Sophia Metro shows the battle with the eyes of Ukrainian children

No one could believe that the end of the plague that the world was facing would coincide with the beginning of the war in Europe in the 21st century. Indeed, life offers all sorts of scenarios. According to experience, the solution to every problem lies in the fact that it exists. This proves to be one of the industrial projects created in Bulgaria to help people fleeing the Ukrainian war. The interactive exhibition on ‘Little Witnesses of War’ expresses the perspective of war through pictures of the most innocent victims of war. This creative idea was found by ‘121 Agency’ Genoveva Andreva, an entrepreneur, organizer, who partnered with the National Children’s Network.

Genoveva Andreva says:“The images reached us through the Museum of Child Creativity in Ukraine.

Developing the project with this museum, ‘121 Agency’ decided to create an interactive installation in the shape of a child-shaped hexagon.

“The idea is to bend and look into the eyes of children to understand how they see war. Paintings are a chronology of the ‘irrational’ developments that take place nowadays. From day one of the war, the Kids Creativity Museum began collecting spontaneous drawings and pictures of Ukrainian children under the sound of sirens and bombs and examining the war with their own eyes. It began to reach them from various cities in Ukraine, including Kiev, Mariupol and Kharkiv.

“The job of the Museum of Children’s Creativity is to examine children’s perspectives on certain issues, to protect their interests,” explains Genoveva Andreva. Before the war started, the children made many pictures with ‘Kovid-19’.

The Sophia Metro, where for the first time the interactive exhibition titled ‘Small Witnesses to the War’ was displayed, has a symbolic significance. For two weeks, the capital city became the two main stops for the project’s five ‘industrial children’.

“The first thing that comes to mind is the connection to the Kyiv metro station, which has become a symbol of escape from war. Most of the children have spent the first days of the war there, the subway stations have become their refuge. “We decided to show them,” explains Genoveva

How do children in Ukraine view war now? Genoveva says bitterly that to get an easy answer to this question, everyone should look at pictures of children.

In addition to the direct call for “NATO, please, close the airspace”, “Putin, stop the war”, there are also calls for “I do not want war”. Some other paintings depict soldiers as angels. One of my favorite pictures is of a cow grazing on a plane. Called ‘Peaceful Lawns’, the painting embodies a child’s greatest ambition: to see the place where he lived before the war. Dream of peace in its purest form, right?

The exhibition can be viewed at the Sofia Cinema House at the end of the month of the international festival ‘See Ukraine from a different perspective’. At an event hosted by the National Children’s Network at the Children’s Puppet Theater on 31 May, pictures of Ukrainian children will be presented at the event where the ‘Golden Apple’ award for contribution to children’s lives will be presented. It was previously reported that this year’s special award will be given to volunteers who show support for Ukrainian asylum seekers. The Interactive Painting Exhibition will also take part in the ArtActia Cultural Awards Ceremony on 22 June at Sophia’s ToplessCentrala Hall. The main goal of the project is to raise funds for the urgent needs of child refugees in Bulgaria through the ‘Child Migrants from Ukraine’ fund.

Pictures can be seen here

* As of April 12, 2022, more than 4 million Ukrainian children have received it from their homes, according to the United Nations.


Translation: Nellie Dimitrova

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