Istanbul Bilgi University has shed light on new models in the education of students with autism

Istanbul Bilgi UniversityTurkey Autistic Support and Education Foundation (TODEV) and Antalya Special Athletes Youth and The game The “Physical Education and Sports Workshop for Students with Autism” organized in collaboration with the Association identified issues related to physical education and access to sports for students with autism and presented solutions for developing new and sustainable models. Education

A statement from the university said, Istanbul Bilgi UniversityThe “Physical Education and Sports Workshop for Students with Autism” organized by the Turkish Autistic Support and Education Foundation (TODEV) and the Antalya Special Athletes Youth and Sports Association was held online from 24-26 May.

Workshops where solutions to problems related to physical education and access to sports for students with autism were created, The game Panels and conferences were held on topics such as raising awareness for preschool children, supporting motor skills, developing positive behaviors, physical activity programs and playgroups.

Rector of Istanbul Bilgi University, Prof. Dr. inaugural speech. Dr. Alpaslan Parlaki, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Dr. Jeanne Simesek and the head of the Department of Child Development. Dr. Dilara Fatos Ozar’s workshop was attended by academics from national and international universities, students with autism and their parents, NGOs and physical education teachers.

Students with autism and their parents share their experiences and the problems they encountered during the learning process.

“Game play serious work”

In the statement, Professor Emeritus, a faculty member of Texas Women’s University. Drawing attention to the importance of physical activity and play for the development of children with autism, Lisa Silliman-French said, “Play is a serious business for children. “Play is important for cognitive development. One of the elements is the knowledge that students use to shape their lives.” Used phrases.

Emphasizing the role of teachers in educating children with autism and achieving proper behavioral models, Silliman-French said: “Students with autism may have difficulty communicating. That our every behavior is a form of communication with them. ” Evaluated her.

The workshop emphasized that physical activity and sports should be included in the education models of students with autism as they have a positive effect on preventing unwanted behavior, increasing social interaction and improving attention, and also emphasized the importance of behavioral strategies.

David Adams, a lecturer at Cal Poly Humboldt College of Professional Studies, commented, “There are no bad kids, there are kids with unwanted behavior.”

Adams emphasized the need to be “communicative” in order to understand what students are trying to communicate.

“Students with autism should stay together with their peers”

Elif Larmy Beckdemir, a physical education teacher, said that students with autism should not be segregated in physical education classes, adding that “it is important for them to be together with their peers in appropriate activities. As a physical education teacher, we can. Let’s touch the heart as much as possible with the study space to help the generation. ” We can manage to work with their faith and conscience. “

Lewis Callmana, a lecturer at the UW-Madison School of Education, says that the participation of students with autism in physical education and sports is an important factor in strengthening family bonds as well as its positive effects in preventing unwanted behaviors. And it strengthens the bond between the couple, bringing the family closer together. Physical activity is also an opportunity for the family. ” Evaluated her.

According to the information provided, a guideline report will be prepared at the end of the workshop to ensure full and effective participation of students with autism in physical education and sports.

The report will be sent to the University, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Youth and Sports and Ministry of Family and Social Services.

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