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Head of the Department of Medical Biology, Professor of Medicine. Dr. “Our faculty provides education with a total of 96 instructors who have been trained in our country’s well-established and successful universities,” said Jaffer Setin.

In addition to the classroom equipped with all the facilities of the latest technology, Professor. Dr. Chetin continued his speech as follows:

“In our Anatomy Laboratory, an important laboratory in the Faculty of Medicine, our students can receive one-to-one dissection training every academic year, especially in full-body cadavers brought from abroad, during their learning process.

Also, a limited number of universities in our country have high-tech simulation laboratories with remotely controllable patient simulation models and our students’ professional and clinical skills exercises are conducted using infant, child and adult patient simulators. In this way, our students acquire the ability to develop their skills in difficult and rare cases before facing the patient.

Thanks to the visionary medical education we provide, we aim to train future physicians. When our students reach the stage of Clinical Medicine education, they can benefit from all the laboratories and clinical infrastructure of our hospital equipped with modern technology for teaching (Organ Transplant Center, Stroke Center, Heart Center, Obesity Center and IVF Center etc.). Purpose. ”

Recognition Studies

In order to complete the accreditation study that they have started to record the national and international standard of education that they provide in the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Dr. Chetin concludes:

“In addition, students of our Faculty of Medicine have the opportunity to implement a project and present the results of these projects at the National or International Congress. Education is life.

To achieve a universal vision, students can go to various educational institutions abroad with the European Union Erasmus + program. Innovation meetings with international scientific organizations such as SANKONUK and Medicine, enable us to bring them together with internationally renowned successful scientists. We help students showcase their projects on important platforms like Technofest, of which we are a partner university.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, our Faculty of Medicine has been successfully carrying out the Covid-19 epidemic process, ensuring healthy functioning of the teaching-learning process, provided technical information infrastructure and a secure campus. Certificate received.

Meet the tutor. Emin lives

Faculty of Health Sciences, Lecturer in the Department of Nursing. See. Emin Bush stated that ICN (International Council of Nurses) defined nursing in 1972 as a professional group that helps protect and develop the health of individuals, families and communities and provides healing and rehabilitation in case of illness.

“Nurses consider all aspects and plan, organize, implement and evaluate nursing services while respecting their cultural identity.” See. Head Sharing:

“The job description of the nursing profession is clearly defined by the regulations. Nurses perform these responsibilities in collaboration with the team, patient and family in accordance with ethical principles. Nurses have a wide range of employment opportunities. They can work in all areas of preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitation health services.

Nursing students receive 4 years of undergraduate education. Our training consists mainly of theoretical, laboratory and clinical / field practice training. Our students acquire psycho-motor skills in models in a medical skills laboratory with a well-equipped physical infrastructure and at the same time, they can practice what they have learned in theory with the latest technology simulators that respond to the actual patient in the simulation. Laboratory

Although they are primarily pursuing their clinical / field practice at Sanko University Hospital, they have the opportunity to practice at institutions and agencies affiliated with the Provincial Department of Health. ”

Reminded that the library within the university provides students with the opportunity to access new information in the ever-changing and developing world, Lake. Gör Baş states that the University Library, which opens by TÜBİTAK / ULAKBİM, includes members of all databases within the scope of EKUAL, which includes 7411 printed books, 27381 scientific journals, 168695 e-books and an extensive collection of web-based electronic subscriptions.

Expert Dietitian Turkan Tiraki

Responsible for internship from the Department of Nutrition and Nutrition, Uzm. Dietitian Turkan Tiriaki says that the applied courses are also included in the educational activities of the department.

Emphasizing that students can transform their theoretical knowledge into practice and gain practice, U.J.M. Dietitian Tyriaki summarizes:

“The nutritional content of each portion of food prepared in a laboratory environment is also provided in this environment within the scope of the initial nutrition policy and is presented in this environment by making necessary calculations.

For public health courses, vocational skills are acquired by practicing with appropriate instruments in an ethnographic laboratory. In the final year, students acquire the skills to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and prepare for the journey to the profession. ”

Meet the tutor. Hakan Polat

Faculty of Health Sciences, Lecturer in the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. See. Hakan Polat provided information on department courses, laboratories, clinical practice areas, professional employment opportunities, academic staff, job opportunities and opportunities at Sanco University Hospital, where practice and internships are held, and invites aspiring students to the profession.

Ibrahim Insiolou from the Promotion Office thanked the students, parents and educators for their keen interest in the University and provided information about the study.

Mustafa Bozdogan, Sanko University Faculty of Health Sciences, 2nd year student of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department, 2nd year student of Nursing Department Kevsar Karagulle and Halime Nur Dasi, and 4th year of Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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