Usha is terrified of ‘monkeypox virus’! A statement from the Department of Health said: “Looking at the bubbles …”

Ushak incident caused panic! It has been seen that blisters have appeared on the hands and body of a person in the city. Subsequently, it was alleged that the first case of the Monkeypox virus in Turkey was reported to Usa. Usak General Directorate of Health announced that the test results of the person with blisters on his hands and body were negative.

A written statement issued by the department said that some media outlets yesterday had given false information such as ‘Usha has seen the first monkeypox incident, Usha has been exposed to the monkeypox virus’.

The statement said, “A sample was taken from the patient for precautionary purposes after blisters were found on the hands and body of a foreigner who was brought to Usak Training and Research Hospital for testing. The test results at the Public Health Reference Laboratory were negative.” The expression was used.

More than 250 cases in 16 countries

Head of the WHO Smallpox Secretariat. “Based on what we know about the virus and its contagion, we can say that this epidemic can be brought under control,” said Rosamund Lewis, noting that at least 250 cases of monkeypox have been reported from 16 countries so far. Says


Noting that most rats carry monkeypox, Lewis said they suspect that kangaroo rats, common slippers (Gliss Gliss) and prairie dogs spread the virus the most.

Lewis noted that monkeypox is a region-specific disease in countries such as the Central African Republic, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Cameroon, while the epidemic is rare in countries that have reported cases to the WHO.

পড়ে Spread to 16 countries in 2 weeks

After a long hiatus, the monkeypox virus, which had spread beyond the African continent and appeared in England on 6 May, spread to 16 countries in 2 weeks.

In addition to England, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, the United States, Israel and Denmark are among the countries where the monkeypox virus has been detected, where it was last seen in the United Arab Emirates and Slovenia.

According to the WHO, smallpox vaccine against the monkeypox virus can be effective up to 85 percent.


“Sent by expression and close communication”

Asked if monkeypox had been reported in Turkey, Health Minister Fahretin Koka said there was no need to create new areas of concern.

Noting that there has been no MonkeyPix incident in Turkey so far, Koka continues:

“When this happens, we will announce and report. I do not believe that the monkeypox could be the cause of the epidemic. Because we know that it does not spread through droplet infection, but through discharge and close contact. So, there should be unnecessary discomfort in this matter. No.


May our citizens live in peace. In this sense, our ministry closely monitors how it can be done properly. In this context, if there is a situation that needs to be addressed and addressed, we will explain it. “

Vaccine Disclosure: We recommend

They know that the effectiveness of the smallpox vaccine is 80-85 percent, Coca said. Made, but made as a vaccine. ” He spoke.

Asked if there were any vaccine-related studies in Turkey, Koka said: “At the moment, we are consulting with friends, the scientific committee and what we can do to improve it.” Repaid.

Interpretation of “Monkel Blower” from Vet Medicine

Ali Eroglu, chairman of the Central Council of the Turkish Veterinary Medical Association (TVHB), said that to date no cases of monkeypox have been found in dogs or cats, adding that , So these animals should not be removed from their living environment and should not be touched. ” Used phrases.


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