President Erdogan’s economic message: The signal is coming … We are targeting tourism

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Here is the title of President Erdogan’s speech:

DEİK has a crucial role to play at a time when Turkey is preparing to become one of the world’s top 10 economies by raising its target.

With its head office, DEİK acquires an infrastructure consistent with its demands.

A person who has dedicated his life to the politics of work and service, no one can deny that we understand you best.

The greatest assurance of our new economy program is your determination, effort and work.

“We offer marble to serve our nation”

It was struggling to survive under the heavy burden of the 2001 crisis. Due to our infrastructural deficit and the impact of the coup, we could not predict the future with the constantly stumbling block. First, we quickly established an environment of trust and stability. The business world has suddenly left. Marble construction is probably not a random event. In spite of all obstacles, we have kept our nation in the service of the marble, which was considered impossible for us.

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We have shown you how to get to Izmir in 3.5 hours, from here to Izmir in 7.5 hours. For years, the mountains between Izmir and Manisa could not be crossed. By creating the Sabunkubeli tunnel, those long distances were shortened. It’s not just this. Shall I get up and talk about Nisibi Bridge?

We were never satisfied with them. As Neshet Baba said, we said that those who run with love do not get tired, we ran with love and we did not get tired.

We have increased the number of highways from 6,100 kilometers to 26,000 kilometers. If not, would modernity have any meaning now? We said that this work has a final. What was the final? By building the bridge at Chanakkal on 18 March, we signed the first in the world as Turkey.

Some say we go out hungry. Don’t be unfaithful, we are hungry. No residue. As long as you are honest in this moment, be sincere. It is clear where we got this opportunity for our citizens that we raised and financed. Turkey has faced such opposition that it is only trying to confuse our minds.

“You can’t miss Erdogan on the night of July 15, but you did put him in the tank.”

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Say something about Tayyip Erdogan so that someone can swallow it. They do not swallow. 2023 is coming. He also says ‘escape’ without shame. You did not kidnap Erdogan on the night of July 15, but you escaped through the tank. You escaped through the tank at 23:00. Thanks to whom. Some thanks to the pro-FETO security guards who fled to Bakırköy municipality. You start drinking coffee there. So I made my call from Marmaris. If I were 15 minutes late, maybe I wouldn’t be in front of you. When I called everyone to the square, my people gathered at Ataturk Airport and started waiting for us. We got there and hugged them.

Whatever Mr. Kamal says, Erdogan has arrived. What is our relationship with the world, these are also clear. Don’t get too excited, Mr. Kamal, Mr. Erdogan will continue to serve in this country. He is talking about money. Yes, I earned 150,000 lira, I earned another 100,000 lira. On behalf of Mr. Kamal, I am giving this money to TÜRGEV ​​and Ensar Foundation, which he has slandered. At least that would be a blessing. It will go hand in hand with the poor.

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What he describes is a great dormitory just behind the two streets of Turkevi, built in America. It is most understandable to put so many lies and false things in it. But unfortunately, lies in the evening, lies in the morning.

“We will overcome the problem of exchange and inflation.”

We have taken the total investment of our country from 70 billion and increased it to 2 trillion.

We have come to a turning point in 2018. We have chosen to move towards our goals while protecting employment and growth. This choice had a heavy price.

Of course, we will overcome the problem of exchange rate and inflation. Our greatest achievement is that we protect production and investment and do not allow anyone to collapse.

“Signals are coming … we are achieving tourism targets”

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We will compensate for the rapid decline in welfare by taking measures to reduce the cost of living. We look forward to the cooperation of the business community in this regard. Without resorting to unreasonable pricing, we can get our country out of this vicious cycle through a rational and sustainable policy.

The signs of good season have started to come in tourism. We are in a good position. Hopefully we can reach the goal.

The economic program we implement is highly consistent, scientific and appropriate.

President Erdogan's economic message: The signal is coming ... We are targeting tourism

“We hope for a great year in agriculture”

We are all in the same boat. If the Turkish ship is damaged, we will suffer the consequences together. Although the opportunist groups are trying their best to inflict further damage on Turkish ships, we have enough information to be optimistic. The only reason for the current account deficit reduction is fuel consumption, which has increased 5 times and 10 times for some items in our country.

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We look forward to a fruitful year in agriculture.

The mood of some of us is like the enthusiasm of those who raised their hopes before the national struggle. They will not succeed in 2023.

Don’t be fooled by the deception of those who have no qualifications other than looking at the world from London and New York, not from their own country.

Those who continue to impose interest and inflation, which have nothing to do with anywhere in the world, are ignorant.

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