Art and Kids Fest is coming together to bring together children’s art and artists

The Art and Kids Fest, which will host thousands of children and their families in Galataport Istanbul – Clock Tower Square between 21 – 22 May 2022 – is Turkey’s first art and children’s festival. Within the scope of the festival, the workshops support the children in many aspects such as hand skills, theatrical talents and musical instruments, as well as increase their self-confidence, physical and spiritual development.

Hosting the festival for the first time this year, Galataport has transformed the historic port city of Istanbul into a world-class cruise port and center of shopping, gastronomy and culture and art, thus bringing the region closed to entry. From the end of the 19th century, back to Istanbul. Clock Tower Square, named after the Tophen Clock Tower in Galataport Istanbul, which was restored with a very special technique and was brought to town in 1848, has been hosting many events since the beginning of April. The first event of the Dogus Children’s Symphony Orchestra after the Galataport Istanbul Special Concert, which took place from April 1 to May 2, 2022, with “Nostalgia Istanbul”, which carries the old tradition of Istanbul to the present, and which was the National Day of 23 April , Held exclusively for the Arts and Its Kids Fest.

Famous artists will meet children at the Art and Kids Fest

Among the opportunities at the Art and Kids Fest, which brings together 0-13 year olds with art and valuable artists, renowned painters Devrim Erbil, Ahmet Gunestekin and Bubi conducted beautiful painting workshops with children and they participated in mass painting workshops with Erin Ilkan. Aslan. Those interested can join Tan Sağtürk Academy in classical ballet and street dance workshops. Famous actress Bestemusu Ozdemir, the world’s top 15 street artist and famous graffiti artist Leo Lunatic, known for his iconic angry pandas, are among the other important names at the festival. The “I Color Istanbul with Debrim Erbil” workshop showcases children’s talents in painting under the leadership of a famous painter, and when children are interested in painting in Istanbul, they get the idea of ​​drawing with many great local and foreign artists through Debrim Erbil. The popular face on screen, the famous actress Bestamsu Ozdemir, teamed up with the kids at the clay workshop and took both fun and creative experiences. The children, who join the famous street artist Leo Lunatic in the graffiti workshop, an essential art of expression in the developing world, transform their imagination into graffiti and color the festival by drawing a collective graffiti. Effort. In all the sessions where Doraemic Academy will conduct music workshops, the talents of the children in this field will also be revealed. Artist Ayman Octel, in his own style, emphasizes the importance of water to the little participants.

The children will start their day by yoga

In addition to workshops led by celebrities, the festival has many entertaining and educational activities. The children who start their day by doing yoga with OJJ Janep Simon have a pleasant experience in their workshop which goes on all day during the festival. Other activities at the Art & Kids Fest, with a total of about 40 workshops, include music workshops, mass painting, object painting, master’s footprint art, textile painting, porcelain painting, durability and Fashion, woodwork. Toys, Hoop Embroidery, Paper Art, Mosaic, Puppetry, Permaculture, Nature on My Canvas, Edible Art, Stop Motion Animation, Cartoons, Movies, Creative Drama, Cartoons & Comics, Architectural Design & Art, Mathematics Workshops, Mini Doctor Workshops, Miniatures Workshops, your own car design, shoe customization, digital game design, robotic coding.

The Art & Kids Fest, which embraces visually, hearing and physically challenged children, touches “every” child through its workshops and gives them an experience of being involved in the art!

The Art & Kids Fest, which enables children to learn brand new information through art, the most important and valuable field of interdisciplinary learning, and presents them through the discovery and development of their talents, at the center of experience, without root learning, welcomes the little ones. Not just from Istanbul, but from all over Turkey. The Art & Kids Fest, which cares about children growing up with art, embraces art as a way of life and leads the development of awareness by raising awareness with each organization, conducting its activities to build people with individuals. High self-confidence and beneficial to society and the world where they exist. The Art & Kids Fest, which hosts a wide range of workshops from painting to music, from sculpture to drama, from animation to caricature, from photography to digital art, brings together highly valued and skilled artists and brings together unforgettable moments.

Every child deserves the best

Art and Kids Fest has signed an important partnership with UNICEF, which is unique in the world with projects that protect and uphold the rights of children and youth and support UNICEF. The festival, which aims to touch all children, contributes to the need for support from valuable organizations such as PI (Pink Traces Women’s Cancer Association), TİDER (Basic Needs Association) as well as UNICEF.

Tickets for the Art & Kids Fest, held at Galataport Istanbul – Clock Tower Square May 21 – 22, 2022, host all children aged 0 – 13 from Turkey and their families and engage its visitors with unique experiences and new discoveries. art, https: you can conveniently buy online at or you can buy at the festival box office, which starts at 10:00, on the same day.

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