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There are many important events in May.

May 1st is celebrated around the world as Labor Day.

May 6 is celebrated as Hıdırellez Day.

On May 14, 1950, the first democratic elections were held in our country.

On May 19, 1919, Mostafa Kamal Pasha set foot in Samsun to save your country from enemy occupation.

This day is also remembered in Greece as the first day when the Pontic Greeks were the victims of genocide.

May 27, 1960 is the day of the first military coup in the Republic of Turkey.

The city-state of Constantinople was conquered on May 29, 1453.

I was a second year student at YTU in Istanbul on 27 May 1960, one of these important days.

What I will write is information that I have learned through life.

In April 1960, universities in Istanbul and Ankara were suspended and dormitories closed due to student revolts.

We were told to go back home and leave.

I have returned to my hometown Mughal.

My father saw me in front of him and responded, “What are you doing in Mughal?”

I told my father that “schools and dormitories were closed, police killed students and bodies were sent to meat and fish institutions to make sausages.”

Dad listened to me and asked, “Boy, a man can kill a man, I understand that, but can sausage be made from what a man kills? Have you seen it with your own eyes?”

I didn’t see it either, but when the school teachers said what they said, my dad said, “How can you believe this lie? It’s not like that.”

Our teacher, nicknamed KAKAL, told us about our sausage.

This teacher was also taking Draft Geometry class.

Every day in Mughal, we listened to the radio attentively and read the daily newspaper.

On the morning of May 26, my father woke me up and said, “Boy, turn on the radio now.”

The radio was in the guest room, and I slept there.

We turned on the radio, a man in David’s voice said, “The Turkish armed forces have seized power. The armed forces are in control of the situation. The Turkish armed forces are loyal to NATO and the Senate.”

He then corrected his mistake, saying “the Turkish armed forces are loyal to NATO and the CENTOR.”

When my father heard the announcement, he said, “Alas, my unfortunate country, our army was not loyal to his government, but to NATO and the CENTOR.”

We were all confused, we couldn’t communicate with anyone because we didn’t have phones like today, and the only source of our news was our radio.

In Turkey that day, the forces that occupied Ankara and Istanbul Radio occupied Turkey.

Around 9 o’clock drums started playing in front of our house.

We looked out the window, what is it?

The lame Ilmaz was eating in the Sekibasi street with his drum in his hand.

Since my mother knew that the Lem dynasty was a strong family, she almost begged my father, “Oh, Kamal, don’t get involved.”

A week later, we learned on the radio that the school was opening.

I went back to my school in Istanbul.

All our teachers, students and classmates were celebrating.

I stopped by my aunts living in Shishil, and they were happy with their lives.

The people of Istanbul were also satisfied.

Those days coincide with the Eid of Ramadan.

Mrs. Melek also came to my aunt, Mrs. Melek was also happy in her life, we kissed her hand and she gave my cousin and me big tips.

Melek Haneem was the mother of Errol Simavi and a good friend of my aunt.

I said to myself, “Hey boy, are you the smartest person in the country? Everyone is happy with their lives, what’s wrong with you?” I started thinking.

Everyone I met and talked to said that the Menderes government was a thief and was selling the country.

I had to see with my own eyes, I had to listen with my ears.

With the help of Melek Haneem, I went to the island to see the Yasida trial.

I wanted to hear and see the betrayal of Adnan Menderes and his friends at trial.

So many people can’t be wrong.

I went to Yasida twice by ferry to Fenerbah and Pasabah.

Once, the Afghan king presented President Selal Bayar with a quality Afghan dog.

The buyer also sells the dog as a fountain in his village. It was done.

Yasida Judge Selim Basol asked President Bayer, “How can you sell this dog and build a fountain in your village?” It was declining.

On one occasion, he brought the panties of Prime Minister Menderes safe and out of his personal life and asked Menderes to be held accountable for them.

Issues such as theft, unjust gain and sale of land were not on the agenda.

We later learned that the May 27 coup was the work of a deep US state.

But the Istanbul Press was hiding this fact …

Through this event, I learned how important the press is.

On 27 May, a coup was called in the name of Atatুrk, but the 1924 constitution, which was the cornerstone of the Turkish Republic established by Atatুrk, was dropped, and in 1962 a new constitution was drafted in accordance with the wishes of the United States.

No one has mentioned this detail.

Interestingly, the Yasida court charged the Menderes government with violating the 1924 constitution.

However, the 1924 constitution was repealed and deemed null and void.

In the years that followed, the United States failed to slow down.

In 1997, they staged a coup against the civilian bureaucracy.

We were only able to end the coup period on 15 July 2016 through popular resistance.

The U.S. deep state could not and still does not digest the existence of Muslim Turkey in Istanbul and Anatolia.

Even in 2022, the United States does not seem to have made any concessions to this will and aspiration.

The Greeks, Armenians, and Jews who immigrated from the Ottoman lands have been influencing the US administration, establishing lobbies in the US, and hating our country.

Unfortunately, the crypto Turks who live among us are helping these groups.

This is the real phase of Ray.

Unfortunately, we have no choice but to be alert and strong.

May Allah never show this nation the face of coup again.

Mankind has not yet found a better form of government than democracy.

Let’s defend our democracy and stay away from people and parties who expect something from the coup.

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