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After the Ampute football national team won the last 2 European Championships in 2017 and 2021, Itimesugut Belediespor, which defeated Wisla Krakow in the Amputee Football Champions League, brought the championship trophy to Turkey.

Athletes with hearing impairments have won their Olympic, World and European Championships, athletes with visual impairments (those who see the word) have participated in European Championships and Paralympic Games, and athletes with Down Syndrome have made their mark in European Championships and European Championships. Third place in the world.

Muaz Ergegen, president of the Turkish Physically Handicapped Sports Federation, says that in the last 15 years there has been a good progress in amputation football. “We are a world brand in amputee football. I want to share a good news. To date, we have sent an article. We want to take the world amputee football presidency permanently to Turkey. Let it be our place. We want it. We want the headquarters to be permanently in Turkey.” “ Used expressions.

Ergegen says sports are the best place for people with disabilities to express themselves. “We want to present the championship to our country at the World Amputee Football Championship, if we can organize in Istanbul, if we can. These achievements have great efforts and work. I would like to say that these achievements will continue. I would also like to share my experience with TFF Thanks for guiding them. “ Evaluated her.

“We have a say in world football.”

Ismail Erdem, board member of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) responsible for the Federation of Persons with Disabilities, said that since 2006, they have begun to provide significant support to the development of the sport, especially for the disabled.

Emphasizing that the law on persons with disabilities has also played an important role in this development, Erdem said, “First of all, we need to express our gratitude to the President on behalf of all our citizens with disabilities. Through the Disability Act, people with disabilities have really come back to life, they have begun to hold on, it has created itself. It is known at every stage of life.” Says

Explaining that Turkish disabled athletes have achieved successful results in important organizations around the world, Ismail Erdem said:

“Last year, our national amputee team became European champions for the second time. This year, our special athletes finished third in the World Championships where they competed for the first time. Recently, our national deaf football team returned to our country. Third place in the Brazil Summer Olympics. The European Championships for the visually impaired will be held in Italy in the second week, and we expect a very important degree from them. Two-time European Champion in a row. World Champion. In this context, our national team affiliated with 4 federations has achieved important degrees for our country in recent years. “

He strongly believes that Turkish athletes will leave their mark on world football, says Ismail Erdem. “It’s worth emphasizing; if we can support athletes with disabilities, overcome the obstacles they face, encourage them, we say as a driving force, if we can provide financial and moral inspiration, our athletes with disabilities will mark the world’s disabled sports. “For many years. The year we’ve been here, the stage we’ve reached. Yes, we can say one thing in world football, both limbs, hearing impaired, special athletes and visually impaired.” Used expressions.

Erdem also congratulated Etimesgut Belediyespor on winning the Amputee Football Champions League. “When Etimesgut is number one in Europe, it is reflected in the national team. I congratulate and congratulate the mayor of Etimesgut, his administration and all those who support our sports club. Playing against them is a great honor for them. European champions. “ Expressed opinions.

“As TFF, our support will continue.”

Explaining that the disabled national football teams camped at the Hassan Dogan National Team Camp and Training Center in Riva before participating in the Championship, Erdem continued as follows:

“They stay in the office where our national football team camped, they stay, they train here. We travel from here to many tournaments and to European and world events. We have always rewarded our financially successful national teams. Amputee national team European champions Yes, as TFF, we have given them approximately 3 million lira. We have given them special athletes, we give the same incentives to other successful national teams. We have decided again in our management that Wanted to cover and get morale. They come here, and we bring their famous athletes to the camp from time to time. We thank them, we travel with them in prayer. TFF is on the side of financially and morally disabled football. We deserve to have the kind of support, if they accept that sacrifice, then we have to contribute more. Turkey will continue to support us from now on. “

Wishing success to the Turkish national team participating in the European Football Championship for the visually impaired in Italy in June, Erdem said that their biggest wish is to be the national team champions at the Amputee Football World Championship, which will happen. It will be held in Turkey from 30 September to 9 October.

“Involved with the disabled football community”

Om Gursoy, chairman of the TFF Disability Coordination Board, said the board was established in 2006 with the great goal of supporting disabled football.

Strategically collaborating with the Physically Handicapped Sports Federation, the Hearing Impaired Sports Federation, the Visually Impaired Sports Federation and the Special Athletes Sports Federation, they set out with the goal of making disabled football a world brand, explaining Gursoy. . ” Says

Gursoy said they acted with the slogan “Love for football knows no obstacles” within the scope of the “Turkish Place Football” project. “But one of our starting points in doing this was ‘Run if you don’t have legs, shout if you don’t have voice, make if you have no hope’. Here, the Turkish Football Federation works with sports federations with disabilities I understand the story of those who run without, score without seeing and create without hope. “ He said.

Gursoy explained TFF’s role in this joint venture as follows:

“There’s a good thing from a Chinese thinker: you make a jug out of mud, the emptiness inside it makes it work.” The Turkish Football Federation is not the raw material for making this jug and has made the jug. The raw material is not the Turkish Football Federation. It is the community itself that is completely disabled, this success is complete but for this jug to be effective, the work of that gap, the jug needs a gap to hold water. Assuming we have a decent role to play in our co-operation as TFFs, we will take advantage of that gap very well and the two handles of the jug will one day return to the cup. Successes such as Amputees 2 European Championships, 2 World Championships for the Hearing Impaired, 1 Olympic and 1 European Championships, who are seeing the voice of participating in European Championships and 2 Paralympic Games, and are suffering from Down Syndrome and our World Cup. Most importantly, disabled football has become very involved with society, met with society and has become a part of Turkey through disabled football. A platform has been created to solve the problems of the disabled. ”

Noting that the entire TFF family expressed their love for communication, sponsorship, Riva camp, material support and most importantly financial support in the process, Gursoy emphasized that they have been working successfully with disability sports federations for 16 years. The year and its end are as follows:

“Maybe our president played football for the first time with people suffering from Down syndrome. He took the Amputee national team and other disabled national teams as far as I can remember. The development of our disabled citizens as football. It was effective and there was a lot of media coverage. Our Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Casapolu also took part in the film. And I thank them for their support. The heroes are disabled football players themselves and their community, and I congratulate them.

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