Erjuram’s book lovers liked children’s writers.

The most meaningful and special signature for readers at the East Anatolia Book Fair, organized by the Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality in conjunction with the MNG EXPO, May 13-22.Children The authors “threw.

Children Authors, ‘ Children Which they wrote while teaching in the ‘Academy and Authorship’ course; Signed their story, poetry and travel genre books for readers.

In addition to politicians, bureaucrats and writers, Minister for Environment, Urban Development and Climate Change Murat Kurum, Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, AK Party Erzurum Deputy Zehra Takesenliolu Ban, Erzurum Governor Ok Memis, Palandoken Mayor. Fair with children writers. From the first day to the last day, the book-loving citizens have visited their place. In the media, everyone on social media has talked about child writers. Everywhere, in every environment Children The authors have been discussed.

At the East Anatolian Book Fair, 110 publishing houses and 100 authors, from the private Guinness College. Children Saw the writers.

Many famous writers who participated in Erzurum Book Fair Children It doesn’t pass without stopping by the stand where the author was. Famous writers, who have spoken to and praised children’s writers, have given advice on children’s writing.

The book lovers who came to the book fair held in Erzurum on 13-22 May liked the children’s writers very much. Book lovers who came to the International Recep Tayyip Erdogan Cultural Center, where the organization was held, toured the fair grounds, and when they arrived at the Guinness College stand, they were surprised when the ‘child writer’ appeared in front of them. Own books, and then they congratulate the younger authors.

Special occasion for ‘Children’s Writers’

A special event was held at Güneş College for ‘Children’s Writers’, the occasion of this year’s Erzurum Book Fair. School administrators, teachers and parents were present at the event where 55 child writers were introduced and honored. At the program, when the children appeared on the stage with their books, the parents in the hall felt proud and happy together.

Speaking on the occasion, Kamal Tunak, Education Coordinator, Private Guinness College; “In Güneş College, successful and talented generation who can succeed in social life and academic achievement, who love to learn, are entrepreneurial, confident and talented. We value raising the generation with habits that value the sun. In this context, congratulations to our children, And the architect of our future. We will, “he said.

Kamal Toon later said; “They are the youngest, the most dynamic and most enthusiastic children’s writers in Turkey. The author of Gunes. They thought, imagined and wrote. They realized that pen and writing were essential in life. They believed that the future of a country would be built. “In their small hearts, they were innocent. They wrote in the family, in the environment and in their own minds. Their books, approved by our Ministry of Culture, have become an unforgettable memory for both them and their family supporters.”

The dream of uniting children with books has come true

Academician-author Tanar Ozdemir noted that they started the ‘Children’s Academy and Writers’ course 3 years ago to improve children’s literacy awareness and increase their interest in books, and today they are reaping the benefits of that project. There are those who draw stories, travel writings or cartoons. We want children who have books at this age to continue writing in the future. Today, academic success alone is not enough. At a time when social media networks are effective, what is our project to bring children together? With pen and paper? We have seen that it is a good thing to pay attention to our children at the book fair. Our goal was clear. Our goal was to contribute to the emergence of a generation that could read, write, think, translate what they think into life, adhere to national and spiritual values, know their ancestors, know their past and look to the future with confidence. It was both hard and easy. Our path is long, arduous and tiring, but the result is that it will be the beginning of happy and hopeful days. We had so many beautiful elements that it was not possible for most people. So our material was our children. They were pure, clean, unadulterated, unprocessed ore. Either way you want to shape it, my kids will fit it. Then we have to be careful and touch their lives. That’s why our work was hard when it was easy. Our children were entrusted to us. We had to embrace those entrusted to us and take steps that would leave a mark on their future. These books were the concrete indicators of this move, “he said.

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