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“The Yellow-Dark Blue Championship Story”, where 90-minute performances in matches are co-authored by the chief executive, community, board of directors, technical teams, players and football fans in the capital city.

Club president Farooq Koka and coach Mustafa Dalsi, who handled the process that ended with the championship, told Anadolu Agency correspondents about the radical changes to the club, which dropped out of the Super League in the 2020-2021 season, had difficulties and experience. Bitter sweet memories.

Businessman Farooq Koka, who was elected chairman of the Yellow-Dark Blue Club’s general assembly in June 2021, leaving his rival Matin Aquis behind, realized the first part of his dream, which he started before he took over the management, to bring the team back to the Super League.

Pointing to the place of MKE Ankaragücü, who competed most in the Super League after the “Big Three”, as the “highest level”, Farooq Koka started working on resolving the debt problems of the yellow-dark blue club, which was accompanied by financial difficulties. Fought, and established the squad that he believed would be the champion.

The term is between Farooq Koka and Mostafa Dalchi

Explaining what he went through during his presidency, which he has not yet completed a year, Coca says:

“It was a very difficult process. It is normal for a team playing in the Super League to experience a lower league adaptation process. We have experienced this in the last 11 months. MKE Ankaragücü is a 112 year old club. Playing with ৷ We felt the excitement of playing with Ankaragücü and the effort they put in ৷ Appreciate us, we always focused on the championship when we were building a squad and going through it প্রক্র the preparation process. All my manager friends, the technical team, Football players and fans have brought all the benefits together and we have reached the goal. “

Noting that many people, including himself, have made sacrifices in the championship process, Koka said: “The club has a current cost of 12-13 million lira per month. We have a huge community and approximately two hundred staff members. Budget. If you play in the Super League, your income will be higher, but lower income is guaranteed. We’ve always had this problem, but thank God, it’s cut off. We don’t see it as a big mess. We’re in an effective situation. The pay is paid, the players get what they deserve. We’ve completed 80 percent of our loan transfer ban. We’ll close the remaining files in June and enter the Super League ready for the new season. ” Used expressions.

The championship’s greatest architect, coach Mustafa Dalsi, described the process they went through in the locker room, the kitchen of business, where sadness, happiness, excitement and more are felt:

“Of course, the days of sadness or joy we felt are indescribable. There were times when we were very happy in this locker room, and there were times when we were sad. We came in second at 6 o’clock. We finished the first 2 in the first half. We took the lead early and brought it to the end of the season. I don’t remember a team that has won the league so quickly in recent years. Proper planning, community trust, team support fans, especially our esteemed president and management, have brought us success. We are justifiably proud of our success. It’s a great pleasure and beauty to feel it in a huge community. “

The moment of breaking

Farooq Koka and Mustafa Dalsi also talked about the break moments on the way to the championship.

Farooq drew attention to the importance of defeating Denizlispor 3-0 in the 3rd week of the Coca League match in Antalya.

Recalling that they did not win the first 2 weeks, and this time he was in London on his personal matters, Coca said:

“I went to London by land. After a long journey, I arrived in Antalya for the Denizlispor match. It was a very difficult process, the previous 2 matches, to be honest, we got feedback from the community. This match was very important and we won with a clear score. What’s the reason for the fans? Even in Antalya, we were on the road and we had a great inspiration to win that match. Then we caught a crucial series. We lost by 0 goals “It was very important that we lost the match and became the leader. Our fans were our biggest driving force in this match. A truly loyal and tolerant supporter. In fact, the fans feel the breaking moments. “

Mustafa Dalsi, pointing to 2-3 games in the season that he could call a break moment, said: “I want to highlight the Erzurumspor match that we played a little further away. Our community did not directly believe in the championship until that day. Afterwards, we knocked our opponents out of the event. At midnight. Our supporters greeted us at the airport. It clearly showed the unity and faith of our community. So, I prefer that match a little bit. “Never lost, 3-0, in the 12th week of the league, was the most intense. It was one of the matches I was happy with.” He said.

President’s tough decision, coach’s painful day …

When Farooq Koka admitted that he was sitting in the presidency chair wearing a fire-made shirt, coach Mostafa Dalsi shared the grief of the bitter news received in the last week of the league.

President Koka, “Have you ever asked yourself why I have the ambition to do this hard work?” He answered the following questions:

“When you get involved, community expectations on the one hand and information on the other … you feel a conflict and paradox that you really lose sleep, your nerves break, your stress increases. We also scold. And self-criticize, ‘How did I find myself?’ That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. It’s a lot of fun.

The president of the yellow-dark blue club, who laughed at the memory of hoisting a flag in the middle of Ariana Stadium after the championship, said: “It developed naturally, so it was something I never knew. We went down. I told our teacher before, “The victories are great, but we have won. And we can’t enter the leadership environment, it’s our responsibility behind the scenes. We will run to the finals, we will feel our excitement and joy when we become champions.” I said that putting the flag in the middle was an expression of the stress of 11 months

Mustafa Dalsi, on the other hand, received the bitter news before the Balluspor match, which they played with a definite promotion in the Super League. Explaining that he had received news of his aunt’s death before the match, Dalsey said:

“My doctor friend sent me a message, and that message came 5 minutes before I entered the match meeting. I read it, we went to the match meeting with that feeling. A few hours after this news we came here, we played. Match, but that’s it. The reality of life. Sometimes we have to stand up straight even after losing our aunt. Say. May God give us a place in his heaven. Life goes on in spite of everything. Here too we have a responsibility.

Thanks to the football players and the family emphasis from Dalsey

The greatest architect of success is the football player, but emphasizing that there is a large family behind this business, Mustafa Dalsi thanked those who contributed:

“They are the actors in this business, the greatest architects, but the details are crucial to success. From our staff to our messengers, from our doctors to our cooks, from our cleaning staff to our security guards, from our psychologists to all of our staff working hard. When we won, we earned together, when we lost, we lost together. We were really like a family. For example, Ankara “I have a room in my facilities, I live there. I am happy there 24/7. There were some people when I woke up in the morning I could say good morning and when I went to sleep I could say good evening. They have a huge share in this success, if it had, we would have lacked for one of them. He never once disrespected me. People. I love them all. We had a great day together, we did something good, but the main actors are football players. They really did their job very well this season, they believed. They had 11-12 big careers who were with us at the start of the season, who had previously captained their own team. There were players from young to old. They believed in us without disrespect, and we believed in them. “

Standing behind the coach

One of the main reasons for the success of MKE Ankaragücü is that President Koka and his administration stood behind coach Mustafa Dalsi.

The confidence and support for Dalki, who has been criticized many times during the season and even lost his support from time to time, has not diminished.

Dalsey, one of the rare names who was in his position from first week to last week, became the first coach to finish the season in Ankaraguku after 2017-2018. Success also comes with stability.

Family environment

One of the secrets to the success of a great family environment among yellow-dark blue people.

Especially in the weeks away, the friendship between the football players away from their families is not uncommon.

Celebrating the birthday of young footballer Ali Kan Guneren on the eve of the Bereket Sigorta Umraniyespor match, one of the most important away games of the last weekend of the season, is being enjoyed by the team’s athletic performance expert Kuniat Yuksel. For those who have a new child, union was the best indicator.

Ali Kan, while blowing up the birthday cake, spoke of his wish as a championship and this wish came true a few weeks later.

Championship speech from Mostafa Dalsi

Mustafa Dalsi, in his Championship speech before the last match, provided inspiration in addition to strategy with the following words:

“After this match, you will go down in history as a 112 year old Plane Tree player. You are the people who will go down in history. Go on the field with this awareness and let those who support us do it. The community and those who love you live this championship. I trust you, I trust you. I kiss you from everyone’s heart, God help you. “

Championship celebration

MKE Ankaragücü felt the joy of the Super League, which came with the championship, with great enthusiasm.

Under the direction of Farooq Kokar, a championship celebration was held on 19 May at the stadium grounds on the occasion of “Reconstruction of the Stadium”.

Thousands of Ankaragüçlü fans were enthralled by the concert, especially singer Demet Akalin.

Ankara witnessed an unforgettable night when football players were having fun like children at a ceremony with a huge crowd.

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