Hussein Youssel, president of Bahsehir College: “We are not in a hurry, we are sure to reach the top.”

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Bahচে’u’ll কলেজh’s college men’s basketball team, founded just 5 years ago, has won the FIBA ​​Europe Cup and has become a source of pride for our country in sports. Familiar with the ‘Red Dragons’ slogan, the red and dark blue club has shown that with the right management model, international success can be achieved in a short period of time, even in highly competitive sports like basketball. We met Hussein Youssel, head of the Bahsehir College Sports Club, the architect of the building, who should be taken as an example in all respects, and we both had an account of the past and learned about its new goals.

We also attend sports and equestrian, but the club’s flagship basketball.

We know that you founded the club inspired by the Vakıfbank women’s volleyball team. So why did you choose basketball?

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We have a special sympathy for basketball as a family. It’s an enjoyable game that never stops and always has action in it. Also, when we founded this club, we were already in a good position in volleyball on the basis of both the national team and the club and we thought we could add more value to basketball. Looking back, I can say that we made the right choice. In fact, basketball is not the only branch where we actively compete. As a club, we also participate in sports, golf and equestrian. But of course the club’s flagship basketball and it will stay that way for a while.

We have always come to these days relying on our own performance.

After your success in the Europe Cup, everyone expected at least a semifinal from you in the Super League, but it didn’t happen. How would you rate this situation?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. However, we should not forget that this is the first time we have been able to play in the play-offs this season. Basketball is a process business. It takes time for what we’re creating here, and we’ve always put the seasons behind us on top of our own performance, in line with our learning curve. So, if we make it to the quarterfinals this season, why not the semifinals and the finals next season … our goal is to get there in time and stay there.

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The next Champions League

Can you tell us about your goals for the new season?

Next season, we will probably compete in the FIBA ​​Champions League. Our goal in this cup is short term championship. Although the first season is not a championship, we want to make a name for ourselves and be a respected club at this level. In addition, we want to enter the playoffs from good places in the league and be the ‘warrant’ of these places.

Will we see you in Euroleg in the future?

It is gratifying that Anadolu Effes have won the Euroleague this season and Frutti Extra Barাসa have reached the Eurocup final. We did our part and brought the FIBA ​​Europe Cup to our country. Of course, we aim for greater success in the future.

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Clubs are not as comfortable as before

Now there is one thing that applies to all clubs, and that is financial stability and accountability. Considering the point at which foreign exchange has reached, our clubs may not be as comfortable as before. Every transfer, every investment should be done with a fine check.

We believe in equal opportunity

As Bahceşehir College, we are a leading institution for the employment of women in Turkey. We are sensitive to equal opportunities. Our Administrative Manager Pınar Çiler and our Corporate Communications Manager Buket Aksoy Hall have been instrumental in getting our club to where it belongs.

2 players from Group A study with us on scholarships

Ülkü Özben and Ali Yüceoral, who are in our A team this year, are also studying at Bahchehir University on scholarships. Also, a significant portion of the players who play in our junior team receive scholarships to our high school and middle school.

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Beşiktaş will be even better next season

Let’s talk a little bit about football and Beşiktaş. How do you rate the season?

Of course, this was not a good season for Besiktas. As a result, Beşiktaş may not be the champion every season, but I am confident that the team will be much better next season.

What do you think about the presidential election?

As a Beşiktaş fan, my only wish is for the candidate who has won the election to take steps that will take our club to a better place than ever before.

We become EKOL like ITU, TED and METU

In basketball, there were schools that became schools such as TED College, METU and ITU. Can we think of Bahsehir in this way in future?

These schools are institutions we have heard of and have made significant contributions to Turkish basketball. In fact, I can already answer your second question with a ‘yes’. Because in these five years we have given continuity which we have left behind and in each season we have been able to improve ourselves.

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