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Artist Neriman Siroglu, who started drawing with a stick in his hand at the age of 3, has participated in dozens of individual and group exhibitions at home and abroad. He opened a painting exhibition at the Church of St. George in Sur Ekkal with ten of his workshop friends.

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Tigris News – The artist who started drawing with a stick in his hand when he was only 3 years old Neriman Shiroglu, He has participated in dozens of solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. He opened a painting exhibition at the Church of St. George in Sur Ekkal with ten of his workshop friends. Painting artist Neriman Shiroglu, who said everyone independently expressed their thoughts, touched each other’s spirits, felt a spiritual purity and had a fruitful friendship at his established art workshop, told Tigris Haber about the art of painting and his dreams about it. .

After opening his first painting studio in Istanbul in 1997, painter Neriman Siroglu, who graduated with a Masters in Marmara University Painting Education, established an artistic friendship with his workshop friends outside of the teacher-student relationship.

Artist Syroglu, who has participated in dozens of national and international solo and group exhibitions; Says that the artistic friendship established in the workshop goes beyond kinship. In the artistic friendship that they formed in the painting workshop, everyone freely expresses their feelings and thoughts, they touch each other’s souls, they feel a spiritual purity and it is a fruitful friendship, Shiroglu explains how he started his artistic life. . ;

I feel the magic of the line inside me

“I started painting with a stick on the ground when I was three years old. I felt the magic of the line inside me day by day. I was the best painter in the schools I attended. I knew that painting would play an important role in my life. I hope that it will present itself as a branch of the industry in which I will best express myself and I will follow it.

The one I liked the most in elementary school was Leonardo da Vinci. I was born April 15 on the same day as him.

‘I grew up dreaming of the magic of painting’

“My primary school teacher was a very good painter and artist. Every afternoon he would draw a portrait of one of us. I’ll wait excitedly on his shoulder for lunch. Then, like my teacher, I started drawing portraits of everyone at family meetings.

Bar্সa Teachers School for Girls is the best school of its time. All the teachers are from Europe. The latest practice is applied. We take German lessons ten hours a week. Teachers come from Istanbul, they go on weekends. People come from England. It was a pilot school. I won it and went there. From the age of 14, I received an academic training. I entered the Department of Painting at Atatর্কrk University. It was also a very good school. I also studied textiles, sculpture, business design, painting, graphics and photography.

After Bar্সa Teachers School for Girls, I had to finish my education for various family reasons. But then, at the age of 38, I entered university without opening a book or taking any courses. I won first place in the Department of Painting, Faculty of Atatুrk Education, Marmara University. I graduated with the Dean’s Achievement Award.

After finishing my undergraduate degree, I opened my own workshop in 1997. Since 1997, we’ve shared the photo with hundreds of workshop friends. We are beautiful to look at. We felt beautiful. We presented beautifully. “


The important thing is to discover the artistic element

The important thing is to be able to feel the art, to find balance and to be able to express yourself in those elements by exploring artistic elements. The materials and compositions you use to express yourself may also vary according to your inner world.

The important thing is to be able to touch the soul while working with my friends. Good work if you can touch the soul. Good deeds will not come if you cannot touch the soul.

To me the picture is a reflection of my dreams. The love of my dreams. My workshop friends are also my dream companions. ”

How is the workshop fellowship?

Something is happening outside of relatives. Your relatives do not touch your soul. When you touch the soul, you look in the same place. You fill your soul with the same beauty. Our souls touch each other. This touch is more than a lot of friendship. This product gives that a friendship.

It is a place where painting and art are spiritually refined. There is spiritual purification in workshop friendships. Product friendliness.

When our friends come to the workshop, everything is discussed freely. There is no art without freedom. The events of independence there allowed the industry to flourish more easily. Art friendships include sharing thoughts and feelings. Artistic creation is possible in open environment.


‘We draw in the magic of love’

When talent is cultivated with love, friends in my workshop draw on this magic of love. When we touch the soul in love with art, it adorns both soul and work. They are also getting better. Another name for it is the purifying power of industry. Art purifies all evil, bad thoughts and diseases.

We loved the painting, we made it with love. This love is something that is contagious.

Art education is a very important branch of education which enables the society to express itself, capture the beautiful and return to the beautiful. Art education is also important in nurturing art by society. An artist can never be the cause of choice in a society without art education.

Where does giving importance to art and evaluation of artist take the society?

Art is like a mortar on a wall. It is a factor that integrates and moves a society forward. A society is built only on culture. Just as a wall rises on a rock, so a society rises on a culture. The most important feature of culture is art. Whether verbal, written or visual, they all do the same thing.

Stimulates the unity of color

How do you choose your subjects in the picture?

I’m working on a collage. The unity of color excites me. Surprise I want to evaluate the story of wonder, the relationship of wonder to each other. This technique is very suitable for me when creating collages.

Picture-exhibition-tigris3.jpgCan you guess what kind of surprise you will have when you start painting?

No. When I work, I try to evaluate the data that comes to me and turn it into an industry. I don’t know how it will end when I start drawing.

Paints, paints, brushes take me. The important thing is to be able to say stop or move on in that transition. It pulls you in when you get caught up in its excitement. I still see painting as an amateur. I am still a student. I am still learning from each painting. I’m still excited.

You have participated in many national and international exhibitions, what kind of response have you received?

It’s positive, but I can’t expect everyone to like my painting. Things that excite me may not excite everyone.

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