Children’s health at risk

As children develop, they come into contact with many things that affect their mental health. The main one is technology. Edge University Associate Professor. Dr. We spoke with Sezen Köse about the mental health of children in Turkey today.


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Mental health of children and adolescents is one of the most important aspects of today’s society. However, psychologists, who are not even properly protected by law, still do not get enough attention in Turkey. Mental health, which has not seen adequate value in the health sector, forms an important part of human health. Especially in today’s rapidly changing world, the psychological support we need most is being the victim of prejudice and the rule of law in Turkey.

To draw attention to the addiction caused by Assoc, developing technological devices and communication tools. Dr. Cেনzanne Kosse draws attention to the instant gratification and sense of well-being created by the use of the Internet and social media.

Assoc. Dr. “In developing and changing world conditions, especially with epidemics, technology has become a normal part of our lives. It has a great place and impact in our lives, with both its advantages and risks. Deterioration of individual psychosocial function; we are addicted Talking about if he does not go to school / work, his academic achievement decreases, he does not meet his friends or family, his connection with real life decreases and in spite of all this, uncontrolled use continues. Avoiding negative emotions such as well-being, anxiety, insecurity, illness, and lethargy and making it a habit in the process reinforces addictive behavior through continued use.

Attempts to calm young children with screens and media are wrong, Assoc. Dr. Koss says children are at risk of losing their ability to control their emotions because of their problematic relationship with technology. Assoc. Dr. Köse said: “It should be ensured that the use of technology does not replace physical activity, friendship and other behaviors necessary for health such as sleep. Families should create technology-free time, space and opportunities to spend with their children and their children’s physical and social Activities should be directed towards. In addition to the development of technology addiction, we are seeing additional psychological problems in children and young people. They can be victims of bullying and abuse in the environment.

‘Waiting and delay skills must be brought’

Assoc. Dr. Cেনzanne Kose noted that scattering is due to a number of reasons, saying that children are one of the things they have to deal with in recent times. About 10 percent of children are affected by this condition, Assoc. Dr. Kos says:

“Scattering is a symptom. ‘Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder’ is one of the most common mental conditions in childhood. Attention deficit may occur alone, or hyperactivity and attention deficit may occur together. People with dementia often experience complaints such as being easily annoyed, not being able to continue their work, leaving work unfinished, being late, forgetting and losing their belongings, doing housework and avoiding reading. Boredom, enduring emptiness, being alone is actually a skill that we learn and develop in our healthy development process. It is not appropriate to fulfill all the wishes of children immediately. In fact, some requests from children are not appropriate for their age or current situation or environment. We must teach our children the ability to wait and delay. Because, in fact, despite being lazy, our brain continues to work. We know that at rest, the regions of the brain involved in the self-thought process remain active. The brain reviews life and itself. These processes, including visualization, are important for creativity. “

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