You put 10 grand in your trunk, you can do anything

Wall – AK Party MKYK member Matin Kulunk, who is on the agenda of Sedat Pekar’s allegations, said after sharing the video of CHP chairman Kamal Kilikdaroglu, “Know your place, who knows how to limit this state otherwise.”

CHP Group Deputy Chairman Ozgur Ozil responded to Matin Kulunk in a statement today. Ozil said, “What courage, what courage. There’s no one who can say that. If I take it seriously, what about the হাজার 10,000 guy, Matin Kulunk? If you pay হাজার 10,000 on the trunk of his car, you get everything done. 10 thousand dollars. Anyone can talk in silence, “he said.

Ozgur Ozil said: “In the United States, Turkmen is managed by members of the Erdogan family. Million-dollar, ten-million-dollar donations … What will you do with this money? ‘I will build a dormitory for students in America.’ What a great thing, very good. They say, ‘We built a house in Manhattan, you swallow it’. ‘You swallow it too.’ Avoid taxes when sending this money. And when we say that, they all shout together as if they’ve gone crazy. “

Regarding many concert cancellations, Ozil said, “You wear what I wear, you don’t drink what I don’t drink, you live the way I live.” Because that’s what our world leaders want. ‘ He will mold the jade generation to his liking. The OZ generation will come to the ballot box. He will send you from the beginning of this country. “

Ozgur Ozil, deputy chairman of the CHP Group, held a press conference at the Grand National Assembly in Turkey. According to ANKA, Ozil said:

They give the density of interest and the tail of interest: “On the one hand, the Justice and Development Party is preoccupied with currency-secured deposits or inflation-secured bonds, which they are now introducing, assuring the rich of income guarantees, retaining their money and even increasing real value. Their money. They are incredible. It also costs money. More than 30 30 billion in two months. They’ve taken money from all our pockets and put it in the pockets of the rich. Why? ‘ “It’s not called interest. We’ll pay you the tax we collect from the poor.” And they pay all the interest. Now, the exchange rate is guaranteed up to a certain limit. From here, they guarantee inflation. In other words, the whole Republic of Turkey can’t write a price on a bond. Can’t sell. It says, ‘What is inflation? If it goes up, I’ll give you interest as long as we keep the money.’ And he does it out of our pockets. He finds money for them, but he doesn’t find money for the tenants. He gives the tenants advice and numbers. He who gives money to the rich gives advice and numbers to the tenants.

Those who have risen above the number adjusted by the Turkestan will not be able to pay their rent.: What they were doing was setting up a ‘rental notification line’. So there are problems in Turkey. First; High rents are demanded through both rising inflation due to inefficient management, rising dollar prices and lack of money to protect the value of money, leaning towards real estate and “the dollar was so much when I rented”. Now that’s it. “As a result of our poor management. Also, because of the Russia-Ukraine war and the fact that all the houses in the coastal region were rented out by Ukrainians, the number of rented houses in certain provinces, especially in Antalya-Mughla, has dropped so much.” The people who earn above the rate are unable to pay their rent. The solution needs to be found. They pay 30 billion lira to the rich in two months but they do not look back on this issue. We have prepared a research proposal on this issue, and we want it as soon as possible. It is possible for the Assembly to resolve this issue. This issue needs to be raised in Parliament. We are repeating our call to all parties. We are seeking the support of all MPs. Instead of giving support, they prefer to give advice. The state has to contribute to this. If you are a social state, then today you will show that you are a social state. Of course, structural solutions are needed.

Lose half the value of our money: Our 100 lira lost 98 percent of its value in one year against the foreign currency. In other words, our 100 lira dropped to 49 lira. Last year, today, 8 lira and 30 cents; Currently 16 lira 30 cents. In other words, such economic management, such country management; Our money has lost half its value. If they don’t trust you, the paper you print will lose value.

Saylu is not someone who can stand behind a word: He desecrated and humiliated one of the most respected and important ministries of the Republic of Turkey. He has humiliated Turkey to the world. He is not someone who can stand behind a word. Think, ‘That politician gets 10 thousand dollars.’ What about? Within days, he was saying, “Hey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Dr. Devlet Bahcheli, who are coming …” What happened after that budget speech? ‘538 PKK militants in Istanbul.’ Go get it. Ekrem Bay said, ‘I will meet you with drums and cymbals’. He repeatedly referred to a person whom he had commissioned in the past, who held the same position in the public sector and to whom a security investigation had not been received, conducted or sent; They don’t take him home when he is sick, they wait for the terrorist. He said, ‘Let him start work, I will go, I will bring him from the metropolis.’ They say it has been ‘reported’, his address is known, he is sleeping in his house, he says he is suspected to have escaped. His every word, empty and false behind every word, a person is talking nonsense about our outgoing President. In addition to what he said about our chairman, he also pointed the finger at MKYK members of his own party. The man you call Matin Kulank told the chairman, ‘Know your place, this state knows how to set boundaries.’ See for yourself. What courage, what courage. Does anyone have what it takes to say that? If I take it seriously, what is a 10 thousand dollar man matin kulanka? Once you put $ 10,000 in your car trunk, you can do anything. A man who agrees to the crowd’s 10,000 10,000. What should we call Metin Külünk? What more can we say, it is in all crimes, but there is no point in taking it seriously in politics. If you have 10 thousand dollars, anyone can talk in silence.

They said ‘We build a house in Manhattan, you change it too’: The more they try to make things easier, the more disrespectful they become. In the United States, Turkmen is run by members of the Erdogan family. From Arab countries, Turkish companies, who take public tenders, who do business with the public; Husband-wife, million-dollar, ten-million-dollar donations … what will you do with this money? ‘I will build a dormitory for students in America.’ What a great thing, very good. If you are going to build a dormitory in USA, you will do it where Turkish students are most. You can do this at the nearest university. They did it in Manhattan. They are building student dormitories where skyscrapers and bank financial centers are located. For 2014-2015, a few million, 50 million, dollars are coming. They are now starting to register new records, because they are reporting it. If you refer these Qatari, Arabs, who do business from the Turkish public sector, to charity, you will be able to do it in Turkey; Lack of dormitories in child protection institutions, Dar-ul Assage, Credit and Hostel Institutions, children living in community dormitories. But they say, ‘We built a house in Manhattan, so we swallowed it.’ ‘You swallow it too.’ Avoid taxes when sending this money. They provide tax avoidance. And when we say that, they all shout together as if they are crazy.

Generation Z will come to boot. Now we will send you from the head of this country: Municipality of Esparta; Melek Moso will perform at the Rose Festival. The National Youth Foundation and the Anatolian Youth Association; He described the concert as “a concert that is not in line with human beliefs and traditions.” The municipality of Isparta is also canceling the concert. Ainur Dogan’s concert in Darins has been canceled. Pendike Niazi Koenchu ​​concert canceled. Darsim Federation’s picnic in Istanbul has been canceled. That’s not enough … Anadolu Fest has been canceled in Eskiehir. And to cancel the Anadolu Fest, everything in Eskisehir was canceled for 15 days. We have finally reached the conclusion of the embargo: ‘Ensuring public order and public safety, preventing crime.’ Give up “To protect the rights and freedoms of others and the discipline of the common people.” University students will celebrate, with a mentality saying ‘they commit crimes here.’ Whatever he had in mind, he canceled the festival so that the crime would not happen. This head. The Justice and Development Party will fight 3Y, one of them will ban it. Citizens have risen above the poverty line, they are sinking. Corruption, they are breaking the world record. The point we have reached in the embargo is the interference of life across the country. The Esperanto students wanted Melek Moso. The municipality also does. Are you intervening at the request of the student? From his worldview, from his clothes, what do you have, Melek Moso? No, ‘they will see what I want to see.’ Six and a half lakh students who will see the light bulb of AKP for the first time. They know AKP now. ‘You will wear what I wear, you will not drink what I do not drink, you will live the way I live. Because that’s what our world leaders want. ‘ He will mold the jade generation to his liking. The OZ generation will come to the ballot box. Now he will send you from the beginning of this country.

These are already there: Do young people want to live in a country where they don’t want to celebrate ‘You commit a crime’? We are at a stage where we come to cancel the festival to prevent crime. In fact, there is nothing surprising. AKP takes refuge in its originality. This is it already. Forbidden, forbidden, forbidden. Everything will be just like them. To these AKP supporters, AKP parents who listened to Recep Tayyip Erdogan and had three children, or their children, who had five children, will not vote in this election. Because no one sees it as good for their child.

Why are they taking bandrol from me to blow AKP’s horn?: Newspaper news was everywhere. It was learned that TRT bandroll has increased. In other words, the burden was placed on the shoulders of the citizens. Don’t say, ‘Where did the TRT share in the car come from?’ They get two thousand lira TRT shares from you. He got it yesterday, today they have increased it to two thousand lira. Bandrolls on mobile phones have increased by 10 per cent to 12 per cent and on computers and tablets by 2 per cent. Although it was TRT 2 percent, which you haven’t seen or heard of, it has been 4 percent. So which TRT? He collects money from us, but broadcasts according to the water of the palace. It won’t give HDP, it won’t give IYI party, it will give CHP 6 minutes and 7 minutes, but it will give party MHP, which is a crutch. You are a government organization, how do you do that? Why are they taking Bandrel from me to play the trumpet of AKP? (News Center)

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