External causes are just as important as medicine in treating asthma.

The Turkish Thoracic Society is holding its 25th Annual Congress in the 30th year of its establishment. Many experts in their field attended the congress held in Antalya on May 24-28. The motto of the Congress was “Lung health in the digital age”. Participating in the Congress, Professor of Chest Diseases, Immunology and Allergy. Dr. Golfham Elif Chelik made a statement about asthma. Referring to asthma as a chronic disease, Chelik said that once it started, the disease could go on for a long time. The main symptoms of the disease are shortness of breath, cough and shortness of breath, Chelik said, “It is a familial disease. When we ask our patients about their family, a person may have asthma. Many diseases, such as air pollution and respiratory infections, are caused by hereditary and environmental factors. Coughing and shortness of breath occur from time to time. We recommend that our patients with such complaints consult a pulmonologist. He said, “Early diagnosis of this disease is very important.”

“We can improve our quality of life through proper treatment”

Noting that 5-6 out of every 100 adults in Turkey have asthma, Celik said: “The important thing is that there are some negative perceptions in society about asthma. But in fact, over the years developments have brought the treatment to a very good point. One of the most important things I would say to our patients is that when they start treatment, they will be able to do just about anything in the future. With proper treatment, we can greatly improve the quality of life and prevent disease progression. When you don’t go to the doctor, the opposite happens, the disease progresses. At this time drugs are used more. It occurs in a very small number of our patients. Many of them are doing well with their illness, ”he said.

“It’s at least as important as drug therapy.”

Talking about the treatment method, Chelik said, “When we talk about treatment, the first medicine comes to our mind. We have a lot of good medicines in our country, we are very lucky in this case. Serious treatment is going on. In addition, we stay away from some environmental factors.” For example, his wife smokes beside him. It is just as important for our patients to know the external causes that affect asthma and to stay away from them as it is for drug therapy. We advise patients to inform and follow their treatment procedures. Medication treatment is about doing what the doctor says. What the doctor says is important, not what other people say. Medication should also be used according to the prescription. It should be a long term disease that can be controlled, and they should stay in life. As long as they come to the hospital, we know that there are many patients who come I didn’t. “

“Our patients should not worry at all.”

Noting that there is also a cure for asthma attacks, Calic said, “When respiratory distress increases abnormally, if patients contact their doctor immediately, the attack will not progress. Don’t worry. Some may be attacked, some may not. It’s in their hands, “he said.

“Our people are afraid of cortisone”

Assessing asthma during the epidemic, Chelik said, “At the beginning of the epidemic, it was thought that they would survive more severely because the virus had infected the respiratory tract, but our observations were not like that. “We had short-term coughs and shortness of breath. These also went away in a short time. However, there were some people who used cortisone. They got better quickly. Our people are afraid of cortisone. But the dose we give here is for asthma.” “Very few. If they have concerns, they can talk to their doctor. Very few patients have side effects, but we can see that they have a very good effect.”

“Must be treated and followed”

Noting that cigarette exposure is a very serious risk factor for asthma patients, Calic said: “Nowadays, parents are more cautious. However, do not smoke in the presence of infants and children; If someone has asthma at home, they should not be drunk in the room where they are. If patients have recurrent complaints of cough and shortness of breath, if they have a family history of asthma and for some reason it increases, they should apply to the nearest health facility and be treated and followed up. Asthma is a disease that makes you smile when treated. Our patients should not be intimidated, they should reach the source of their health information. Turkey’s medical record in the world is very good. We have the same treatment as in America and Europe, ”he said.

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