Forced immigration from Bulgaria in 1989 is not forgotten in Turkish weightlifting

May 29, 1989, during the forced migration of Turks from Bulgaria Tanor Sagir, who came to Turkey with the elders of his family, He assessed the memories of those days and his weightlifting life to the AA correspondent.

Noting that the persecution of Turks in Bulgaria in an attempt to “Bulgarianize” was experienced by the elders, mostly because they were too young, Sagir said, “The Turks were assimilated into Bulgaria, it was a huge pressure, our parents and grandparents felt the most.” Says

Recalling that Olympic champion Naim Suleimanulu had fled Bulgaria to Turkey, Sagar said: “Then came Halil Mutlu and our family. There was an incredible amount of cruelty. It has gained many more names. ” Used expressions.

Mentioning that Bulgaria is trying to eradicate the Turkish dynasty in the country, Sagar said, “Of course, the attitude of the Turks has changed since Naim’s brother came to Turkey. Well, the people of Europe have heard and seen it, and everything has changed. ” He said.

Describing the arrival of Naim Sulemanoglu in Turkey on a private plane sent by then Prime Minister Turgut Ozal after his arrival in London from Australia in 1986, Sagir continued:

“Of course we left our homes, the bark, the fields and everything there and came here. We started everything from the beginning in Turkey. The hardest thing is that we were born there, we grew up there, our ancestors were born and raised there. Although it was Turkish territory, at that time the Ottomans settled there with good and strong families and made it a ‘border state’ and strengthened it. Born with, but you are called ‘Evan’ or ‘”They were trying to end your Turkish identity by using names like Cork. Because of this, immigration has become compulsory. “

“We came from the place where the great Joseph and the great wrestlers came out.”

Sagir said that Bulgaria had made a big mistake in sending the Turks, that all the workers and people who worked there were Turks and that after the forcible deportation of the Turks, Bulgaria also suffered a huge financial loss.

Asked how he started lifting weights in Turkey, Sagir said: “We lived in Ankara’s Pursaklar, Naim’s brother Muharrem Sulemanoglu was coaching there and we started under the influence of our friends in 1994. Not only me, we started weightlifting for 60 years. Man, for 4 years – we’ve been with 5 people. We had the advantage of having a good coach. ” Used expressions.

Regarding the rise of important weightlifters such as Naim Sulemanoglu, Halil Mutlu and Taner Sagar from the Kardzhali region of Bulgaria, Sagir said, The bed of wrestlers in the Ottoman Empire, my grandfather, father and uncle always wrestled. We became weightlifters, that’s our difference. ” He said.

“In 2003, I went on to win both the European Youth Championship and the Junior World Championships, breaking the world record. I competed in a competition with my brother, “I was first in that competition and my brother was second. We have such a picture with my brother. My biggest memory of what I can do is forgetting was competing with my brother and rising to the top two together. I am very proud of my mother and father. “

“World champion will win Olympic medal”

“We have two former national athletes, our vice-president. Our European champion brother Yassin Aslan and our vice-president Om Ozturk are also coaches. In fact, it was 10-15 years ago,” Sagir said of how the new Naims work to make the Halils bigger. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ” There have been many mistakes in the past, we will try to correct them. An athlete grows up in 10-15 years, not one day. “

Noting that they will build a good infrastructure, find talented athletes and give them the best opportunities, Sagir said, “Of course, they will include world champions and Olympic medalists. Our goal is to add more to what we already have. Future administrators This goal will be achieved with good management. ” He said.

Noting that he has given up weightlifting due to serious injuries, Sagir said, “It’s incredibly exciting to see our athletes lift even barbells. We believe that when I watch their training, they will really be champions.” He finished saying.

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