Our kindergarten-kindergarten support will begin during the next school year.

Deria Yannick, Minister of Family and Social ServicesIn her speech at the “150 Kindergarten Joint Opening Ceremony” organized by the Ministry of Education with the participation of Emin Erdogan, wife of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, she said that she believes that what has been done for children will strengthen them and they are working with the government.

Referring to President Erdogan’s remarks that the most important assets are qualified people, Yannick said that with the advantage of having a young and dynamic population, the AK Party governments have made great strides in development so far.

Bak Yannick said that they want to take Turkey to a stronger and stronger future by maintaining this dynamism and said that they believe in talented, energetic and determined children in this sense.

“We run projects for early participation of children in social life”

Indicating that the Ministry of Family and Social Services is working to improve the quality of life of children, Yannick said that they have developed service models to provide all kinds of services that will add value to children’s social life.

In this sense, Yannick says they also run projects for early participation of children in need of pre-school education in social life, noting that they form social services and social support according to age needs and requirements. Time.

Burns stressed the importance of a healthy start in life so that children can have a quality education life and become useful individuals for themselves and society.

Noting a significant turning point in pre-school education, Yannick continued:

“Because of this, we have increased the number of 1,179 private kindergartens, day care centers and children’s clubs opened under our ministry in 2022 to 2,304. ” This is very necessary for the existence of the structure. For this reason, we provide socio-economic support to our children to support their families as well as their educational, social and cultural development. When the AK Party government came to power in 2002, 807 thousand children benefited from this assistance, today 146 as of April 2022. Our children benefited from 1,554 We increased the average monthly social and economic assistance per child, which was 152 lira In 2006, in April 2022, 1,650 lira.

“We strive to distribute social welfare equally.”

Indicating that they, as a party government, have been fighting for the social welfare they have created since 2002 to share with all sections of society, Yannick said: We are talking about a social democracy in the modern sense, it is a real social democracy. We have been fighting for it for 20 years. Find out what social support is. ” He said.

Yannick said that as Minister of Family and Social Services, they have worked closely with the Ministry of National Education on a number of projects and concluded his speech as follows:

“Last week, we launched a new support program with our Ministry of National Education. Our kindergarten-kindergarten support will begin during the next education period. Our goal is for 1 million children to benefit from this support. We will provide 500 million lira. So that our children can receive pre-school education. At present, we provide social assistance. We provide this assistance directly to the children of our citizens between the ages of 3 and 5 who will benefit from our program when they are registered. In kindergartens ৷ only when their children are enrolled in kindergartens, we will receive those lists from the Ministry of National Education and we will transfer social assistance for those children to the account of the Ministry of National Education. “

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