The 25th Flying Broom Film Festival has started

As in the past, the festival, where more than 60 films with female directors’ signatures will meet audiences in 105 sessions, will be held from May 26 to June 5 this year. Magical Fener Kijiloy Cinema And Dogan Taşdelen Contemporary Arts CenterWill be held.

More than 60 films will be shown to the audience

Alcaras, who won the Golden Bear Award at the 2022 Berlin Film Festival, The Blue Moon, which returned with the Best Film Award from the 2021 San Sebastian Film Festival, Joanna Hogg’s Modern Classic Souvenir and Memories: Part II and Master’s Ready to present a rich event with Maixabel, the festival aims to expand access to culture by offering student ticket prices at 10 TL per session this year and full tickets for 25 TL.

It has been announced that the festival will be held in support of the Ministry of Culture, the Kankaya Municipality, the EU delegation, the City Council and our main sponsor Tunka Hook. As part of the festival, it will be held in Ankara from 26 May – 5 June. Magical Fener Kijiloy Cinema And Dogan Taşdelen Contemporary Arts CenterIt was mentioned that more than 60 films will be screened at the meeting.

In his speech, the theme of this year’s festival was Dr. Women’s inheritanceEmphasizing that, Cemre Öztoprak said, “With this theme, we carry on the legacy of the women’s struggle for gender equality that has been going on for centuries, and we are working with all our might to move the network to a stronger women’s movement in the future.” , Experience and knowledge we have established over 25 years. “

Oztoprak further stressed that as the Flying Broom Foundation, they are aware of the fact that due to forced economic conditions the right to benefit from industry is being hampered and access to industry is becoming more difficult. Oztoprak recently reminded that the festival films will meet the audience in 105 sessions in 10 days.

“Where does the road that the girls build go?”

After Oztoprak, the program director of the festival, Neel Kural, gave information about the festival. The rules about the program are as follows:

“Where does the road to a future built by women, driven by women’s inheritance, go? There are many answers to this question in the selection of Flying Broom by women filmmakers. These answers speak of peace, environment, justice, freedom and rebellion.

“We plan to revive the unique cinematic experience in epidemic-affected cinema halls and offer a foundation that will invite filmmakers and viewers to a common dialogue. We think this dialogue will empower and awaken the spirit of solidarity. ”

Speaking after Neil Kural, Flying Broom Foundation board member Elif Topkaya Sevin said the opening night of the festival will be held on May 26 at 20:00 at the KARUM turf ground with the participation of all participants who have received awards over the years. And Turkan Sরেre, Honorary President of the Foundation. Sevinç then gave information about the prizes given in the festive occasion.


This year Flying Broom Theme Award; Since 1990, it has been housed in the Women’s Works Library, created for the support and devotion of women from all walks of life and faith as a place of culture / memory and lasting memory. The Flying Broom Foundation looks at the Women’s Works Library, a very important place in the women’s cultural heritage, as a place of women’s memory and supports the center so that it carries the legacy of women.

This year HonorsWith more than 40 years of acting in movies and theaters, he has packed countless successes and awards throughout his career. Sheriff CesarIs given. In commemoration of Bilge Olgak, one of the first female directors of Turkish cinema, to celebrate the achievements of women working in different sections of cinema. Bilge Olgak Achievement Awards If Players Ness Yulak And Ayenil Shamlioglu With the producer Anna Maria AslanogluWill be submitted.

With more than 70 years of acting in theaters and movies, Neşe Yulaç has starred in many important films, including “In the Name of the Law”, “Cardes Kursunu”, “Son Composition” and “Hikran Yarasi”, which are Turkish language masterpieces. The history of cinema.

Ayenil Shamlioglu, who has become distinguished by his performances in movies and theaters, is another award-winning name. “Something useful”, “You light the night light”, “No eye of love can see” and “Love, magic, etc.” He took part in important productions of contemporary Turkish cinema, especially in Turkish.

Producer Anna Maria Aslanoglu, who, despite her young age, has signed on to many successful projects, including “Gulf”, “Nest” and “Tuesday”, which competed for the Best Short Film Award at the Cannes Film Festival; He produced “States of Matter”, which won the Best Documentary Film Award at the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, and Juhal, which won the 2022 Istanbul Film Festival with Sefi Teoman Best First Film and Best Screenplay Award.

It has been given since 2009 to encourage young female actors, to support their cinematic journey and in this case to draw attention to their productions and to write strong and positive female roles for women in Turkish cinema. Young Witch AwardYoung filmmaker Nazli BulumIs given.

Nazli Bulum has participated in the acting studios of Sarajevo Talent and Berlinel Talent, and in recent years has performed and produced for films such as “You Ben Lenin”, “Snow”, “Blue Wave”, “List of Those Who Love Me” and “The Great Istanbul Depression”. He has made a name for himself through his successful performances in films and television series which have achieved significant success.

Leaving a strong women’s movement for the future: the legacy of women

Flying Broom’s 25th anniversary theme, which meets its audience with a different theme each year, leaves a quarter of a century behind. Women’s inheritance. With this theme, Flying Broom emphasizes that it is working to leave a strong women’s movement for the future, carrying on the legacy of the centuries-old struggle of women for gender equality.

This year, new films by more than 60 female directors from Indonesia, India, Costa Rica, Argentina, the United Kingdom and Vietnam will meet the audience.

Each of the FIPRESCI Award winners has nine films in different color competitions that differ in their creative cinematic language. One of the films included in this episode is Ceylan Özgün Özçelik’s documentary “Witch Trilogy 15+” in Turkey, where he gives voice to captive women to kill their abusive husband / wife in self-defense. Famous Romanian animation director Anka Damien’s new film “The Island”, which had its world premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival and featured a musical legend about the Robinson Crusoe legend, will have its Turkish premiere in Flying Broom. Each is a different color Will divide.

Films focusing on LGBTI + are waiting for viewers in Mavic’s Without Pink Selection. “Anais’s Love”, so that a young woman from France can follow her feelings, is signed by Kader Gulen and Jacques Kakak from Turkey. That’s not me Two episode movie.

Scene: Family In the section, there are films where female filmmakers put family at the center. “Alcaras”, which brought Carla Simon the Golden Bear from the 2022 Berlin Film Festival, to master filmmaker Claire Dennis’s new movie “Two Sides of the Knife”, “Blue Moon”, which presents a harsh Romanian family story, in crime scenes. AUDIENCE: Family episode. See you.

Named after the oral history of Nobel Prize-winning Belarusian writer and investigative journalist Svetlana Alekseevich There are no women in the face of war Picking together, films with peace-loving women together. “Disturbed Earth”, where Turkey’s Didim Pekun describes UN negotiations during the Bosnian war, and the Ukrainian production “This Rain Will Never Listen”, which focuses on refugees arriving in Ukraine from Syria and cannot escape the war. , In this elite movie.

Margaret Duras’s Turkish name Women are destroyedAnd its English name is Fiona Apple’s last album. Bring the bolt cutterThe film will meet audiences seeking a path against tradition and the system that captures women. Returning from the 2021 San Sebastian Film Festival with the Best Director award, “Like Heaven”, the award-winning release story “Clara Sola” and “Precious Stone”, which won the Special Jury Prize at the 2022 Berlin Film Festival, met the audience in this episode.

Little lady The episode combines the stories of growing up in Indonesia to Austria and shares a familiar feeling about the hardships of being a girl. The documentary “Children of the Mist” focuses on Vietnamese girls who were forced into child marriage. Little lady Located in the section.

Unconventional path In terms of selection, films combine and create a solid and inspiring theme, focusing on the creative process of women, from theater to cinema and literature. Joanna Hogg’s films, which have been described as autobiographical and modern classics, “Memoir” and its sequel, “Memoir: Part II”, will be shown to viewers through a series of appearances in Flying Broom.

With the support of the British Council, Flying Broom has teamed up with “Birds Eye View” in the UK, “Regards de Fames” in Tunisia and the Beirut International Women’s Film Festival in Lebanon. We own the screen The election shows that women’s films in these four countries meet in a common voice of rights seekers and in the voices of non-representatives. Elif Nazli Durlu’s film “Juhal”, which has won many awards, is also a Turkish film in this selection.

Turkish filmmakers also convey the feeling of being a woman in this geography through a wide range of presentations. Short and documentaries on the Turkish election include Esra Yıldız’s documentary “Vatansız” and You Are A Little Far Away, which won the Best Short Film Award at the 2021 Antalya Film Festival.

FIPRESCI has announced the competition jury

International Federation of Film CriticsOf (FIPRESCI) At Flying Broom, the first women’s film festival to offer it Each is a different color Nine films will compete for the FIPRESCI Award.

The FIPRESCI jury will host the festival this year UkraineFrom Elena Rubashevskaya, SlovakiaFrom Ladislav Volko And Sweet cornFrom Ahmed Sami Yusuf Originally from Bucha, Ukraine, now in Poland, Elena Rubashevskaya writes for Kino Ukraine and Cinema Fame. Slovakian Ladislav Volko is a film critic in various publications, especially Film Press, Slovak Radio and Nov Slovo. Egyptian film critic Ahmed Sami Youssef continues to write for Azmidan and Ida2 et.

Description of the program

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