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During the visit, Deputy Minister of Industries and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kaseer and Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Om Fatih Sayan were with the directors of several companies.

Susha Bayraktar, where local and national unmanned aerial vehicles played a key role in liberating the country from occupation; He visited prominent places in the city, especially Cedar Duju, the Aga Mosque in Ashagi Gov, with his wife Sumei Erdogan Bayraktar and his companions.

In his statement to Cıdir Düzü, Selkuk Bayraktar said that Karabakh was a bleeding wound in his youth and said, “Thank God, the Turkish army, our honorable president, thanks to the holy spirit of our martyrs, Karabakh and Shusha have regained their freedom and freedom from illegal occupation.” Our nationally advanced unmanned aerial vehicle has supported our military here. It is a great honor and privilege for our engineers to use a high-tech job in such a meaningful war, “he said.

Emphasizing that it doesn’t make much sense just for the development of technology, Bayractor said that it makes sense because of the purpose, purpose and goal with which it was created.

Bayraktar says Bayraktar has made money for TB2 and says:

Bayraktar says Bayraktar has made money for TB2 and says:

“On behalf of my engineering and technical team, I was awarded the Order of Prisons and the Order of Prisons by my late father Ozdemi’s brother-in-law, my brother and General Manager Haluk. It is one of the greatest honors of our lives. As you can see in my lapel, we’ve seen it.

The visit coincides with the first time a technofest was held abroad. It also makes a lot of sense. Because Technofest is an effort to share the mission of high technology development with the whole society so that our nation can be independent and prosperous.

Just as it is important to pass on the homeland struggle with the new generation to future generations, it is also important to share the freedom struggle through the development of this high technology at Technofest with the whole society and the youth. Tragic events will never happen again. So both mean here. In a sense, high technology and the spiritual realm have come together in Shusha and Karabakh. ”

    We want the world to know that we will finally fight those who have eyes on our soil.

“We want the world to know that we will fight to the last with those who have eyes on our soil.”

Emphasizing that they have come to Shusha to find the meaning of this heritage and the value of their homeland, which is a natural wonder and a cultural heritage, and why they have created this technology, Bayraktor said: If they have the chance, I invite them from here. At the same time, if they have the chance, I suggest them to visit our ancient lands, Karabakh and Shusha. ” Evaluated her.

Bayraktar said there is a big difference between surviving from a distance and seeing and touching them, and continued:

Bayraktar said there is a big difference between surviving from a distance and seeing and touching them, and continued:

“To understand what struggles and difficulties the motherland will be protected by, we have to come and walk every inch of the land and see the works left by our ancestors. We have to deal with the people who live there. Here, we also met our police chief. Who had to leave this place at the age of 11 due to occupation.

After 30 years, he returned to his hometown, where he spent his childhood, with his children. We have heard other stories as well. At Technofest, I heard stories from our elderly aunts about how they left this place in pain. You will understand everything when you come and see. We have to convey these to our children and awaken that consciousness and patriotism. We don’t have eyes on anyone’s land, but we want the world to know that we will fight to the end with those whose eyes are on us, we have science in every field, technology in technology, courage in courage, this heart. And faith in every case, and we will do it together with all our generations.

We knew that the land of Susha was steep and rocky. Fighting for these nationally valuable places will be even more difficult. Karabakh has a unique nature. It makes a lot of sense to us that these territories were defended by the efforts of the Turkish army and they went down in world history as the first war won by SİHA. We organize Technofest to share this passion and money with our generation.

Technofest has now crossed the border into Turkey with great enthusiasm. This is the first time Cannes has been held in Azerbaijan and we have been able to come here on that occasion. Hopefully, our young brothers will take on many more important tasks. Not only in the defense industry, they will take up great projects to make our countries independent and prosperous. That’s what we all strive for. ”

Shusha, a symbol of Azerbaijan’s history and culture, as well as dominating the region due to its strategically important geographical location, was occupied by Armenian forces on May 8, 1992.

The Azerbaijani army liberated Shusha on November 8, 2020. Following the victory, Shusha was declared the Cultural Capital of Azerbaijan by decree of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated May 7, 2021, and 2022 was declared the “Year of Shusha” by the decree of the President.

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