Abdullah Abchi: I wanted him to leave the national team!

Trabzonspor’s champion coach Abdullah Avcı made a statement on the screen of A Spor.

Talking about his Beşiktaş career, Abdullah Avsi said, “The Beşiktaş process is a 7-month process. It gave me a great experience. I think I have won where I feel I have lost. I’m glad to be part of a great community. ” Says

“We balance the feeling of the city”

Starting from the bottom with Trabzonspor and my professional experience enabled me to make quick decisions. These experiences have been very positive for me. We took this step with the right decision and with the balance of the feeling of the city. With the support and management of our fans, a result was created so that a lot of energy came together.

“Cup teachers quit their jobs”

They said the league started and ended after halftime. 25 point difference. Beşiktaş won 2 cups with Sergen Yalçın. Had to leave in 15 weeks. Fatih Terim had to leave with 6 cups. It’s real. Unfortunately that is what will happen.

“Ugurkan succeeds but fails”

“Although he did succeed, Ugurkan was shown failing at the European Championships. Alta is also one of the most valuable goalkeepers in the country. After the Anatoliaspo match, I saw him cry in the corner alone. And his team’s goalkeepers have saved them. Vulcan Babakan, Mert Gunak, Ugurkan Kakir … these goalkeepers are all talented, but my team organization has made goalkeepers equal and more valuable. “

“Trojanspor’s interests matter”

“Ugurkan and Dorukhan are in the national team camp. At the moment, I don’t know about Ugurkan. But of course I have a plan B in mind. Nawakaim knew it, I took his liberty. Between the management and the player. It goes on. The interests of both the club and the players are taken into consideration. Go and come. When he decides, he comes to me, he says I want to stay. We will respect any decision that is in the best interests of the people. “

“Didn’t know a special player for us”

“Djaniny is a very special player from Trabzonspor. I can’t send you to Djaniny and Hugo and pick a new one and repeat for another 6 months. We will be champions this year. I said I can help you otherwise. .I gave Adebayor. As an example of Janini. You are at least as talented as her. Adebayor chose England, I said you like comfort with Mexico. We continued with Janini and became champions. Last year, the official offer came. “He is a special player for us. I hope he will continue.”

Agenda shift

“Sörloth had a great impact on Trabzonspor. He carried it on his back … an impressive performance … every striker after that is not easy. Cornelius’ career is really good. He is a great European. He tries to implement. “We’re happy. We’ve played 46 matches this year. Now maybe we’ll lower the 50 threshold. So there may be an athletic forward support up front. The domestic player rules will be very effective.”

“We will make decision according to health report”

“It was the center of defense. Victor Hugo was very balanced and Edgar I was very athletic. He was valuable to us, he was doing very well. When he got injured, we terminated his contract. But we invited every player who did it. “It’s a step towards the championship. Garvinho and Abdul Qadir have the same finger. According to Edgar’s medical report. We’ll look into it and decide accordingly.”

“Dorukhan Tokoz Performance”

“Dorukhan Tokoz is a player who plays 100 percent in everything but his injury threshold is too high. He joined the camp late at the start of the season. He wanted to go to Europe. I said, ‘Come here, we will win. Championship. “He said he wanted to play, but it’s all for protection.”

“Abdul Qadir Omar is one of the most talented actors I have ever worked with.”

Avcı said: “Abdul Qadir Omar is one of the most talented players I’ve worked with. He played his first official match against Basakehir. I heard his name but when I saw him … Clichy said what kind of player he is. When I arrived, I asked which area you feel most comfortable in. Playing in the middle. He said it’s more comfortable, so we used it there. “

Everyone in Anatolia is wrapped in the cotton of such talented actors

“A match in Galatasaray. I waited for it to be half time. But there was something like this here. We had a lot of repetition … Sometimes it makes me tired, I make the players and the team tired too. I said what? In the 3rd minute of the GS match. What’s it doing. 33. It was a minute, things were going badly. I had to get Omar out of the game. The team answered, we are 2-2.

Sometimes life wants to see you down

“I told Omar, sometimes life wants to see you down. I said you come down and I will help you. He didn’t answer. 1 week later we gave the jersey again, it helped us win. Kasımpaşa game. Last week my Knocking on the door, this year is great. “You have treated me like that,” he said. “I want to start playing today. He comes from the championship team infrastructure, he wants to experience the championship. I showed him the magnet and I’m going to start with that. I said I hope you stay in the game until the end of the match. “

Visa transfer

“When I was in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, reports came in. It was said that it would be helpful to follow Visca from the team. The 2010-11 camp match. They said this is the player we told you in the friendly match. The match ended 4-4. Visca ran after us, one by one. He flew away today. “Who did I tell the manager? I just called him. We added him to the club with 200 thousand euros and 400 thousand euros. Euro with his testimonial. He has become a player who has improved himself and contributed to the club and played 2 cup finals with me. He gave everything he had to Basakehir. How much. “Regardless of the point difference, such a player adds value to the competition.”

“They say the shop is yours.”

“In the last match of the first half, it was a Başakşehir match. They came to my room. When the match was over I went to their room. My goal is to say something. I said I want it. They said the shop is yours. They said what happens if there is no sound in 2 matches. But our city broke up. After 2 matches. Everyone wanted it, but Hamsik says buy now. Dorukhan, Uğurcan wanted it. “

“I told Hamsick to leave the national team.”

“I am very happy to be working with Hamsik. He is a special player, a special character. He doesn’t complain about anything. We show him as an example to young players. I told him to leave the national team. He also made a new team. , He left the national team.

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