Nekati Tamkupelli is the brother of Mehmet Tamkupelli, nicknamed “Mehmetsik”. After the first generation began in the 1950s, his older brother and friends, who left their mark in the 1960s, will be cycling in the 1970s with the Adirondasper jersey.
Necati Tamküpeli started the conversation as follows:
“I was born in 1951 on the Hadimaga farm. I am the youngest of two sons of Wahit / Hatis Tamakupelli. My brother Mehmet Tamakupelli was born in 1946. My father immigrated to Turkey illegally in 1936 from the city of Selvi in ​​Pleven as a result of Bulgarian assimilation policy. It took them 9 days to travel in a buffalo cart. ”

The Tamakupelli family saves lives with 5 buffaloes
In addition to the 2 mandates, there are 3 more mandates, which will be the capital for the Tamkupelli family without expecting anything from the state when they come to Turkey. They traveled at night and hid during the day. When they arrived in Edirne, they remained as free immigrants.
In fact, the state wanted to send them to Caesarea Pinarbasi at that time, but they did not go.

In 1938/39, the world was preparing for war. Thrace began to empty. The German threat resonated around the world. In Thrace, where the rich began to move, land and houses were sold for free. During this turbulent time, the Tamakupelli family chooses to stay in Edirne and grows uncomfortable.
In addition to taking care of the buffaloes, which they started with a small place in Hadimaga where they are now, they will also start breeding sheep and they will increase their land up to 180 decar. Their father, Vahit Tamakupelli, takes care of two pairs of horses, when it is time to plow, one pair runs from morning to noon, and the other pair from afternoon to evening, many farmers finish their horses much faster than their neighbors and A pair of horses can thresh in a short time.

Their hardworking mother, Hatice Honey, and their sons, Mehmet and Nekati, also contributed much to the study. Only 16.5 acres of land shared by the three brothers remain with the Tamakupelli family, after various public institutions, most notably Tracka University, confiscated it in subsequent years.
Nekati Tamakupelli continues:
“I was walking from Hadimaga farm to primary school”
“I spent the first 10 years of my childhood at the Hadimaga farm. When I started elementary school, we used to walk 6 kilometers from the farm to Ino school. Back on foot again. That’s how the first three years of my schooling went. Then, when we bought a plot of land in Aikade and moved into the house we built there, we began to set foot in Aikade and Hadimaga Farm in the following years. I finished high school in Atatুrk.

I was introduced to bikes when I was 7/8 years old. My father and uncle were working at the State Hydraulic Works at the same time. Each of them had a bike, Job brand, they would go to work on that bike. Although I couldn’t get on my dad’s bike, I learned to ride a bike on my own, using some breaks. In those years, I was injured everywhere because I was going to ride a bike.
“The biggest reason I ride a bike is because of my birds.”
When I was in elementary school, my brothers Mehmet Tamkupelli, Nazmi Chelik, Sekin Yesili, Ahmed Ortakavus, Cassap Aydin, Mehmetsek Edirne of Insurance and Istanbul / Edirne started competing among themselves in stages. Edirne. I was very jealous of my brother’s running and I was able to follow in his footsteps, albeit for a short time, in the years that followed.
The races we organized in those years, the streets of Edirne were full of thousands of people and the races were met with interest. Despite having a lot of interest in cycling. Edirne and Thrace actually have very suitable terrain for racing. Cycling in Edirne would have been better with attention and support.
I grew up and started cycling in 1966. In 1967, we increased our pace a bit more and continued to compete until I enlisted in the Army. I ran with my friends to and from Edirne. There was an interval of one year, I went on a tour of Thrace with my friend Emin Yesili.

“I was going to the Turkish Championships”
In 1969, we were going to the Turkish Championships in Balikesir with Tariq Atkar. Tariq Atkar could not attend due to school and speech intensity. Then the bus station below the old mosque. While I was on the bus myself, I left and came back.
At the time, our brother, Dr. Mehmet, who ran the Adirondaspar Club, was the Adirondack bicycle representative and trainer of the Adirondaspor cycling team. Our brother Mehmet has really taken care of us and helped us. At that time, Adirondaspor, which was fighting in the 2nd league of football, was required by law to open and activate at least 5 sports branches. We, the cyclists of Edirne, have become the licensed cyclists of Edirnespar under the pressure of this law. We were 8 when we first started. Although my bike was inherited from my brother, Edirne Physical Education brought one for our other friends for our competition.

“We were on the Adirondaspar cycling team.”
Edirnesper was also giving us jerseys; We were running in yellow and red with those jerseys. At the time, Edirne’s efforts were not enough. The provincial youth and sports department did not give the necessary importance to cycling then. We would go home after training and eat whatever was in the pot. Cycling is the heaviest sport in the world, it needs to have a strong diet. If they had coordinated with GSİM Edirnespor, we would have worked harder and fought for the development and popularity of cycling in Edirne at the Turkish Championships.
Besides running on a bicycle, I was also very successful in shooting. I was dropped off at the last minute in Manisa, in which I went as the Edirne winner in 1971 and missed the national jersey.
I gave up my bike in 1971 when I was going to the military, and I didn’t get a chance to use it regularly. When I talked about the workforce, the family, the children after my military service, I didn’t find the opportunity, and when I talked about the service force after retirement, it didn’t happen. I really want to ride a bike right now, but Edirne has become a city where cyclists have no place to breathe in traffic.
“I’m taking my dad on a pilgrimage to Bulgaria”
My father wanted to be a pilgrim in his old age. He wanted to go to Kaaba in 1992. So I decided to surprise him. When my dad was in a good mood, he would talk about Selvi, his own town, and he would get emotional and make us emotional too. It has been 56 years since Selvi left for Turkey, where he arrived at the age of 17. Without informing my father, I took him and my passport and took him on July 16, 1992 to Cyprus, Bulgaria, where my father was born. When we went to Selvi, we were greeted by his 95-year-old aunt and 100-year-old brother-in-law. The house is the same house. My father has visited many times. There were emotional moments. My father was very happy to go on a pilgrimage. We traveled all over Bulgaria for a month. I believe I did my part as a boy.
Coming from the military I entered to work in the State Hydraulic Works. I have worked as a trustee at DSI for 28 years. I have worked hard on all the dams and ponds built in Thrace during those years. I retired in 1997, as if I were retiring for the second time. I’m not upset, I have two sons Gokhan and Sehan, I have three grandchildren. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren. “

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