, he parted ways with the team’s key players, such as Donaruma and Hakan Chalhanoglu, instead of paying more.

Such decisions are not easy to make, especially in the case of Donarumma, who has grown out of the club’s infrastructure.

But Maldini’s philosophy is clear, no player is more important than AC Milan.

Milan Donaruma was replaced by Lille-winner Magnan, and the Frenchman was named goalkeeper in Serie A.

Now the same goes for Frank Casey. His contract is coming to an end and he will probably sign a contract with Barcelona.

Let’s see what name Maldini will fill his place with.

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