Statement of permission of teachers from Minister Ozar

Mahmoud Ozar, Minister of National Education, He attended the inauguration of Beyoglu Mustafa Kandirali Fine Arts High School. Ozar, Minister of National Education; He said teachers will conduct their professional work programs online between June 20-24 and will be considered on their administrative leave between June 27-30.

Two good news for teachers from Minister Ozar

Noting that he has two good news for teachers, Minister Ozar said, “We allow our teachers to come to school during professional work period, ie seminar week, second term and interim period between June 20-24, after school closes. They will come to school. No. They will complete their development. This is our first good news. Second, they will be considered for administrative leave by the ministry between June 27 and 30. Until July 1, our teachers will plan on their own initiative. ” Made a statement.

Fine Arts High Schools will be opened in 6 provinces

National Education Minister Mahmoud Ozar began his speech by indirectly congratulating Mustafa Kandirali on his contribution to Turkish music. Minister Ozar said that they want to develop not only young people who can stand apart with their academic skills, but also artists who are in constant touch with culture, art, civilization, science, wisdom and who are fed by the deep veins of past and present. . This is up to the people with new explanations, and continues: and our Ministry of Tourism, and we have seen that there are no Fine Arts High Schools in 6 provinces, so far we are continuing these studies with 95 Fine Arts High Schools in 75 provinces. “We have fine arts high schools in our province that we can’t beat a Mustafa Kandrali. We don’t know from which province he will emerge.” Evaluated her.

Obstacles to education are removed

Noting the importance of access to education as a social state, Minister Ozar said, “The main focus of the great transformation of education in the last 19 years has been to remove barriers to education. To eliminate barriers to access to higher education due to the quality of the victims, to ensure girls’ access to education through the establishment of schools in an environment where girls are constantly accused of “why not go to school” where girls do not have access to education due to lack of schools. Used expressions.

The problem of girls entering school

“Why don’t girls go to school? Why don’t they send them to school?” The enrollment rate of girls is higher than that of educated boys. Another problem has been solved. These are very valuable things. “

Noting that they are trying to incorporate an education system that brings children to the forefront of art, culture and music as well as their academic skills, while overcoming barriers to learning, Ozar said, “We are trying to promote not just fine arts high schools We also try to do fine arts-related activities in our other high schools, in our other high schools, which we do. Each province. On the one hand, we increase access and on the other hand, we match those schools with other schools. These students will perform in schools in the region. And for the first time, we can bring Turkish music well. Arts High School. We include it in the curriculum. “

Minister Ozar announced: Mathematics summer school will open
“We are opening summer math schools in all of our provinces and districts, with support and training courses for grades 4 through 12,” said Ozar, the national education minister. Used expressions.

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