What can George Jesus do in Fenerbahce? We asked Portuguese journalist Nuno Martins! Game plans, relationships with stars like Mesut Ozil, the pressure of the championship …

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Fenerbahce, who finished second behind Trabzonspar in the Super League and qualified for the Champions League, has returned to the new coach.

Fenerbahçe president Ali Kok recently made an important statement about the coach in a broadcast on Beaz TV. The coach said that either Jorge Jesus would lead the team or they would continue with Ismail Kartal.

“Let’s talk about the Ismail Cartel first … When Ismail Hoka didn’t talk about money when he took over, he came unconditionally. He knew we were looking for a top coach around the world for next season. Ismail Hoka did it. He didn’t hesitate for a second, he relented. Didn’t. He built the team. Ismail Kartal Hat “He did a great job. I personally thank him for his performance. I would like to thank him and his team for their 17-18 weeks of performance. At this point, we need to evaluate everything plus and minus. Fighting in one lane is different when the pressure is low. “

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There are two names we can work on right now. One of them is Ismail Kartal. The other is Jorge Jesus. No matter who we choose, our supporters will still be dissatisfied. We are in no hurry. We can explain by Monday. We didn’t just have dinner with George Jesus. There are serious plans. Our only candidate right now is Jesus. We talked to Löw, he could not decide whether to return to teaching. Ismail teacher already knows the staff very well. Jesus has been testing the team for 2.5 months. Interestingly, we found significant similarities between the two reports.

Ali Kok / President of Fenerbahce

Special statement from Portuguese journalist Nuno Martins at the sports arena

Journalist Nuno Martins, a reporter for Portugal’s Record newspaper and a follower of Benfica and Jorge Jesus for years, answered Spore Arena’s question about Jorge Jesus.

What kind of understanding of the game should we expect from Jesus Fenerbahce?

Jorge Jesus was in Barcelona early in his career and was watching Johan Cruyff’s team. He always said that Barcelona’s triple defense system inspired him. He preferred a triple defense in his first season in the Portuguese league, then returned 4-4-2, but returned to triple defense in Benfica and was successful. “Those who follow my career closely know that 35 years ago I started my career at Amora with Triple Defense,” he said in a statement last year. It’s a very open system that is not hidden, but at the same time, it is a lineup where you can use many forms at once. ‘ Used the word. So, I guess he could try to play triple defense at Fenerbahce.

Fenerbahce has a star like Mesut Ozil who can be difficult to manage. How is the relationship of Jesus player? What are the pros and cons of coaching?

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Jorge Jesus is a claimant, perfectionist coach. He demands a lot from his players at the highest level. Working with him is not easy. Claiming that he had problems with Otamendi, Lucas Verisimo and Gilberto at Benfica last season, Jesus told the news: I am a coach, I am the coach of the players, but first of all I am here to protect their interests. Benfica. I have a similar relationship with my children. First I am the father, then their friend. Same with my players. First, I coach this team, they are players, then we are all friends. You all know very well what kind of person I am. I have a lot of close friendships with people I don’t work with anymore. “

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Although working with Jesus is not easy, players who work with him often appreciate his management skills and strategic organization. Pablo Aymar says he has learned a lot from her.

Who could be the player he wants to transfer to Fenerbahce?

Jesus likes to work with actors he knows. Many coaches are like that. I heard Jesus wants his former player Seferovic from Benfica. I know you like and want Andre Franco from Estoril.

Fenerbahce did not win the season 8 and the pressure from the community is too much. Can Jesus lead this process? What will be the reaction of the fans at the potentially bad start? How does this stress affect Jesus? Does it provide additional inspiration?

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I know there is a lot of pressure in the Turkish League. The fans are very passionate and ambitious … but George Jesus is an experienced coach. We know very well how he copes with stress while running a flamengo. Brazil, like Turkey, is a country where pressure is high and Flamengo is the most popular group in this country. I don’t think Jesus will have a hard time.

With Arda Güler’s performance in Fenerbahçe, fans are eager to see the young player. There are other talents that come from infrastructure. Will he trust young people like Arda Guler if he takes charge? Or will he defend the low pitch?

Honestly, Jesus doesn’t like to field young players. ‘Done’ likes to play with players. Overall though he has brightened up some young players at Benfica, Sporting and Flamengo.

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The last 15 championships of the Super League came with local coaches. Zico Since 2006-07, there is no foreign coach who can be a champion. Names such as Aragonese, Mancini, Prandelli, Bilik, Vittor Pereira, Philippe Coco, Rizcard, Carlos Carvalho failed to win the championship and were sent off. Can Jesus be the champion here?

The team has not won a title since 2005 when he first took charge of Benfica. Jesus won the championship in his first season. In Turkey, everything depends on the player and the environment given to Jesus. I don’t think it will be difficult if he can adapt easily. Knowing the league is an important advantage for local coaches, I don’t think so, but it should not be forgotten that Jesus entered Flamengo and was very successful.

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