Kim Kardashian defends her family against Kanye West!

The social media phenomenon, reality show star and founder of her own lingerie brand, Kim Kardashian, recently ended her eight-year marriage to rapper Kanye West, who changed her name to ‘Yeah’. Kardashian began dating comedian Pete Davidson shortly after their marriage ended.

Stuck in a marriage contract, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorced on March 2nd. Although the Los Angeles Supreme Court legally granted Kardashian’s request to declare celibacy, it did not consider the West’s objection. The custody of the couple and their four children and the division of property have not yet been clarified.

Talking about her relationship with Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian said, “I’m definitely a relationship person. Honestly, I want to make time for this relationship. It’s a great feeling to be happy, content and at peace.”

Davidson, a People’s TV host, spoke with Adams about the upcoming ad and how he spends his time, and did not hesitate to talk about his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

“When I’m not at work, I spend time at home with my girlfriends and friends. I don’t do much outside of work,” said Pete Davidson, one of Hollywood’s most famous rebels.

West, who could not accept the loss to his ex-wife, sent a truck full of red roses to Kardashian on Valentine’s Day, February 14. “God wants me to reunite with Kim,” he said, adding that he wanted his family back, and Kanye West also posted the gift on Instagram.

The famous name shared on social media a photo of hundreds of roses in a black pickup truck box with the inscription “My vision is very clear and unambiguous …”.

In her post, Connie West writes, “Our relationship has become public because we are public figures. Some people may think I’m crazy, but falling in love means going crazy and I’m crazy for my family.”

After saying this, Kardashian took her love for Davidson to social media; She posted poses from her dinner with the comedian on her Instagram account, which she actively used. Kardashian, one of the couple who caught their attention with their cheerful mood, wrote the note “Night Snack …” in the frame taken together.

Western correspondence with Davidson, which targeted the couple from social media posts, was leaked. Organized by the ex-wife of this comedian.

Davidson, in one of his messages; Kanye West was furious when she said, “Kim is literally the best mom I know. What she does for the kids is amazing. You’re lucky to have such a mother, but I decided not to let you treat me. I have broken the silence. “

West asked Davidson, “Where are you now?” When Pete Davidson was asked, he shared a posture taken in bed and said, “I’m in bed with your wife.”
The personal messages of the two, who have been corresponding with each other for some time, are on social media; “Who should get rid of both?”

The 41-year-old is named after the incident; On the reality show ‘The Kardashians’ aired on a digital platform, he said that he would never again protect the 44-year-old rapper and would never allow them to treat their loved ones like that again.

Kim Kardashian has warned her mother Chris Jenner and sisters that Kanye West will release a new song. “That means he’s talking bad about me,” said Kardashian, who has four children in West.

“Most men do not insult their children’s mother in public,” interrupted 37-year-old Kholo Kardashian. Chris Jenner, on the other hand, noted that despite West posting a lot of social media about himself and his family, even his new girlfriend Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian, did nothing but be a great wife to him.

“When people say abusive things about someone, it hurts us all. One day your kids will read this and see it all, and this is a fact that everyone should be aware of,” said Jenner, 66. Kholo, on the other hand, told his sister that he would never regret being a good person, never bowing down to anyone else.

Kim Kardashian then told her family, “The only thing I can do is control how I react to things. I can’t control how he treats me or how he treats you.” The famous name then apologized to her family, saying she was aware of the impact of her relationship and added:

I said it would never happen again, and for the first time in my life I was feeling strong. I will not allow anyone to treat you or me like that.

Kanye West has been in trouble with his ex-wife’s family many times over the years. The famous name previously referred to Chris Jenner as a “white supremacist” and in a July 2020 tweet addressed him as “Chris Jung-un”.

Although West later changed his stance towards Jenner and praised him as a ‘hero’, he described her 41-year-old boyfriend Corey Gamble as “religious”.

The famous name, on the other hand, was recently criticized for allowing his eight-year-old daughter to wear a corset at his sister Courtney Kardashian’s wedding.

Some social media users have described the corset as “inappropriate”, while others have said that the North’s multi-layered clothing would be “annoying” in Italy’s hot weather.

A social media user says he hopes Kanye West will talk to Kardashian about the clothes her daughter has chosen for the North:

Regardless of the age of the baby and the weather conditions, it is a beautiful outfit. But I hope Kanye West will talk to Kardashian about their 8 year old daughter wearing a corset … it’s weird
The incident also elicited reactions such as “My mother didn’t like wearing an 8-year-old’s corset”, “I don’t understand why a child is wearing a corset” and “We’re at the end” May and this poor kid wearing a coat “.

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