Words of respect | Verses and sentences about honor and morality

Words of respect and morality

You can read our article for meaningful verses and sayings about the importance of respect and morality. Below you can find the most searched heavy words of honor, short words of honor, words related to honor, respect and dignity, words of honesty and much more.

Here are 10 words about honor;

1. A person who wants to be completely honest among dishonest people cannot avoid being destroyed sooner or later. – Machiavelli

2. Those who are deprived of race and honor do not have race and patriotism; Such should be avoided. – Mevlana

3. Living with dignity is more pleasurable than living in a palace where immorality prevails.

4. If Allah wants to tear the veil of honor of someone, He forces that person to speak evil against the servants of Allah. – Mevlana

5. I played your script, it’s over, let’s close the screen and appreciate your disrespect …

6. Individuals, who are immoral animals, collectively become righteous. – Montesquieu

7. That person is a knight of honor and morality, know that he is the most dishonest. – Frederick Nietzsche

8. He says it doesn’t work, I can’t do it. He says you deserve better. Take care, he says goodbye. He doesn’t say I’m the leader of the unfaithful …

9. O children of Adam; If honor is the only woman’s thing, Hz. What did Yusuf (AS) avoid?

10. What is love for a bastard? It burns like a cigarette, it extinguishes the other …

Words about respect

An honest man or woman may be insulted, but calling a thief a thief is not an insult but a repetition of the truth. – Tolstoy

Wealth is not just money! If you have an honest boyfriend, you are already the richest person in the world …

I like bitches and gypsies. One does not pretend to be honest, the other does not fall at the feet of nationalists! – Charles Bukowski

If I have to die for you, I will die a thousand times to keep you alive, I will not tarnish your name. It’s arrogance, it’s honor, even if the flag-banner flies, my blood can’t make the oppressor laugh.

The men who see each girl talk and say that looking beautiful is a reward

If a woman performs her five daily prayers, maintains her chastity and is well with her husband, she will enter Paradise through any door she wishes. – Ibn Hibban

Respect is a human trait. Why do you think woman / girl? When there are so many disrespectful men around us …

False and false cases always look bright; Because it is easier to create a philosophy of prostitution than to protect one’s self-esteem.

Today, cheaters seem to be so honest that honest people have fallen into the trap of cheaters. – Mumin Sekman

Every good thought is found in honest people. – Euripides

The daughter’s dowry is her honor. – Herz Fatema

Even if you try to cover it with your virginity, your body does not hide the whore in your soul. If only it had been in the middle of the foot, then the honor would have covered the cow’s bag from the wound!

What is the benefit of respect if you do not have money? It’s all about the money. – Dostoevsky

A man should rely on his honor and righteousness rather than his destiny. – Athenian Solon

I have learned that true honor is not touching sin.

Products acquired through dishonest means cannot be retained. – Sophocles

Then your name was in the book. Underlined at large, I said; What is this bastard doing here?

Respect and ethics stop paying at unexpected times. – Charles Peralt

He who steals the dignity of others loses his dignity. – Publius Cyrus

Those who are deprived of faith and respect do not have a sense of race and homeland, such should be avoided. – Mevlana

There is no child bride, there are perverted people, wicked fathers, morality that forgives, the state that keeps the dishes …

Emotions do not die of natural causes. There must be a disgraceful murderer …

The ruins of modesty are better than the rubbish of gold. – Harz Osman

If your feelings were as respectable as you say; Your choice will not ruin your honor.

Be honest and chaste towards the women of others, so that your women may also be honest and chaste. – Harz Mohammad

Let women measure the masculinity of men seeking respect between two legs with “cm”! – Nursen Yildirim

If I said I wanted to go somewhere with you, it wouldn’t! I can not come negligence, betrayal, disrespect!

A word of respect

Individually, those who are immoral creatures become honest people when they come together. – Montesquieu

The most honest words are in the language of the most dishonest people … – Senar Sen.

In times of despair, two kinds of people emerge. Respected and disrespectful. – Kamal Tahir

Most honest women are like untouchable wealth because they are not sought after. – La Rochefoucauld

False, immoral laughter, dishonest jokes!

Now people’s eyes are on the meaning or honor of the nation. Is it humanity? So don’t call him unnecessarily …

Respect is the morality you show when you look at a woman!

An honest man is the best work of God. – A. Pope

A person who spends three-fourths of his life studying is definitely a respected person. – Dennis Diedert

Some honest people are better than many. – Oliver Cromwell

An Italian poet said that for a woman’s chastity, it is nothing more than the art of displaying chastity. The same can be said of all our qualities. – La Rochefoucauld

I don’t believe in honoring those who can’t be honest without expecting praise. – Gogol

I just lit a cigarette. I took two breaths again. One for your disrespect, the other for my misfortune …

The surest way to honor a person is to honor him. – Merality

Don’t come to my dreams using the night as an excuse. However, you will not hate my honor in my heart. Because your life was not worth my life …

Marrying a woman you don’t like and having children by setting the standard of self-respect. By chatting with women you decide to be loving but dishonest, saying that you are looking for love when your wife takes care of the kids.

A word of respect

In my dictionary, there is no difference between rich and poor, east and west. There is a difference between honorable and dishonest!

Son; He not only expects money inheritance from his father, the greatest inheritance is honor. – H. Rahmi Gurpinar

Everyone wants to be dishonest but wants to be honest. That is why everyone is honest without sincerity. – Obeno Tamay

And today I understood again. There are many men who will learn masculinity from women …

I had to believe that in order to save a few cents with honor, one has to know how to make this money with the power of arms or head. – Carlo Collody

There is nothing easier than cheating an honest person. – La Fontaine

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