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Author: John Green

Translator: Full access

Real Name: Catherine’s love

Publisher: Pegasus Publications

ISBN: 9786053433156

Number of pages: 320

What is first love? Subject, main idea, summary

When it comes to relationships, Colin Singleton’s type of girls are called Katherine… and when it comes to girls named Katherine, Colin is left out every time. Nineteen times, give an integer. On a road adventure miles from home, this anagram-loving, devastated, talented young man has ten thousand dollars in his pocket, a bloodthirsty pig and a TV-addicted, fat friend next to him… but not a single Catherine. . In the hope of calculating the future of all romantic relationships with her, Colin struggles to prove Katherine’s predictable theorem, avenging all the abandoned, and eventually capturing the girl. This multi-level novel of love, friendship and a dead Austro-Hungarian archduke self-reinforcement adds an amazing ending and a warm twist.

“Green wrote another story that is as sharp and sharp as a knife. On the comic pages, we encounter naive and arrogant characters who give a lot of pleasure, sometimes in an intellectual style.”

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“Ridiculously funny … it’s both a tribute and a satire to the American street story that came before.”

-The Horn Book-

“Every detail has been considered, the story flows with grace and inevitable movement.”

-New York Times Book Review-

“Flows like poetry come alive with conversations, including foreign languages, equations and detailed footnotes. It will appeal to anyone who wants to read romance, math or just a good story.”


“Although this hilarious novel is stylistically different from Alaska and Under the Same Star’s quest, they find common ground with clever dialogue and compelling characters.”


“From romantic, sad and touching scenes to satirical and funny, it’s an all-inclusive story mixed with math. It’s hilarious, it’s really complex and it’s great fun.”

-Kirkas Review-

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First love quote – lyrics

  • Once the missing piece is gone, I don’t think it can return to its interior.
  • We are all important; Maybe a little more but nothing
  • The heart cannot choose, it just loves.
  • We are all important; Maybe a little more, but nothing more.
  • Love. And Colin found himself thinking that stories not only make us more important to each other, but also the only way to achieve what he has been so infinitely important for so long.
  • “… some roads take turns, some mistakes are forgiven, some people don’t care.”
  • Missing him keeps him quieter than coffee.
  • You rise like the sun in my day. You melt the winter snow like May.
  • I don’t think that once the lost pieces are gone, it can never return to its inner place.
  • The only valid sentence for yourself that starts with “I” is “I’m a ridiculous person”.
  • I’ll leave more than just a photo album where it always looks old to me.

First Love Review – Personal Review

It was very annoying: This is one of the most annoying books I’ve ever read. Although I have taken it many times, I have never been able to stand and read 50 pages. When I got to Halfway Point, I was disappointed by the fact that the story never moved on and did not attract me. It’s been a long time (Ada)

It’s very sad for me to talk about a book, but it was the worst book I’ve ever read. (It was a worse book than The Book of M, and I never thought I’d be able to read a worse book than that.) There was a constant empty conversation, or an attempt to get back into it. It was a very conceivable book with finishes or something else, you already guessed it by looking at the name. Enough Colin, let those Catherine girls go. Mashallah, it is raining from the sky in Katherine’s book. As if that wasn’t enough, he tried to explain it with graphics or something else. The intersection of the negative side of the x axis is the beginning of the relationship, the intersection of the positive side is the end of the relationship, but if it is on the axis, the girl is left, if it is below the axis, the man leaves or something else, we understand for God. In short, it was the most useless, worst, most annoying book I’ve ever read. I’m sorry you didn’t buy it, it’s a waste of your money. (Dilan)

First love pdf download link?

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Who is the author of the book, John Green?

John Green is the author of four bestsellers in the New York Times. He is Michael L. Printz Award, Michael L. Printz won the Honorary Award and the Edgar Award, and was a two-time finalist for the LA Times Book Award. He is also the creator of VlogBrother, a video series with over 300 million views worldwide, along with his brother Hank. John lives in Indianapolis with his wife and two children.

John Green Books – His work

  • Under the same star
  • In search of Alaska
  • The city of paper
  • First love
  • One name, one destiny
  • Snowflakes
  • The world in the tortoise shell
  • Anthropocene has been reviewed
  • Under the same star

John Green Quotes – Lyrics

  • “I” is the hardest word to define. (The world in the tortoise shell)
  • I don’t care why anyone loves me anymore. I died alone. (The world in the tortoise shell)
  • “I call it the library of life.” (In search of Alaska)
  • We are pregnant. Each of us was born a waterproof ship. Itirik, cheating, dirty veziyyətdə qoyuruq, xətrinə dəyirik of each other. And our ship broke. But there is a definite time between the moment it seems sloping and the ship sinks. At this point we can only see each other, because from our essence we can only see these open cracks. How long do we look straight into each other’s eyes? At that time, you saw my cracks, and you saw my cracks. After all, we can only see each other’s overbridges – he seems to be staring at your window, but I can’t see inside. When the crack cracks, the light inside shines. But let the light shine from within. (The city of paper)
  • And most people find sin in freedom. (Under the same star)
  • Speaking of that pain, wants to feel the pain. (Under the same star)
  • I was tired of being pushed everywhere. (One name, one destiny)
  • “Thoughts are just thoughts, you are not your thoughts. Even when your thoughts are not your own, you are your own.” (The world in the tortoise shell)
  • I am very upset about this city, this people, this road, everything that makes it impossible for me. (Under the same star)
  • “It will hurt because it’s important.” (One name, one destiny)
  • And the thing is, when you lose someone, you realize that in the end you lose everyone. (The world in the tortoise shell)
  • “I came to the place and saw that the lesson of my knowledge was white, soft, which I did not dare to do. It occurred to me that I wanted to kill, or that deep veins, soft, hard skin, began to appear beneath it. It’s in the ground, deeper and harder to reach. “The city of paper)
  • The heart cannot choose, it just loves. (First love)
  • “How can I get out of this maze!” (In search of Alaska)
  • “Why do good people feel terrible in life?” (In search of Alaska)
  • Apparently the world was not a wish factory (Under the same star)
  • Once the missing piece is gone, I don’t think it can return to its interior. (First love)
  • It’s heavy to find, it’s hard, but when you get older, this feeling is like a horrible feeling. Then you see that there is nothing more than that. (The city of paper)
  • Anyone can look at you. What was rare was finding someone who saw the same world as you. (The world in the tortoise shell)
  • “Anyone can look at you. What’s rare is to find someone who has seen the same world as you.” (The world in the tortoise shell)

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