Witnesses to the May 27, 1960 coup spoke to AA

Sixty-two years have passed since the May 27 coup, in which Prime Minister Adnan Menderes, Foreign Minister Fatin Rustu Jorlu and Finance Minister Hassan Polatkan were sentenced to death.

Turkey 3rd President of the Republic, deceased Cell BearIts 101-year-old daughter Nilufar Gursoy and her granddaughter Professor. Dr. Akile Gursoy told AA reporters about his experience.

Coup Her father at night Cell BearNilüfer Gürsoy, who witnessed the removal.

Gursoy describes the years of his childhood and adolescence, Cell BearI am publishing it. Says

Explaining his experience of the May 27, 1960 coup, Gursoy said:

“I think I’ve lived a long life. In the process, we’ve lived through the eras of Atatুrk and Ismet Ino and the Democratic Party. The coup and it was a point of collapse in the country. “There have been many coups, but May 27 was the most serious of them all and led it. We still feel its signs today. In other words, the regime shook. They first dissolved parliament and then came a military administration. There was harshness. “

“I remember Atatর্কrk came to our house.”

Mentioning that there have been many misconceptions and misconceptions about the Democratic Party since day one, Gursoy said that the party has maintained Atatর্rk’s policies, restored the last-minute program, restructured it and made many innovations.

Gursoy said there was a great relief after the dictatorial period near Ismet Inon and noted that May 27 should be examined both in our own history and in the fusion of the world.

Mentioning that there were unforgettable memories of that time, but it is a good memory that when Atatুrk came to their house as a child, Gursoy said, “I kissed Atatুrk’s hand. Atatুrk founded the Republic and I think my father was involved with Celal Bayar. Atatর্কrk “” My father was the chief of resistance at Ephesus when he went to Samsun. They were connected to each other from afar. My father was with him until Atatুrk’s death. ” He said.

Addressing the youth, Nilufar Gursoy said:

“Know the value of your country and embrace it. Include the rise of the country in your own personal agenda. Stay in it. Don’t look to the future. We believe in you for the development of Turkey. Both family and state have important responsibility to build youth. There is a strong culture and this is something that can happen with an educational activity. Young people need to educate themselves to realize their ideals. The country needs it. “

“A coup known as the mother of the May 27 coup”

When his grandfather Selal Bayar died in 1986, Prof. Dr. Dr. Akile Gursoy added that he spent most of his childhood and life with his grandfather.

Akile Gursoy, an educator and anthropologist, says 27 May was described and celebrated as a holiday until September 12, 1980, noting that the traits of a bloody coup where the prime minister and ministers were executed as a holiday left deep scars. Society.

Referring to May 27 as the “mother of the coup”, Gursoy continued:

“Today, we remember the 27th of May as a way to remember, to draw lessons, to shed light on the injustices that have taken place and to explain it. The result is that wherever it operates, it tarnishes the country’s image. There is an economic shock. It is desirable and desirable in societies that have adopted democratic regimes. May 27 and of course other coups are worth thinking about. I can say that this is a black leaf of society, a time when we are not very proud, sad and big loss for our country. “

“May 27 destroys the contribution that trained and experienced politicians can make to society”

Emphasizing that his grandfather Celal Bayar was the first civilian president of Turkey, Akile Gursoy said that his grandfather had worked hard for the independence of the country and for it to become an economically prosperous society.

Recalling that even after the establishment of the republic his grandfather was under the influence of many organizations in economic affairs, Gursoy said that Celal Bayer also played an important role in the transition to multi-party political life in Turkey.

Referring to the Democratic Party, the May 27 coup comes to mind, Gursoy said, “May 27 destroyed the contribution that trained and experienced politicians can make to this society. It was the destruction of a huge population.” Used phrases.

Recalling that the parliament was also bombed during the July 15 coup attempt, Gursoy stressed that each coup hurts society and said, “I hope that after all these experiences, we will be able to solve our problems with both states. The mind, without coup, is more rational, with more scientific and positive emotion. ” He said.

The first martyr of the coup was our Home Minister Namik Gadik.

Explaining an unforgettable memory of the May 27 coup, Gursoy concludes:

“The memory that haunts me the most is the news of Gadick’s death at the Kankaya mansion. News I saw her crying in front of her. She was crying because they had killed her. Then we thought, this coup will not be a bloodless coup. Although there was a description that Namik Gadik committed suicide, all the documents, information and witnesses that we have reached are that he was killed. On May 27, we commemorate our Prime Minister Adnan Menderes, our two ministers Fatin Rustu Jorlu and Hassan Polatkan. But in reality our martyrs are much more. The first martyr of the coup was our Home Minister Namik Gadik. I think it’s very important that he is not forgotten. “

Selal Bayer, the first civilian president

Democrat chairman Selal Bayer became Turkey’s first civilian president in 1950. He was president for 10 years, but he shared the same fate as the victims of other coups.

In a military intervention on 27 May 1960, Bayer was also detained at the Cancaya Mansion on the morning of the coup and was arrested along with other DP administrators at the age of 77.

He was tried and sentenced to death for “treason” and “violation of the constitution” at Yasida. Bayer was 6 years old at the time of the sentence, and was sentenced to life in prison by the National Unity Committee. Due to the progression of his illness, his sentence was suspended by the government for 6 months, but on March 28, 1963, the decision was taken at a hospital in Ankara for 6 months. Bayer was sent back to Kayseri prison, although his health did not change.

Bayer, who was in Kayseri prison until November 8, 1964, when he was released due to his health, was pardoned by then-President Sevdet Sune with a forensic medicine report dated July 8, 1966.

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