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Trendiol, one of the e-commerce platforms, has become one of the main sponsors of national volleyball teams in collaboration with the Turkish Volleyball Federation.

The press conference between the Turkish Volleyball Federation and Trendiol was held at the TVF Burhan Felek Vestel Volleyball Hall.

Press conference; Mehmet Akif Ustundag, President of the Turkish Volleyball Federation, Bahar Mert, Member of the TVF Executive Board for the National Team, Mustafa Alpaslan, Member of the TVF Press Executive Board / Press Spokesperson, Kazim Shahin Gurkan, Member of the TVF Organization and Marketing Board, – Coordinator member. Ada Erdem and Arslan XC, Trendol’s founding partner Begum Tekin, TVF Corporate Communications and Marketing Director Sejgin Eren and members of the press.

Within the scope of the signed sponsorship agreement, Trendiol will collaborate with national volleyball teams within the Turkish Volleyball Federation. Also, the Trendyol logo will be on the tights of the women’s national team jersey for 3 years.

President of the Turkish Volleyball Federation Mehmet Akif Ustundag delivered the inaugural speech of the sponsorship agreement and said:

“Turkish volleyball is a branch that everyone admires and is a source of pride for our country. This year, the national team season began with the European Gold League men’s match that our national men’s volleyball team played in Elazগে. The Affleri of the Net brought a smile to our faces with their 3-0 win over Slovakia. I would like to thank the people of Elazig for their outstanding hosting and support in playing Elazig, one of the most famous cities in Anatolia.

Our national women’s volleyball team will say hello to the national team season with the group stage matches of the Nations League starting May 31. With the pride of breaking new ground this year, we will host the final of the League of Nations in Ankara. I once again extend my sincere congratulations to VakıfBank for the CEV Champions League Championship, which brought to our country the biggest medal in Europe last week.

Trendiol is an organization that serves our country’s proud, highly respected and wide audience. To those who have contributed to this wonderful collaboration, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the entire Trendiol team, and especially to the President of the Trendiol Group, Çağlayan Çetin. We are happy and proud that they did not leave us alone in the process, they are the partners of Turkish volleyball and we are players of the same team. We have a lot of work to do together. We want to participate in world championships, Olympic Games, Nations League, European Championships, in short, in all organizations and get degrees. I would like to thank everyone who has supported us in this way, and welcome the Trendiol team to the volleyball family.

I would like to underline that Trendyol has joined us as the main sponsor of the national team and sponsor of our Fabrika volleyball project. As TVF, we invest for young people. After today, we will further increase the number of our factory volleyball schools in support of the Trendiol family. I would like to thank Trendiol Group President Çaglayan Çetin for his sensitivity in this project and his sensitivity towards investing in the youth. With this signature, Trendiol tells us that ‘not only as today’s sponsor, but also as future sponsor, we are patiently with you in every way forward’, their invaluable contribution is invaluable to us. “

Giving details of the sponsorship, Trendiol Group President Çağlayan Çetin said, “As Trendiol, we are thrilled to contribute to the success of our nationally valuable volleyball national teams, who are always proud to fly our flag, together we have so much more. 30 million subscribers and over 260,000 vendors. The good wishes of the entire Trendyol family will be with you, and we will be proud of your success. As Turkey’s Trendiol, we always see it as our responsibility to stand by our country’s values.

We are pleased to offer our full support to Fabrika Volleyball, which was established by our federation and aims to bring more children to our country into volleyball. Together we will increase the number of 35 factory volleyball schools in 32 cities in Anatolia and bring our children and youth together in volleyball. “

Ada Erdem, captain of a national women’s volleyball team, also said the following about the sponsorship: “I must say that this collaboration makes me happy. We are a very different federation, we are like a family. Through Trendyol, our family is growing today. I wish good luck to this union. I find support for young people very valuable. This year, as the Sultan of the Net, we will fight to stay ahead of last year. ”

“I would like to thank Trendiol for his confidence and contribution to volleyball, one of the most successful sports in volleyball,” said Arsenal XC, captain of a national men’s volleyball team. Used expressions.

After the speech, TVF President Ustundag presented a plaque of appreciation to layaglayan Çetin for his support and contribution, including his name in Turkish volleyball, ball and national team jersey.

Trendyol Group President Çağlayan Çetin presented the certificate donated to the Turkish Education Foundation on behalf of TVF President Mehmet Akif Ustundag.

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