‘Children’s rights’ tour of Croatia

AK Party quorum deputy Errol Kavuncu accompanied members of the Parliamentary Human Rights Inquiry Child Rights Sub-Committee on an official 4-day working visit to Croatia from 22-26 May 2022, of which he is a member.

During a visit to Croatia organized in collaboration with UNICEF, the delegation visited Yunus Emre Enstitusu, which is on the agenda with successful activities in Croatia and around the world.

Referring to the work they have done with UNICEF officials in our country and around the world to protect the best interests of children and children’s rights and to evaluate Croatia’s work in this regard, Deputy Errol Kavunku said: “Parliament, regional development and the EU “We have had separate meetings with the head of the Commission on Relations with Turkey, Domagoj Hajdukovic, the Croatian Disability Rights Ombudsman, and Helenka Pirnat-Dragisevic, the ombudsman for children,” said Marco Pavic, chairman of the fund’s commission. As a delegation, we held a consultation meeting with the Croatian Parliamentary Commission on Family, Youth and Sports. As a delegation, during our visit to the Croatian Medimurje region; We also visited the UNICEF-sponsored Family Center for Roma citizens in Kurshanec, Croatia, and the Nursery Center for EU Child Assurance. “

“Those who make the earth uninhabitable through war, cruelty, blood and tears, and those who are most affected by this situation are our planet and the innocent children who guarantee our future,” said Deputy Kavunku. In our speech at the Youth and Sports Commission, we emphasized the importance of the family in raising our children, to whom we will pass on the future of our world and protect their higher interests. In this context, the family, the fundamental values ​​we need for a brighter future, first comes to life in the family, then spreads to the whole society and finally brings peace to the whole world. In addition, the family has a very important and essential responsibility to protect the generation. Because it is possible to save the generation by protecting the family. When family institutions begin to disintegrate, there is an increase in juvenile delinquency, drug abuse, alcoholism, violence, moral weakness, and social and emotional problems among children. All these signs tell us that when family breaks up, society will break up; Shows that when society collapses, all human values ​​will be pushed to the brink of extinction. At the top of the list of reasons for the weakness of the family organization are TV series, movies, publications, which encourage violence, illegal, perverted, perverted, perverted relationships and demean loyalty. No profession, occupation or goal can be considered more important and priority than having a family or being a parent. The security of our families and generations, which is the real problem of our survival, is at least as valuable and inviolable as the security of our lives and property. The family is the safest institution, the most precious refuge for our children, our greatest asset. Because when the family is gone, our hope is gone, when the family is gone, our future is gone, our tomorrow is gone. Our family, the cement and yeast of society, is our greatest asset. Taking care of the family is taking care of our children and our future. We have underlined that the most important and priority for all humanity is that children should grow up in their own natural environment in a suitable environment. We have mentioned that it is the most ideal and safe way to prepare children for life in the best possible way and to protect them from danger. “We’ve fixed one thing, all is well,” he said. The issues I talk about for kids will be discussed. Also, in our meetings, we emphasized that broadcasts, TV series, movies, and Internet content that demeans families, family homes, and parents at home threaten our real survival problems, our family institutions, and the security of our generation. The world, and the need for urgent cooperation to take the necessary action on this issue. “(News Center)

Updated: May 27, 2022, 18:07

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