Batıgün Sarıkaya – Thoughts about old age, loneliness and death

Whirlpool is a term used to describe a type of weather event. The most common equivalent in the dictionary is ‘vortex’. This is actually Gaspar noIt’s a name choice that fits quite well with its consciousness. I’m saying this partly because fans of a director whose trademark sex, violence and blood didn’t like this movie very much in its genre, but on the contrary, it’s a Gaspar no movie. In some ways, we can even say that this is by far the most consistent effort considering the form-content similarity.

Extreme movies

You know, Gaspar Noe is a director who gives his products in French cinema, discusses every film he shoots, urinates some and surprises others. It can be said that he took part in a movement that became particularly strong in the mid-90s and was defined as French extremism. Although the movement questions man’s place in modern civilization, it seeks to establish its filmic world by including exaggerated scenes of sexuality and violence, great psychological expressions, and human activities that conflict with the rules. There are common problems with our standard of living imposed in the name of social peace. Thus, while looking at the subcultures and slums of France, films emerge that reveal the dark and deep problems of the parts that represent the bourgeoisie.

In this sense, Noah’s films try to look at the individual’s torn mind, especially in the imposition of Western moral values. He has made his debut Alone against everyone (Toussaint in Seoul, 1998), he is trying to expose this complex entity called human by making a film on extremes, all his faults, especially from the point of view of sex. Honestly, the stories he chose for himself and his views on them I can’t accept, there was always a distance between me and his film. But there’s one thing I can’t deny that no matter what she says, she maintains a style that is unique to her and doesn’t stop looking for a form that is consistent with her dark content. Technically, he’s a really crazy director. It is clear that he has been thinking about this problem. For example No returnInside (Irrevocable2001) ‘s windmill camera or 90-degree aerial shot which adds a divine form to the story which is an interesting example of the curiosity of the form which seeks to present new concepts in the movie.

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Age like a virtual

Whirlpool is such that, especially in terms of technical skills and environment, it was a complete Noe movie. In fact, the suffocating effects of the film are even more intense than those of its predecessors. This is why it is difficult to follow the flow sincerely, moving away with attention. One of the reasons I don’t like his movies is the rhythmic rhythm of the movie, a similar feeling when we have trouble swallowing. I can even say that he went further and made films that didn’t flow. I think he did it on purpose. It’s as if he wants to draw that life is in such a dark dead end in every sense. But this feeling of suffocation, I think, is apt for the story he first told. It allows us to be crushed in that world and look at the terrible state of being. He did this after seeing the life of an elderly couple.

It is a story of old age, loneliness and death. We are facing the inevitable end that awaits us all. The man is trying to write his new book about movies, he is a heart patient. The woman had been suffering from dementia for a while and she gradually forgot where and who she was. Although their divorced son, who is suffering from drug problem, comes to see them, he can’t do much. Already in the middle of the movie, he offers to keep the two of them in a nursing home where they can get better care. The father refused the offer. Meanwhile, the person wants to avoid the responsibility of dementia. The details of his personal life are much more important. Maybe because of this, maybe because of his love for other women they had no contact in marital life. This is one of the most traumatic parts of the movie.

Split screen

Gaspar No used a special method to emphasize this loneliness. We watch most of the movies on the split screen. A woman on one screen and a man on the other, they are building a house with little overlap in a house that is not very big. Noe takes us to this couple one morning, especially in the first half hour of the movie. These real-time streaming images are very successful in terms of cinematic expression. Also Italian director Dario Argento And Francois LebronNot to be outdone, these two names allow us to look at that scary time called old age from a realistic point of view. Noe did not work with a complete script, as he often does, and prefers to improve the film on a text of about 10 pages. This choice creates a strong impression of the reality of what is happening on the screen.

Meanwhile movies Michael HanekeOf LoveYour (Love, 2012) Interesting. This has already been interpreted in many places as a response to Noah’s love. The match is actually more about the relationship between middle-aged middle-aged couple and the misery caused by dementia. However, it should be noted that Hanke addresses the issue on a more social basis and criticizes European civilization. No, on the other hand, looks at the story from a more personal perspective and how old age ends this ‘dream-like life in a dream’. The couple’s relationship is heartbreaking in many places, especially the final scene when there is a blank screen and the rest is completely alone. Therefore, it is not easy to see, especially if there are people in your family who are in the process of aging like in the movie, then the emotional weight of the movie will be much more challenging.

It will now be at the Cannes Film Festival!

The Cannes Film Festival has been around for three-quarters of a century. Dil Kole is coming in front of the audience for the 75th time. And fortunately for now, it has not been possible to witness this great film festival there. It would be nice if Nuri could at least go through the years of participating in the Billage Ceylon competition. This year, he went to see the festival even though Kuru Otler could not make a picture of Silan’s picture in Nuri Bilge. Oh, that misfortune!

When these places begin to faint from the heat, the sun of May hits the shores of Cannes and the city is filled with stars, filmmakers and moviegoers. One screening after another comes to those great halls. How good it would be to be in such an environment! Plus we got a lot of good news for our movie. But our NBC is not competing in the festival Emin Alpar Dry day With An unguarded guard Will compete in the division. After the screening on Monday, their teammates also gave a speech protesting the injustice against Sigdam Mater. Of course, in the arid climate of these places, the film took the storm by its more LGBT-based themes. Types that were previously unaware of the film’s existence tried to raise questions on social media about how it received support from the ministry. . The movie is a really weird thing here.

Another good news is in the workshop program Felix Ruken Tekes has won the Sorfund Award for his project. Thus, for the first time, one of our women directors received an award in the ear. For our movie (for so many years of loss) it is sad but at the same time good news. Although late, keep dreaming of the day when many more important efforts and artistic productions will find value and continue to work for it.

There were also protests this year over the spiral of evil caused by the war in Ukraine. While this has nothing to do with the nature and development of the festival, we hope that the festival committee will sign a more sensitive and forceful statement on the subject and create an equally hostile environment without showing any double standards. Also, a student project (ç) was taken by him. Hero Despite the movie Asghar Farhadi He took his place on the main competition jury. Moreover, news has come that the Iranian court has upheld the sentence. The attitude of the festival also demands discussion in this regard.

The films competing for Palme d’Or are quite ambitious, but it’s not clear which movie Sweetie is focusing on this week. There is no name in the comments of the ear critics that has been overemphasized. Ali Abbasi (Holy Spider), Park Chan-Uk (Separation Decision), Arnaud Desplachin (Brother and Sister), Hirokazu Kore-Eda (Broker) are different in my opinion. David Cronenberg can also surprise with his long awaited new film Crimes of the Future. Seeing independent work in American cinema, James Gray got the chance with Armageddon Time. Since we haven’t seen the movie here yet, I don’t know which name will win the grand prize, but I think my heart is with Park Chan-Uk. Let’s see how the prizes will be distributed on Saturday night. We’ll wait and see.

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