Turkey will not be Afghanistan!

2022.05.26 06:30


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The news of opening a primary school in the village got a headline in the media under the headline ‘Good News’. This news has become one of the recurring statements of recent years. Inflation will come down, economy will improve, village schools will open … It is true that inflation will not decrease and economy will not improve, it is true that the idea of ​​maintaining through village schools is a huge lie. …

In the last twenty years at least twenty thousand village schools have been closed. That being said, increasing the level of education reduces our vote, and education is seen as the biggest threat to the government’s survival. Will those who have closed village schools, who have forced village families to hand over their children to the community because of the desperate poverty in Aladag, open village schools?

If there is not enough budget for education, how will the closed and ruined village schools be built? How to start education in rural schools in the absence of adequate teacher recruitment?


Why are village schools on the agenda again? One of the major themes of the last National Education Council was the expansion of religious education in pre-schools with the help of NGOs. The most interesting provision of the regulations was that if there were five students, kindergarten classes would be opened in sparsely populated villages and places. The condition of opening a school is approved by the Governorship and the Ministry and the opening of kindergarten classes is regulated as a final provision. Why not classrooms and schools? No schools, no adequate teacher recruitment, no education budget. Where, how, and by whom will this class be opened? Ensar’s, TÜRGEV’s and now TÜRKEN’s hall are named after the NGO in every regulation and regulation published over twenty years. Every week, we receive reports of physical violence, harassment, and abuse in the Koran curriculum and in places within religious buildings. This time last week, footage of three children being beaten with sticks at a Koran course in Sunliurfa surfaced, and Abdul Hakim T., who used violence against children, was released by a judge on duty. Our country is now a country that rewards those who commit violence, abuse and rape, let them be judged … a local and national heritage created by Ansar … one of the most important results of education marketing Dormitories etc. opened by community and church. The place was forced. But that’s not enough, they always need something more… now, their agenda and goals are 4-6 year olds.

Those who say “there is nothing wrong with Turkey in the belief of the Taliban” have been in power for 20 years … 250 days have passed since the closure of schools for girls in Afghanistan. Women and girls are fighting for the right to education at the cost of their lives against the Taliban’s response. They were detained, disappeared in custody, murdered.


The phrase of sharing thought and belief with the Taliban is neither more nor less in terms of our experience. The autonomous Directorate General of Religious Education has now gone beyond autonomy. It is now the primary decision maker in all educational institutions, including universities. Anserler, TÜRGEV ​​and their derivatives conduct all kinds of activities in the school with the name and content of their choice. The first boards you encounter from the moment you enter school are the IHH boards. There are thousands of schools, libraries, laboratories, paintings, music workshops, sports halls, but it is impossible to come to school without a mosque. With the help of the last council and published regulations, the road is being paved for the complete religiousisation of pre-school education. School dropouts are increasing every year. Girls are at the forefront of those whose separation from education has accelerated.

Ever since the day the slogan “Turkey will not be Iran” was discussed, and after the liberal struggle for secularism and the “secular aunt” speech aimed at women, Turkey will not be Afghanistan!

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