Uyghur Turks have called the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights from Ankara

Uighur Turks begin a protest event in front of the Chinese Embassy in Ankara, while the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and his delegation are visiting China and East Turkestan. Uighur Turks, who want to have their voices heard in China, and Commissioner Michelle Bachelet spoke to the Crimean News Agency as part of the protest. Although the missing family members received higher education, no further reports were received after the Uyghur Turks were taken to a concentration camp in China’s “Vocational Training Center”, and according to newly leaked documents, there were many people there. Children and the elderly were among those taken to the concentration camps.

On May 25, 2022, one day before the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and his delegation’s visit to East Turkestan, members of the Concentration Camp Victim Platform in front of the Chinese Embassy in Ankara, the UN Commissioner and the public for China’s exercise against Uyghur Turks. He started a protest movement to draw them towards the policy of genocide.

A small group of Uyghur Turks, who had secretly come from Istanbul to the Chinese embassy in Ankara for fear of being barred from entering Ankara, first faced police obstruction. However, after the action created an agenda on social media, it became a public gathering with the participation of many politicians and activists, including about 10 deputies.

Protesting China’s genocidal policy in front of the Chinese embassy, ​​Uyghur Turks carry pictures of missing family members, relatives and other acquaintances who were unjustly held in concentration camps or held captive in East Turkestan.

In their speech, the Uyghurs called on UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet and her delegation to visit the families of those visiting East Turkestan and share information about them. Some Uyghur Turks who took part in the action spoke to the Crimean News Agency (QHA) on May 25, 2022 about their family members who went missing in East Turkestan.

“Many children and elderly prisoners are among them.”

Mirzahmet Ilyasoulou said that despite the fact that his brother, brother-in-law and four of his friends had higher education, no news was found after they were taken to a concentration camp called “Vocational Training Center” in China.

Referring to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’ visit to East Turkestan, Eliasson said leaders of the world, especially Turkey and Islamic countries, should speak out against China’s oppression and fulfill their humanitarian responsibilities.

Noting that as long as China remains silent, its pressure will increase, Eliassoulou stressed that all must work together to raise their voices against China in order to end the persecution. Ilyasovlu called on Bachelet to insist on seeing and revealing the truth about East Turkestan.

Referring to the newly leaked documents, Ilyasolu noted that the photographs include many children, elderly grandparents and called on the public to give a voice in East Turkestan so as not to lose their conscience and humanity.

“My mother was arrested along with 20 other women on the grounds that she had read Mevlt.”

Mehmet Tohti Atavullah says his 65-year-old mother was detained by Chinese police in March 2018 along with 20 other women for reciting the Koran during her neighbor’s janaza prayers. Mehmet Tohti, who said he has lost all contact with his family since May 2018, said he did not know how his mother and other family members are now, even if he is alive.

Mentioning that he had come to the Chinese embassy in Ankara to inquire about his family’s condition, Mehmet Tohti demanded that China provide information about his family, release those unjustly arrested and close concentration camps. During his visit to East Turkestan, Mehmet Tohti requested that Bachelet meet with her and other Uyghur families and report their situation to the world.

“It’s too cold here, don’t come.”

Nur Muhammad Uyghur said he received news that his 70-year-old father had been taken to a concentration camp in 2017 and was killed six months later. Uyghur said his mother said on the last phone call with his family a year ago, “It’s too cold here, don’t come.” Uyghur said his older sister, a retired teacher, and his wife, a government employee, were taken to a concentration camp, that his wife had died 25-20 years later, and that he had received no news of them, and that his nephew Elias was abroad. He was sentenced to 9 years in prison for studying. Noting that his brother Abdul Qadir, who was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison in 2017, had not returned to his family for seven years, Uyghur said his wife had also been taken to a concentration camp and he was concerned about the condition of their children.

Noting that he has never heard the voices of his 4 sons since 2016 and has not received any news about the whereabouts and status of his wife and children, Uyghur Turkish has called on the Turkish and Islamic world:Please I beg you to listen to our voices, don’t bow our heads to the Chinese. We are Uyghurs, we are from East Turkistan, we are also Turks, we are Muslims, don’t let us bow to the Chinese.“He called.

“Think of children separated from their parents in East Turkistan.”

Magfiret Emin says her grandmother, who was taken to the concentration camp, died as a result of the torture and her uncle was paralyzed. Noting that he had not heard anything from his captive brothers, Mafferet revealed that he was deeply concerned about their fate.

Listen to the voices of our brothers in the face of Chinese persecution, do your best for themAddressing the public, Magfiret saidWhen you hold your children and caress their heads, think of the children in East Turkistan who are separated from their parents.“She said.

“20 years in prison for sending money abroad to his son”

Azmet Kutlubilge says his father-in-law, a businessman, was taken to a concentration camp in 2017 and sentenced to 20 years in prison in late 2020 for “supporting terrorism” because he was abroad and was deported. He has money. Saying that her father-in-law’s 3 brothers were sentenced to 15-20 years in prison on various pretexts, Kutlubilge urged the public to support them and to consider this information during Bachelet’s visit.

Uighur Turk Ahmed said he learned that his mother and brother-in-law had been taken to a concentration camp in 2017 and had not heard from him since. Insisting that millions of East Turkestans be thrown into concentration camps, Ahmet called for an end to the persecution of Uighurs and for accountability.

“My requests to a Chinese consultancy related to our family have failed.”

Uighur Turk Abdullah says he has not been able to contact his family since 2016 and said he has not been able to learn the situation of his mother, father, wife and children. Abdullah insisted he had repeatedly asked the Chinese consulate general in Istanbul for information about his family, but insisted he had not received any response from them.

What is happening in East Turkistan

With the systematic pressure and assimilation policy of the Government of the People’s Republic of China, the total population of East Turkestan has been assimilated and is being killed. Nationally, religiously, politically and culturally, all non-Chinese Turkish ethnic groups in East Turkistan are victims of this persecution. Serious human rights abuses in East Turkestan, the scale of the genocide, are a daily occurrence on world public opinion. The people of East Turkestan, who are victims of racial and cultural discrimination and human rights violations, are employed by their Chinese companies as cheap labor. On the other hand, according to official UN data, the Chinese Communist Party administration has illegally detained millions of people in concentration camps in East Turkestan, where the cultural genocide took place. The Chinese government hides from the world people all the information about the situation of the Uighur Turks held in inhumane conditions in the concentration camps and concentration camps.

What is the experience of penalty camp in East Turkistan, China?

Millions of Uighurs and other Turks in East Turkistan have been acquitted. In the concentration camp Is taken. This pressure still continues with all its violence. According to eyewitness statements, the detainees Torture Being done. He lives in unhealthy condition with handcuffs on his hands and chains on his legs. Prisoners in the camp were given uncertain drugs and needles. He was tortured with nails, whipping and electrocution. Women are victims of gang rape.

Millions of young people in East Turkistan In labor camps Or In a Chinese factory Compulsory Slave workers As run. Many were forced to memorize political propaganda, work unpaid in the name of the civil service, and many were deported and sent to labor camps. Women are sterilizedForced abortions on pregnant women. Young women Chinese marriage Is forced. About 1 million children are separated from their families, In the children’s prison camp Is assimilated. He is forced to speak Chinese, to live a Chinese life, to eat like the Chinese.

National and religious Cultural heritage is destroyed. Books on Uyghur history and culture were burned. Tombs and statues of Turkish-Islamic architecture and historical figures are being destroyed. Freedom of religion is ignored. Mosques are being destroyed. The scriptures were burned. Prayers and fasting have been cited as reasons for camping. Especially Turkey Studied and traveled abroad Or just being a relative of someone who has done these things could be the reason for keeping him in a concentration camp or sending him to jail.

“Sister Family” project A Chinese official was appointed in his name to take care of each family. These “brothers” violate family privacy and stay in Uighur homes, visiting their family members’ allegiance to the regime.

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