Emin Erdogan attended the joint opening ceremony of 150 kindergartens

First Lady Emin Erdogan, wife of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, attended the 150th Kindergarten Joint Opening Ceremony organized by the Ministry of National Education at Kindergarten in Avecilla Spartacul.

In her speech here, First Lady Erdogan said that kindergarten in Esperanto is a very good example of edited work; He is happy to know that the opportunities offered here will reach children all over Turkey.

One of the most difficult industries is the art of raising people, said First Lady Erdogan: “It is an art in which you cultivate ore and sow the seeds of the perfect man. You will not allow ordinary people who are stuck in the consciousness of time and only one. They can look at the world through a single window. On the contrary, the age at which they live will not be allowed. ” Past, present and tomorrow. Creating the necessary field for the growth of people is a skillful task that can reach their own essence and spread light around them. We need to start working early to get the best results, “he said.

Expressing confidence that the most important capital of life is acquired at this age, Emin Erdogan noted that experts say that the mental, emotional, social and physical development of about 70 percent of people is completed by 0. 6.

“Kindergarten, fastest equal opportunity in education”

Mentioning that the first 6 years of life are decisive in the rest of life, First Lady Erdogan said: “Every parent’s biggest dream is to send their children to school and finish their school one by one. We know that children who go to kindergarten have a positive attitude towards continuing school We even know that they become more stable adults not only in their academic life but also in their business life. Also, kindergarten is a place where educational opportunities are equal. It can be realized quickly. First, future generations are less likely to fall into the disadvantaged category. Education enables a person to walk the path of life with confidence, while at the same time preparing a bright and beautiful future for our society.

Early childhood education has always been a priority for the government, First Lady Erdogan said, adding that 320,000 children had received pre-school education in 2002, and that number has risen to 1.8 million today.

Emin Erdogan goes on to say: “You know, the ‘10,000 Schools Project in Basic Education’ was launched under the auspices of our President. In the program, in early childhood education, 5 year olds were included in the compulsory education opportunities. Our National Ministry of Education’s goal was that every child should have at least 1 year of pre-school education. In this context, Which was 78 percent, will increase to 100 percent by the end of 2022. In addition, the target for significant growth is the school enrollment rate for 3 and 4 year olds.

Today, we are opening our 150 kindergartens. About 30,000 of our puppies will take their first steps in their educational life in these educational homes. Of course, our goal is much bigger than that. We will open an additional 3,000 kindergartens with the existing 2,782 kindergartens and an additional 40,000 kindergartens with the existing 30,000 kindergartens. Once these goals are met, our nearly 2 million 100,000 children will benefit from kindergarten opportunities. Arrangements were made for our children to attend kindergarten in our village and in a sparsely populated area. The number of students has been reduced from 10 to five to open a class. Where there are less than five students, our teachers go to our children. “

First Lady Erdogan said that she and her family are with them and their families in every way they can to hold a pencil, noting that the relevant ministries meet the stationery needs of children, especially families with limited opportunities and their nutritional needs in the pilot area.

“Every element that forms the heritage of our civilization can survive through the new generation.”

Addressing the teachers, First Lady Erdoan said: “The most decorated school in the world, without your dedication, is no different than an abandoned building. We have repeatedly expressed our gratitude to you and to the sanctity of your profession. Believe me, even if we talk about it, it is not enough. You know that school is the first social environment after a child. His family. You are the first guide of their lives, sometimes half of their parents. They mix with what they have learned from you, they mix their lives with the door you open. Today “many. The reason people choose teaching as a profession is because of the teachers who have left a deep mark in their lives. I believe it is a great and equally immortal work that one can leave behind. “

First Lady Erdogan concludes: “We live in a world where globalization gains new meaning every day. Unfortunately, people eat the same culture and pool of ideas. In other words, we are in a cultural climate that is increasingly dry. We add kilometers. However, every element that makes up the heritage of our civilization, which is no different from the vast ocean, can be kept alive through the new generation. It offers strong potential. On the contrary, I always try to make it strong. “

After the speech, National Education Minister Mahmoud Ozar presented a frame to Emin Erdogan.

Emin Erdogan, Minister Ozar and Family and Social Services Minister Deria Yannick cut the inaugural ribbon with kindergarten students.

After visiting the school, First Lady Erdogan performed a beaded activity with the students. Erdogan’s beaded necklace has been praised by children. After chatting with the teachers in the teachers’ room, Emin Erdogan got information about the students and the school.

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