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Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Chebi held a press conference at Vodafone Park. Çebi has assessed many issues, from the financial structure of the club to the TFF and its board, from transfers to elections.

Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi’s statement follows;

I have made an official application to be a candidate in the next election. By the time we arrived, Besiktas was in the middle. Salary not paid for 6 months, all income was under assignment. We tried our best to float the ship in a short time.

It seems that we will go to the polls with 2 candidates.

There is a financial and administrative general assembly in the coming days. The decision of the members of Beşiktaş in this committee will show whether we are successful or not. If I had a choice with more candidates, I would have wanted it too. I care a lot. It is our duty to respect and sincerely thank those who are interested in managing Beşiktaş. We have one more candidate. There was another candidate, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to that friend. It seems that we will field two candidates in the election. It seems that we will field two candidates in the election.

Beşiktaş’s current debt is 4.3 billion TL

When we arrived the debt was 2.5 billion, the debt is now 3.3 billion, which is certainly an unpleasant situation, but we must say that 1.2 billion has been repaid since we left because of the difference in exchange rates. At least the debt has not increased. That is pleasing. Beşiktaş’s current debt is 4.3 billion TL.

There is no acceptance from anyone from Beşiktaş.

Very important for the amateur branch Beşiktaş. The loss of amateurs, which we came to, was around 10 million euros at the beginning of the year, down to 5 million euros the following year and 2 million euros last year. It is important for me to know that these will be reflected in the balance sheet over time. The public should also know that so far, Beşiktaş JK and Futbol AŞ have no acceptance. We are also happy that the salaries of our employees are paid on a daily basis. We are happy to see them happy. Considering the example of the 3-4 million euros annual contract signed with Ljajic, Douglas and many football players, it is impossible to see where the original loan comes from. When we arrived, NO: 1903 Tavern was occupied by the municipality because of our debt. We did what we needed to do, paid off our debts, and brought the inn back to our club. Beşiktaş residents can go with their children and have their breakfast.

We got 3 trophies during the epidemic

The stadium was uninhabited. We were fortunate to have this stadium settled. Also, Akatlar and Suleiman service facilities were renovated. At the time of the epidemic, we got 3 trophies. I would like to thank our coaches, players and managers of that time. We also went to the Champions League. Unfortunately, we had an unfortunate process and we didn’t get points. Referee errors, hitting the ball post, misfortune and injury have badly affected us. We have built a competent staff, but unfortunately, obstacles hinder success, no matter what you say.

We will patiently prepare Beşiktaş

In the future, we want to start a process with young players and a renewed staff with a low cost long term plan. We will continue with Ersinler, Rıdvanlar, Serdarlar, Güven and we will find and remove new ones. We will patiently prepare Beşiktaş. Next year, we want to create an equity-based structure where we can stay away from all of this, focus on young people and recruit players that we can buy at low cost and sell at high prices. If elected, this is the message I will give to the society. Our main goal is to play football with young people, reduce costs and reduce the debt burden with testimonial fees. There is a money like 1 billion TL that we lost in 2 years due to the epidemic. We have suffered huge losses, especially in terms of broadcasting revenue.

I think we can talk about where Beşiktaş came from financially and we have a right to do so. I specifically ask that those who try to increase followers on social media, conduct perceptions and become an event should not be respected.

There is no crazy budget in the new season

Our goal is not to get stars; To make them. We will do it patiently. Our goal is not to get them, they are to create. We want to do it slowly. However, there will be quality names that will set an example for our youth and contribute to the brand value of the 20-person staff. Especially in the center. There is no crazy budget in the new season. It is very easy to get a star, you pay money, pay off debts, those who come after you suffer in it. It turned into a club. If they don’t give us testimonials, we won’t sell our young players to anyone. Young people, they did not burn. All shiny. Ridvan, Ersin, Serdar … knocking on our door for all of them. But how we benefit is important. None of our children are going anywhere if we don’t get numbers in our heads.

We deserve the new sports law

We deserve the new sports law. We put the big plane tree and the 100 year old club in debt. But the law requires managers to extend the limits of borrowing and lending. Beşiktaş’s young players can’t claim 10 times what they deserve because they got two calls. But there are managers. We need to save these kids from the hands of managers. There is no obligation to extend the term of the contract by 1-2 years before the end of the contract. We will wait if necessary.

We follow the Beşiktaş fan token issue

Why didn’t we get into the coin / token thing? I don’t think other clubs are generating revenue as you mentioned. I think you lack knowledge about this. I have handed over this matter to my team, I will also decide in the final stage, but we are still waiting for it. About Beşiktaş fan tokens, I don’t want my fans to be bothered when they buy this token. We talk a little bit about this. But there is an idea that Beşiktaş could not do this, where we follow all the legal details to the smallest point.

I defended Beşiktaş’s interests where I should be.

If you can solve the problem when shouting about referees, will it still be a problem today? You go and talk so that something can be solved. I defended Beşiktaş’s interests where I should be. More than that goes to the show.

All TFF boards are biased

I call all the boards of TFF. Resignation. This is an opportunity. All boards are biased. Arbitration, all boards of PFDK should resign. All referees must be replaced. Now we need young, new names and faces. Starting from the top in TFF. In order to save Turkish football, the refereeing organization has to be restructured.

Trabzonspor – Beşiktaş match should have been repeated

Trabzonspor – Beşiktaş match should have been repeated. They say the decision will have no effect on the outcome. I hope that the decision of the Arbitration Board will not be in the new season. I have no worries like the TFF presidency. If I had that thought, I would not be running for the presidency again.

Referee work is thin

The problem is the referees. We said these referees should go, young referees should come. He was not involved in the referee operation. However, it was incomplete and was done incorrectly. This work has not been completed and has become waterlogged. Those who give flowers to the referee, those who support their comeback, those who go in front of the camera after every match and complain against the referee. I hope the new TFF management will send all the boards and old referees. As a Beşiktaş president, I say this with courage. They have made complaints for all the teams in Turkish football as much as we do, I am not alone.

I believe Ceyhun Kazancı

Beşiktaş As president, I did not send any coaches. With Abdullah Avisi. I am determined to stand behind Valerian Ismail. I also trust Ceyhun Kazancı. Do you know why I am optimistic for Valerian Ismail? Valerian Ismail has not missed a single U19 match so far. He expressed his confidence in the youth. After the match, in the locker room, one by one, he told the youth about his mistakes and truth. This is something I really like.

We have to respect each other

I urge those who write and draw on social media. I stay at the club every day from 10:00 to 18:00. I can come here and say it to my face and maybe enlighten you on something you don’t know. Well, most of the time lies are written falsely. We are human first. It is better to be a guru, to be civilized. I welcome anyone who has the courage to say what they have written in my mouth. Sometimes it is found out and brought here, it is said that the President was drunk, I did not write. She tried to kiss my hand while leaving. Either don’t do it or don’t do it. It can’t be both. Try to kiss here insulting from there. These are inappropriate steps. We have to respect each other.

I will never say such a sentence to Mr. Ali.

I respect the club president and the family. I will never use this expression for club president. Rahmi Bay is precious to us. I wonder what the two unhealthy children did as a moment of anger or excitement. In that video, because the friend in the back said ‘hit your fist on the table’, I said ‘I’m not kidding’. I will never say such a thing about Mr. Ali. The only example of Ali Kok from the Beşiktaş match is a situation that could put me in a difficult situation, I said I got it wrong. Ali Kok is already a friend of ours who has raised his voice against injustice and injustice. I just hope he leaves our work to us.

Our discussions with Vida continue

We are negotiating with screws. Since his contract is over, he can say goodbye to his friends. We are meeting with him. As long as it does not comply with the terms of Beşiktaş, I do not think I will continue with any football player. Atiba is very valuable to us. I want to continue with Atibar. But Vidar’s condition is very heavy. We cannot continue in this situation. We will continue with the youth, but there will be names that will add value to Beşiktaş with their brand.

We are meeting with Cenk Tosun, but there are serious differences in wages.

Senk Tosun is our son. I talked to him. I keep seeing. I love Senk Tosun, I want to see him in our team. But there is a big difference in wages between us. Love is different, reality is different. What I want is, yes, in terms of Beşiktaş.

I have been a member of the Council Board for 30 years and a member of Beşiktaş for 60 years. I’m not from Trabzonspor, I’m a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, born in Trabzon. It is the most disgusting attitude and behavior of those who write and say. I’m not from Trabzonspor. I was born in Trabzon. On the one hand, a 60-year-old Besiktas player, Ahmet Nur Chebi. These are statements that Ahmed Nur Chebi wrote and drew because they did not find any errors.

I’m not sorry about the Pjanic transfer

The day he left for Italy was a holiday in Poznan. Do I regret Pjanic? I can’t say sorry for that. He was like a big brother in behavior. He was very humble and respectful, but his contribution did not live up to our expectations. Tayfur Bingöl is out of our transfer policy due to age, but let’s take a look at his transfer. It has succeeded there too. And that’s what he said. It can be put on the agenda.

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