Cengiz Aygün – Gardens and gardeners for the oppressed.

In the old days, we would cut the hanger, there was a ruler who would make decisions without listening to the other side and without research.

One day the ruler was walking in the garden of the palace with his wife.
When the gardener in charge of the garden saw the ruler’s wife approaching him from a distance, he wanted to disappear and not be seen to disturb her.

Thinking about how he would disappear, he thought of climbing a tree under it.
He climbs the tree at a fast pace and hides among the leaves.

The most unlikely thing happens,
Doesn’t the ruler sit under that tree with his wife?
For a while, the ruler’s concubine lay on his back to rest.
And what do you see,
In the gardener’s leaf.

He immediately rallied and beat the ruler:
“Can’t I talk to you alone?
Will your people always follow us?
What’s so significant about a goat’s head? “

The emperor was surprised and “What happened? I don’t understand. Has anyone bothered you?” Said
The woman shows the gardener in the tree: “Can’t you see that the man above us is listening to us?” It said.

Raising his head, the ruler, looking at the gardener, shouts angrily:
“Breakless … you dare, come down quickly! …”
The gardener, whose knees are closed for fear, cannot get down and falls by pushing …

Meanwhile, when the king’s shouts were heard, his people came to him.
“Call the executioner to me immediately, let him come!” Gives orders.

The gardener, who had recovered a little, hugged the ruler’s skirt before he got up and apologized to him.
But in vain …
The king shouted again:
“Where’s the executioner? He hasn’t arrived yet. The man is still talking.”
Jevat, who was next to the ruler, did not say a word.
Everyone was running after the ruler and deaf to the truth.

The gardener took a deep breath and said to himself, “Oh my ruler ah … Anyway, he left because he oppressed the people before you, turned away from justice and engaged in arbitrary practices and you came. Alas, it’s a shame … you looked like him .. . “ He muttered.

Seeing that this situation has come to an end / will not be forgiven, the gardener gathers all his courage and says:
My lord
You will kill me anyway.
I want to tell an important story before I die.
You hit me again, but after hearing it.
What I will say is as important to you as it is to me! .. It is about your life. “

The ruler is not very soft, but he can not help wondering about the facts.
Especially when he heard that it was also about his own life; Life is precious …
However, the man has no way to escape. Let me hear what he says, then I’ll kill him, maybe I have something to do with it, “he thought and turned to the man:
“Then tell me …” Said

The gardener begins to explain:
“My Sultan,
My father was also the gardener of the king’s garden.
At that time there were different varieties of walnut trees in the garden of the palace.
For some reason, only one walnut grows on this tree every year.
But when it was rolled and torn, the walnuts would disappear.

Even after three years, the ruler did not get a chance to eat this nut. Then the king, out of patience and anger, called my father and gave the following order;
“Take good care of the walnuts this year.
If; If you don’t bring it to me when it matures this year, your head will go away.
Find out this way ..!
My poor father guarded the walnut trees day and night.
His eyes were always on that single nut.
He waited, even as he matured, so that I could take him to the ruler and avoid the ordeal of life and death.
As time approached, my father could no longer sleep.
Finally, one day, he saw that it was time to pluck the walnuts.
My father is happy.
But something is happening; As he was about to tear it apart, a crow came and took the walnut from the stalk and fled.
Alas! ..
My dad ran after him, screaming, but what’s the point?
The walnut, which looked like his eyes, was gone.
He has nothing else to do …

My father, who felt helpless in his bones and had no choice but to seek refuge in God and present his case to the Creator নেই there is no higher authority to complain about the ruler’s death sentence-said to the crow, “You killed me. Curse that you will not be with what you have done; the most just of the righteous who do not agree to persecution, the Almighty Creator responds almost immediately.
At that very moment, a great eagle chased after the crow and threw its claws at the crow.

My father called to the eagle from below:
“Hey Eagle, no one will be with you no matter what you do. Your end is near. You’re in Qatar too! …”
Then he sees a hunter aiming at a flying eagle.
Direct hit.
The hunter’s arrow reaches its target and throws the huge eagle to the ground.

My father shouted at the hunter:
“What did you do? You’re in line now! …”
The hunter doesn’t understand much of my father’s words.
At that moment, I was behind the hunter as my father approached the hunter.

My father suddenly saw the hunter and started shouting:
“Oh, be careful! The snake will bite you …” he warns.
But before the hunter could understand, the snake poured its venom at the hunter’s feet. Then it continues to sway.

Seeing what had happened, my father shouted from behind the snake:
“Oh snake, you’re in Qatar too! The last one near you too! …”
As a kid, I didn’t even know what was going on.
I was chasing the snake that was passing by with a big stick
My father, who was aware of everything, said anxiously and anxiously, “Oh my son, don’t do this, my son!” She was screaming
I was going to kill a snake and become a hero,
I ignored my dad and didn’t even pay attention …
I killed the snake on the spot by hitting the stick in my hand with all my might.

Seeing this situation, my father came to me in a more devastated and sad state.
“My son,
Now you are in line.
Why didn’t you listen to me? “He said with tears in his eyes.
But it happened.
There was nothing else to do!

Though cruel, the ruler was a wise man.
Wake up to what happens with the gardener’s narrative,
He understands the incident and realizes that if he kills Mali, it will be his turn.
Frightened and angry, he turned to the gardener and said:
“Don’t look me in the eye,
Get out of here now …! “ He shouted.

So the gardener can save his life.
Of course, the ruler also …


This is life …
Whose life depends on whom
Whose life is tied to the thread,
Who is weak is strong, who is weak is strong; It’s uncertain!

That’s life.
What it brings, what it takes,
Life is enough when you die.
The possibility of death,
It even leaves the ruler …
This is how death happens.
Even his fear frightens him,
Revokes your order.

This is God.
He is the sole owner of justice and power!
Even if you are a sovereign,
You glowed with curiosity.
If you underestimate the owner,
If you persecute him because he is persecuted,
If you do not do justice,
Then you,
And you will receive from Allah!

There is one more thing;
This ruler was lucky,
He had a gardener who shook himself, awakened him from indifference and brought him to his senses.
But God does not give such a gardener to every ruler!

Hope to see you in our next portrait, God bless your dear readers.

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