Health Minister Fahretin Koka: We are removing the fear of epidemics from our minds

Health Minister Fahretin Koka said the Coronavirus Science Board held its last meeting yesterday and said, “We are at peace after a difficult time. We have removed the fear of an epidemic from our minds. Now we are safe. We have a vaccine, we have a medicine.” Says

The minister made a statement on current events ahead of his visit with Governor Hussein Aksai on the sidelines of the Coca-Cola Idin program.

  • Notices regarding new periods of mask use have been sent to Governorships.
  • Students are happy to enter the classroom without masks

Aydin will have a 1300-bed city hospital in 2023 and the investment will make the city a health base in the region, Coca noted, adding that in 20 years the city’s healthcare has increased 2.5-fold to 9,966.

Recalling that the Coronavirus Scientific Committee, which met yesterday at its last meeting, was adopted by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Koka stressed that a very tough fight against the coronavirus has been waged for 2.5 years, with a healthcare of 1.3 million people and members of every nation. Accepted the sacrifice.

Coca says:

“Today, we are leaving those difficult times behind and living in peace. We have removed the fear of the epidemic from our minds. Now we are safe. We have a vaccine, we have medicine. As long as we have these weapons, the disease is no longer a big threat. From now on, we are protected by personal protective measures and vaccinations and continue our daily life. We want to continue to use masks on a voluntary basis, excluding transport and health facilities. They should protect themselves with a mask where they see a risk. On the other hand, people with upper respiratory tract problems such as coughs, colds, and weakness should wear masks to protect those around them. I want to remind our citizens to be sensitive at this time. “

The last meeting of the Science Committee

Noting that the number of cases had dropped to 2,500 as of yesterday, Coca said 14 of the citizens who lost their lives were elderly people with chronic diseases.

Minister Coca said the number of coronavirus patients in the intensive care unit has decreased, Covid-19 services have been shut down one by one and Aydin is a province where there are no intensive care patients and the number of cases per day in the city is about 20, and they will reset it in the near future. Aims.

In response to a question from reporters, Health Minister Koka said, “Has the scientific committee finished its work?” To his question, he said that the board had held its last meeting yesterday with the acceptance of President Erdogan.

He used the following statement on social media:

Recalling what he called “the last meeting of the scientific committee,” Coca-Cola said, “The scientific committee has worked exceptionally well for 27 months during this time. We had a committee that met every day when needed. We are talking about a scientific committee. With the John Sub-Study Group, the scientific committee has held its last meeting until yesterday. The ministry has many scientific committees. The last meeting could be held at any time if necessary, but I would like to say that there is no such situation at the moment, and the last meeting ended yesterday as a historic meeting. “

“If you have symptoms of infection, you must wear a mask”

Minister Husband, “Whether the obligation to use the mask also covers the aircraft” In question, he reminded that masks will continue to be used only in public transport and health institutions until the number of cases falls below 1000 and masks will not be used in any other area.

“Therefore, it includes all institutions, including aircraft, education and closed areas.” That said, Koka noted that it is now known that the mask is protective and prevents infection with epidemics.

Influenza does not appear during periods of intensive use of masks, and those who later experience symptoms of upper respiratory infections must wear a mask, continue Coca:

“It should be our habit. Currently, the most at-risk age group is our citizens who are getting older and have more diseases. In other words, we are talking about older people with chronic disease and immune response. Therefore, advanced age. “If we have any signs of infection, we must wear masks to protect our elderly. We take care that our elders as well as those suffering from chronic diseases and additional diseases should also wear masks. Enter closed, crowded and risky areas. “

Minister Coca noted that there is currently no measure recommended by the Scientific Committee for tourists from abroad, and reminded that they have already removed the PCR test. Underlining that this does not mean that there will be no caution, Coca said, “Countries concerned are followed at regular intervals. Similarly, if we see a country’s risk, it is always assessed as a relevant ministry.” Says

Minister Kokar, who signed the Governor’s Honor Book and met with Governor Hussein Aksay, also met AK Party Aidin Deputy Mustafa Savas, Matin Yavuz, Bekir Power Erim, Riza Posaki, AK Party MKYK member Seda Saribash, provincial police chief, provincial police chief. Evin McKitt Engine, Reed Professor Dr. Aidin Adnan Menderes University (ADU). Dr. Osman Selchuk Aldemir was accompanied by AK Ozmen, the party’s provincial chairman.

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